One. Month. Away.

Exactly one month from today the summer of our discontent or as it is has been known here at THF, the Summer of Deon, will end and the Butch Davis Era will begin in earnest as UNC takes the field against James Madison. I am personally very excited because gone is that pending sense of dread and crippling pessimism which accompanied pretty much every season under John Bunting. UNC has a new coach with serious bona fides in college football, a host of young players whose ultimate potential is largely unknown and for the first time since Mack Brown opened practice in August of 1997 there is a new feeling burgeoning among Tar Heel gridiron fans:


The sincere belief that after nine years of stumbling around someone wearing the headset on the Tar Heel sideline knows what the heck he is doing. Yes, it might be ugly at times and yes we may not win much this season but at least we have hope and optimism it will get better going forward.


5 Responses to One. Month. Away.

  1. josh bowling says:

    It seems I recall fans being equally excited over past changes (coaches, personell) that we have had, well, maybe almost as excited. So I do not play into the theory that the more excited people are, the better we will be. It just means the better we think we’ll be. But Davis has credentials that give him the credibility to enable a program such as our football program to progress beyond current circumstances. He has also given us good recruits, and THAT is what gives me hope for our upcoming fall season.

    Excellent Write-Up THF.

  2. Dan Schwind says:

    I have to disagree somewhat with what you’re saying, Josh. The fellow Tar Heels I’ve spoken with aren’t necesarily excited that we’ll be “good” this year. In fact, I and many others agree that wins probably will still be a little scarce. My excitement stems from a few things: a) When we do lose, I don’t think we’ll get blown out like we have been in past years. b) It should at least be somewhat fun watching our Heels this year, even in losing efforts. And c) As you aptly pointed out, Butch brought us good recruits and is more likely to bring in even more and better recruits the following year. But I agree that we should not expect wins just out of pure excitement.

  3. Chris says:

    Let’s just beat Notre Dame next year in Kenan Stadium……………….

  4. josh bowling says:

    Dan, maybe you have articulated what I meant to say better than I did. What I was wanting to get across is that it could be that people’s excitement might be a little misplaced. We haven’t even played a game yet. Let’s not jump the gun and assume we will be good. That was more along the lines of what I wanted to say. Thanks for helping me out Dan!

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I have already stated that I think this season is about a variety of things and winning is not one of them. Establishing a QB with the solid receiving corps is huge. Building some excitement and being competitive are also part of what this season will be about.

    Proving some folks wrong and winning 5-6 games would be great but only having 2-4 wins is not going to upset me if we address other issues looking to the future.

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