Wayne Ellington Scoreless in Pan Am Debut

Let me first say the website for the Pan Am Games stinks. Finding information on the game is somewhat cumbersome and unlike the FIBA website, the Pan Am site does not have live stats or anything remotely close to an outlet for checking a game in process. And for some reason the box scores are all really, really small which means I have to lean in two inches from the screen and squint to see that Ellington was scoreless missing both three point attempts in 10 minutes of action. He had two rebounds and one assist outside of that. Oh and the US lost the game to Uruguay(yes, Uruguay) 81-72.

Panama is next.


4 Responses to Wayne Ellington Scoreless in Pan Am Debut

  1. josh bowling says:

    Well, missing 3’s is a given, as he is more a mid-range jump shooter, if you could call him that. I hate to see he hasn’t found more ways to score like cutting to the basket and drawing free throw opportunities. Maybe he will find his rythm before leaving college basketball to persue a job after getting his degree.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Wow…josh…I know I was VERY pro Marcus Ginyard last season in place of Ellington but you seem to be extremely disillusioned with the young fella. The issue for me is he has to be a guy who can slash to the hoop and shoot the three. I am not sure we can rely on a spot-up shooter like Frasor or production from Green/Ginyard in terms of perimeter offense. I just know we have to get something from 19 ft 9 inches or there will not be a national title.

  3. josh bowling says:

    THF, I very well may be dissilusioned, but all I have to go on is what I have seen last year. Obviously, you can tell by the way he shoots that is textbook, and he is capable of Reggie Miller like scoring runs, so I know the potential is there. But current pop-culture is more interested in how something is done in style more so than accuracy. You can go to the basketball courts, see some kid beat another 21 to 10, but if the kid that scored 10 did some cross-over or shot a jumber in the face of the kid that scored 21, there will be more hype and excitement around the 10 point kid than the 21point kid who just won the game. I just do not buy into that for myself. I want my team and players to score more even if it is the ugliest thing out there. And that’s where all this love comes in for Ellington. People are speechless when they see him take a jumper, because it looks good and he dares to take it in someone else’s face. He moves well and he is real shifty, and it is also in his ablility to move and break a defender down that people like. But the end result in the box score is that his shooting percentage is low and consequently his scoring is as well, and that is what matters to this old-fashioned stuck in his ways man. Period.

  4. josh bowling says:

    I do like Danny shooting the 3. No pun intended, but I give him the “Green” light. My hope for Ellington is that maybe he can develop into a Steve Bucknall like role as time goes on. You remember Bucknall’s senior year where he became an accurate shooter from the outside. He seemed to get better and better each year, freshman on. I am looking forward to seeing Ellington get better. Bucknall also understood how to get the ball inside, and in my opinion, we are better on the inside than now than in Bucknall’s class. And Ellington doesn’t shoot as well as Bucknall, so if Bucknall can pass inside, so should Ellington. UNLESS, he becomes Donald.

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