CWS Finals Game 1: OSU 11 #3 UNC 4

I did not see the game because I was at the movies with Tar Heel Wife watching Ocean’s 13. It seems as though the Tar Heel pitching is hot and cold with last night being on the cold side. Now UNC faces it’s fifth elimination game of the NCAA Tournament and their fourth in the CWS. Since OSU and UNC have reversed roles in how they got to the final series and in who won the first game, here is hoping they reverse roles for the last two games.


2 Responses to CWS Finals Game 1: OSU 11 #3 UNC 4

  1. TxTarheel says:

    bottom of the 7th inning was disastrous; a throwing error or 2, and a trickle became a deluge as the game was blown open. Credit to Reyes, starter for OSU was just difficult to manufacture runs on them. Telling stat for the CWS: UNC is like 2-20 with runners in scoring position. . . hope the bats get warm tonight !

    Barry Larkin is becoming unbearable to listen to – maybe he’s got an anti-UNC agenda going

  2. Wayne says:

    Barry Larkin is not BECOMING unbearable to listen to. He mastered “unbearable” long ago . . .

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