Odds and Ends

  • The Charlotte Observer catches up with Antawn Jamison who has three children including an six month old son who he name Antwan, Jr..  Apparently his own name was spelled wrong on his birth certificate and his parents never corrected it.  Jamison decided to name his son with the correct spelling.
  • Greg Oden, whose elderly appearance has been well documented, is apparently going to be out for awhile with a tonsillectomy.  This guy is just a complete paradox at times.
  • Butch Davis picked up a commitment from Charlotte Latin QB Branden Hanson.  The rising senior is a four star recruit according to Scout.com and it also a nice in-state pickup considering that Tom O’Brien has apparently overcome the damage Chuck Amato did to NC State’s in-state recruiting apparatus.
  • Wayne Ellington is trying out for the Pan American Games team.  Here is hoping his experience is as good as Deon Thompson’s has been playing on the U19 team.
  • Only 51 days until the opening game versus James Madison in football.

4 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. josh bowling says:

    I am glad the Jamison family finally put the mystique behind that name to rest. I always wondered how you got Antwan out of Antawn. I though people were always mispronouncing his name. I have always called him Antawn. Now I am the wrong one.

    Greg Oden has not showed up in hyped form in my opinion. I hope I am wrong about him because I have always loved big guys, and we have always had great big guys. Sampson, Ewing, Perkins, Daughtery were some of my favorites. I would love to see “Big Guys” revived in basketball. I have a shot at it with Oden. I just do not think he is going to measure up to the Ewings and such in the pros. Hope so though.

    Wayne Ellington needs a big shot of confidence going in to this season. He also needs a jump shot. He may as well take a shot of humility and understand we have the game’s best big men and we do not need 2-12 performances out of him. If it ain’t falling, give it to the postmen. And slash to the basket sometimes, who knows, you may actually make a shot that way-and could also get fouled.-Double whammy for defenders. Come to think of it, if he needs a shot of all of these good things, that implies that they are not already there, thus needing the “shot”.

  2. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    It may be contrary to Roy Williams way of doing things but if Ellington continues to struggle from the outside next season I say start Bobby Frasor at shooting guard and encourage Lawson to shoot more. Consistent outside shooting may be this team’s archilles heal.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    You are assuming Bobby Frasor does not get slated with PG duties. I think you have to live or die with Lawson/QT and let Frasor be a shooter.

  4. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    Has Quentin Thomas graduated yet? If not I don’t see why he shouldn’t be strongly considered for number 2 PG. My opinion is that his play markedly improved last year – he has good speed, now plays under control and toward the end of the season made some spectacular passes. If we can’t get some consstent outside scoring, opponents will simply pack down into a zone and dare us to miss.

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