Steve Jobs Hates Duke

The N&O is reporting that the iPhone may be responsible for brief outages on the wireless network at Duke University. Apparently the iPhone overwhelms wireless access points in it’s vicinity in an attempt to acquire a network connection. NC State and UNC have not reported such problems. In fact, based on a quick Google search, no one is registering complaints about iPhone’s disabling wireless networks anywhere else. This lends itself to an interesting theory. Microsoft founder Bill Gates’ wife, Melinda is a Duke graduate and the Gates family has poured millions of dollars into Duke through their foundation. Now the iPhone, made by chief competitor Apple, is released and when it hits Duke’s campus it effectively cripples their wireless network.

Coincidence? Most likely. But very interesting all the same.


One Response to Steve Jobs Hates Duke

  1. josh bowling says:

    Duke-great school, recruit good players, well coached. But not enough so to warrant all their success. The Gates-Duke relationship is just one of the things that will unfold when the future is said and done and we look back at the “culture of corruption” that entails this University.

    Ex. of Culture of Corruption-Officials invested in the success of Duke.
    Ex. # 2 – Mike Krzyehcowhackiloeicmsknzkeioid (Coach K) collapses to the floor while perfectly placing his hands below his head to fall in a “comfortable” fashion.

    Ex, # 3 We will refer to him as Coach K in order to get all of the text in this column without having to expand to a whole other webpage. Coach K watches as his player severly injures another star rival only to criticize his mere existence on the floor as showboating while portraying his player as the REAL victim.

    Just having some insane fun!!

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