Deon Thompson Highlight Reel

AOL Fanhouse posted this YouTube video of Deon Thompson shredding the French U19 team in the World Championships Semifinal. This was the game Deon went for 18 points and 13 boards leading the US to the gold medal game. As for what impressed me the most? How about pulling up from 15 feet on the break and nailing the jumper. Yes, there will still be some adjustment to playing in the ACC but the question of Brandan Wright’s absence is put to rest in my mind.

7 Responses to Deon Thompson Highlight Reel

  1. 52BigGameJames says:

    he’s got hands like Brand…
    am I the only one who sees a slight resemblance to Muhammed Ali?

  2. josh bowling says:

    How well did he run the floor? Brandan Wright seemed to have desire to run the floor when others didn’t. Hansbrough is in that Wright bracket as well. I recall Ellington running the floor on the break and the only willing tarheel that ran with him was Brandan Wright, and fortunately for us he did because Ellington missed the lay-up and Brandan followed it with an emphatic put-back. If Thompson has that desire, then I am not worried at all because all of the other skills seem to be there. Go Deon!!

  3. josh bowling says:

    You can make comparisons to Ali BigGame., it’s there.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I don’t think running the floor will be an issue.

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  6. josh bowling says:

    I saw some offensing rebounds that looked great to me, although an ACC official could find a foul somewhere in a couple of those. Do not look for Deon to continue to be this aggressive come ACC season when officials will be looking closely to spot some fouls on his part.

  7. David says:

    I watched Deon play all through high school, and to see what he is doing now is amazing, UNC got a real gem with Deon

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