How the First Round Picks Fared Against UNC

As I was watching the NBA Draft last night I noticed there were eight players who went up against UNC this past season at one point or another. Four players faced UNC twice during ACC play. Two players faced the Heels in the NCAA Tournament and two others played against UNC in one non-conference match-up:

4. Mike Conley, Ohio State: 8 points, 8 assists, 3 TOs in a 98-89 loss at UNC

5. Jeff Green, Georgetown: 22 points, 9 rebounds in a 96-84(OT) win over UNC in the East Regional Final

12. Thaddeus Young, Georgia Tech: 22 points in a 77-61 loss at UNC; 25 points(5-6 3-pt shooting) in a 84-77 win over UNC

14. Al Thornton, Florida State: 29 points, 12 rebounds in a 84-58 loss at UNC; 12 points, 6 rebs in a 73-58 loss to UNC in the ACC Quarterfinals.

16. Nick Young, USC: 15 points, 7 rebs, 6 assists in a 74-64 loss to UNC in the East Regional Semifinal

19. Javaris Critteton, Georgia Tech: 7 points, 7 TOs in a 77-61 loss at UNC; 13 points, 11 assists in a 84-77 win over UNC.

21. Daequan Cook, Ohio State: 20 points(4-5 3-pt shooting), 5 rebs in a 98-89 loss at UNC

22. Jared Dudley, Boston College: 22 points in a 77-72 loss to UNC; 20 points, 6 rebs in a 71-56 loss to UNC in the ACC Semifinals

UNC was 7-2 against these players’ respective teams. Of course one of those losses was the infamous debacle in East Rutherford which saw Green nearly get a double-double. Based on the stats, most of these players performed really well against UNC which is either a testament of their skill or the fact UNC did not play great defense. I think it is more of the former. It is interesting to note that the Ohio State game was early in the season where Conley was a non-factor in terms of scoring but did a great job distributing the ball. Cook had a monster night and I thought he was an incredible shooter. As it turns out he declined as the season progressed but still got drafted in the first round. Critteton had a horrid game in Chapel Hill but absolutely lit UNC up in Atlanta which is evidence of his progression through the season. Al Thornton was huge in the game at Chapel Hill but was largely silent in the ACC Tournament game partly due to the fact he fouled out. And Nick Young was key to USC controlling most of the Sweet Sixteen game versus UNC prior to the Trojans running out of gas. Overall the eight first round draft picks averaged 23.8 points versus UNC.

One more quick note.  Here are the second rounders UNC faced:

32. Gabe Pruitt, USC
33. Marcus Williams, Arizona
37. Josh McRoberts, Duke (twice)
59. D.J. Strawberry, Maryland


4 Responses to How the First Round Picks Fared Against UNC

  1. Chris says:

    THF, not to change the subject……..but I was in Roanoke this weekend, and the local sports editor published a list of the top 40 basketball players in the country, and not one is coming to UNC, and then he listed the top twenty schools as far as recruiting success and UNC was not on the list. Duke was number 1 and Florida 2 and Kentucky 3…….maybe Roy doesn’t have any or many scholarships available and/or potential recruits look at the present team and don’t see any playing time.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    If we are talking about the class of 2007 high school recruits then yes, there was only one scholarship available and he basically went after Kevin Love and Patrick Patterson but did not get them. In 2008 Roy has already missed on a couple of guys and is still in the hunt for some more.

  3. Chris says:

    Not a good scenario for Carolina b-ball should Tyler, Lawson, and perhaps Ellington leave after next year………………..

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Yeah, it could get bumpy after next season which is why UNC should really think about winning the whole thing in 07-08.

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