THF on Vacation Open Thread

I am going on vacation.

I did give thought to having some folks guest blog for me or write up some material ahead of time to have on the blog while I am soaking up the sun at the beach but I did not really have the time.  And since football kicks off when I come back and things do not calm down until April, I am going to take full advantage of the week of downtime.

So feel free to discuss any happenings here or check out some of the older posts.  I will be back online next weekend.


7 Responses to THF on Vacation Open Thread

  1. josh bowling says:

    We are a talkative bunch aren’t we?

  2. Dan Schwind says:

    Is anyone else getting annoyed that they stil haven’t released the basketball scheule? Usually, it’s been out for about a year at this point.

  3. josh bowling says:

    Did anyone get the feeling that our USA players are a bunch of one on one’rs while other teams try to play “team basketball”? I guess our way is better since we won the game against Venenzuela. Hugo Chavez had really high hopes for this one. As far as which style is better, I don’t know. I like to watch team basketball more, but individual basketball kicks their butts most of the time.

  4. Dan Schwind says:

    Thanks, Wayne.

  5. Wayne says:

    Only one week until kickoff! (UNC vs. James Madison)

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