Deon Thompson Update(7/6)

Deon Thompson had a stellar game as the USA U19 team blew past Africa 102-51. Thompson was one of a trio of players with 13 points. He hit 3-8 from the floor and 6-8 from the line(which would be a definite upgrade from Wright’s FT shooting.) Thompson also grabbed nine boards. I would imagine, based on the score, that the US team outclassed the African team in every respect. It was still good to see Deon playing well. This experience will undoubtedly help him come the winter.


6 Responses to Deon Thompson Update(7/6)

  1. josh bowling says:

    I am looking forward to Deon playing near full time. He will still have to wait to really be awarded when Tyler leaves I guess. My only fear of Deon was that he would have to almost totally rely on post pivot moves to get his shot off in the paint, whereas Wright could just be tall-long and rebound and put back over other defenders whether in bad post position or not. Also, not only being able to score when not having position in the paint, Wright could run the floor with the rest of our team. But maybe Deon is putting those fears to rest with his loss of weight and work ethic. It is also nice to see Deon making a majority of his free throws. I hope the ACC officials do not try to minimize the amount of free-throw opportunities he will have like they did Tyler after his Freshman year. Great story on Deon and I look forward to what he can contribute to this team in the coming months.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:


    Go back one post and take a look at what Seth Davis said. Apparently Deon has developed a turnaround jumper from 15 feet on in as well as some nice post moves. I think he will be a nice compliment to Tyler who I expect to be more dominant as far as his production within the offense.

  3. 52BigGameJames says:

    Deon doesn’t “take plays off” like Wright did. I’ll be very surprised if DT isn’t a Beast come March. He and TH will be a load to handle in the half-court offense. He got beat on some slash moves last season, and picked up the occasional cheap foul, but I think his weaknesses were primarily due to lack of pt & experience.

  4. josh bowling says:

    THF, I am not worried at all about Deon getting a shot off from anywhere within 15 feet, as he is great with that shot and post-pivot move shots. My question on him, unlike Wright, was can he rebound(offensively) and get put backs like Wright was able to even when he had poor position in the paint. I remember McRoberts would have position over Wright and Wright would still rebound the ball and put it back simply because(despite poor position and being on McRoberts hip) he was long and tall and it didn’t matter where he was. I would like to see Deon be able to have that length and flexibility. Brandan seemed to have an ability as well to play defense and not draw too many cheap fouls that our centers seem to do frequently. I think Deon is great, and could be more productive than Brandan. But, ACC officials are not kind to Carolina centers(ask Tyler about that) and I am scared that his size alone will draw him fouls(even if other guy initiates contact)-remember how often Brendan Haywood had this happen to him. If we had 1980’s officials, we would definately have the ACC trophy despite Wright leaving.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    On offensive rebounds, I think Thompson might have been better if you look at in terms of average offensive rebounds per 40 minutes. Wright averaged 3.04 off rebs per 40 mins, Thompson averaged 3.3 rebs per 40 minutes. The totals on those were Wright had 77 off rebs in 1013 mins of play, Thompson had 40 off rebs in 473 minutes of play. Tyler had 117 off rebs in 1136 minutes which works out 4.11 off rebs per 40 minutes. So much of rebounding is hustle and positioning which include having to fight for position. Wright has a penchant for not putting forth an effort for about half the season. The bigger concern for me is defense in terms of (1) not committing stupid fouls and (2) blocking shots. Deon could end up being a better one-on-one defender but not the shot blocking threat Wright was.

  6. josh bowling says:

    Deon will pick up cheap fouls because he is big and is a heavier target, and anti Carolina ACC officials will let him have it like they did Haywood. Guards will run into the paint, jump into Deon, and fall down and go to the free-throw stripe. You know I hope I am wrong. I am afraid we will be talking about this same subject mid-season though. The ACC will let him absorb more contact than he dishes out because he is an excellent free throw shooter.

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