New Blog Header

Let me send out a HUGE thank you to Zeke Smith for designing the new THF blog header which replaces the rather unfortunate one I tried to create using GIMP.  Zeke is a UNC grad who works as a freelance sports photographer and graphic artist.  He covers UNC for various publications and put together this excellent looking header which at the very least gives Tar Heel Fan a professional look and feel even if the writing probably isn’t.

Zeke tells me he is in the process of setting up a website to display his work.  In the meantime if you would like to contact him about seeing/purchasing photos or just to tell him you like the header he can be reached at via email here.

Thanks again Zeke and GO HEELS!


2 Responses to New Blog Header

  1. John says:

    Don’t know that I agree that it’s a major improvement. With all due respect to Zeke Smith’s talents, Coach Williams and players are pretty blurry, and to me the placement of Coach Davis and Rameses makes it look like the former is about to rip the latter a new one. Also, I know you stick mostly to football and men’s basketball, but we do have a pretty good baseball and women’s soccer team at UNC (with apologies to any other sports I omitted). Wouldn’t hurt to add those to the montage.

    Free (unsolicited) advice, worth every penny.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:


    I am not sure I would want other sports included on the header since I do not give them as much attention as the other two. And while I will defer to Mr. Smith as the professional on how the header would look if more images were added but I think it might get a tad cluttered.

    As for the other aspects you pointed out I had not really noticed them.

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