Laugh Line of the Week

Well, maybe it should not be as much a laugh line as merely a double take.  ACC Now quotes former Maryland star John Lucas, who has been helping troubled former BC center Sean Williams with his little drug problem:

Sean doesn’t have any real-life issues,” Lucas says. “There are other guys I’ve had here who have had real-life issues. He doesn’t. His issue is, he just wants to smoke some weed sometime — and you can’t. We’re learning how to handle life issues without smoking weed to medicate. I would venture to say, he hasn’t smoked any more weed than a lot of the other guys who are going to get drafted. The difference is, he got caught. Now, the question is, do you have an addiction? That’s another issue. If it’s worth it to you, if you have to have it, then you have an addiction, because look at what you’ve lost. If it’s not worth it to you, then we’re on our way. And I think he’s more than on his way.

I really liked Giglio’s response:

Not sure where to start here, how about with: “He just wants to smoke weed sometime.

Nice.  I actually would go from there to: “I would venture to say, he hasn’t smoked any more weed than a lot of the other guys who are going to get drafted.  The difference is, he got caught.”

How do you know that considering Williams was a repeat offender?  There are two sides to that statement.  You are either implying on one hand that Williams smoke very little weed and there is a rampant low level use of weed among the first round draft picks or the Williams smokes a lot of weed and so does everyone else.  At any rate Lucas is playing games with moral equivalence and declaring that Williams pot smoking was not bad in and of itself because everyone is doing it.  The implication is that Williams pot smoking is bad only because he was caught and ultimately kicked off the team at BC. I think the statement is grossly irresponsible on so many levels from accusing most of the draft picks to smoking weed to establishing that it is not really wrong if everyone is doing it to forwarding the idea that is only actually wrong if you get caught.

Nice example you are setting for the more impressionable eyes that read that statement, John.


4 Responses to Laugh Line of the Week

  1. Wayne says:

    I don’t know for sure and am not interested enough in Sean Williams to do the research to find out — but I think there was more to the two or three suspensions Williams received at B.C. than merely (getting caught) smoking weed. If I’m wrong I apologize to him and all of the THF readers.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:


    According to DraftExpress he was suspended once back in 2005 for smoking weed and academics. He came back and rejoined the team having improved his grades until Jan 2007 when he failed a drug test and was kicked off the team for good. Grades were part of the issue then too and apparently Al Skinner had been pulling strings with the BC admin to keep him eligible which went out the door on the last drug test failure.

  3. Wayne says:

    Thanks, THF!

  4. josh bowling says:

    I couldn’t agree more with you THF. Right on the money with your assessment!

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