But I Already Closed This Book

ACC Now decided we needed to compare Chuck Amato to The Coach That Shall Not Be Named once more before we can fully move on. I don’t know…I thought we pretty much dealt with this in December but as SFN pointed out it is nice to have these numbers available should you need them. At any rate, both fan bases are very glad their annual autumn nightmare is truly over.

Two-thirds of Amato’s non-conference wins (16 of 24) came against either teams outside of the BCS or a Division I-AA member.Eleven of Bunting’s 18 ACC wins came against in-state opponents, including a 9-3 mark against his Triangle neighbors.

Bunting went 16-21 at home, with three losing seasons (2002, 2003, 2006) at Kenan Stadium.

Amato went 25-31 against the ACC, with a 11-7 record against in-state opponents and a 7-4 record against his Triangle neighbors.

Bunting went 9-15 against non-conference opponents and 1-5 against the Big East, including a Tire Bowl loss to Boston College in 2004.

Amato Bunting
Overall 49-37 27-45
Home 29-17 16-21
Road 15-19 10-23
Neutral 1-0 0-0
Bowls 4-1 1-1
Top 25 7-11 5-22
Top 10 2-7 2-6
ACC 25-31 18-30
Duke 4-0 5-1
Florida State 4-3 1-3
Wake Forest 4-3 2-3
Boston College 1-1 1-0
Virginia Tech 1-1 0-3
UNC/N.C State 3-4 4-2
Virginia 2-3 2-4
Clemson 2-5 1-3
Georgia Tech 2-5 1-5
Maryland 2-5 0-4
Miami 0-1 1-2
Non-conference 24-6 9-15
BCS 8-3 3-12
Big Ten 3-2 0-2
Big 12 3-0 0-3
Big East 1-1 1-5
Notre Dame 1-0 0-1
SEC 0-0 1-0
Pac-10 0-0 1-1
Other I-A 10-3 4-3
Division I-AA 6-0 2-0

One Response to But I Already Closed This Book

  1. Big Daddy Doc says:

    Just goes to show you numbers aren’t everything.

    CTC averaged a 7-5 record over seven seasons. Four wins in five tries in bowl games. An ACC record of around .500. Based on those numbers alone, CTC shouldn’t have been in any trouble of losing his job. With the exception of Sheridan, it would be hard to find a State coach that had a more successful stint.

    The truth, of course lies beyond the numbers (except for one – his record against Carolina, which is of course all that matters to a State fan). Plus, we all know Rivers made him four of those seven years…

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