Possible Evidence of Al Groh’s Hot Seatedness

I have mentioned before that I have a couple of site meters that tell me things like page views and hits for the blog as well as where I have been linked at across the internet. Most of the time the traffic is routine but in some cases, especially when THF has been linked on another team’s message board it illustrates a trend. Like today when I began seeing a significant increase in the number of hits directed this post from last year advocating the hiring of Navy’s Paul Johnson at UNC before Butch Davis took the job. Today’s interested party was none other than the fans up in Charlottesville who may be very close to the same point UNC fans were at the this junction last season. It would seem the post has been linked on the Cavaliers’ Rivals.com message board.

Enjoy UVa fans and if you ask me Paul Johnson would be great fit in Charlottesville.


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