UNC Committed No Violations[UPDATED]

UPDATE: I emailed Stever Kirschner at UNC and asked how a school could determine on it’s own whether a violation occurred. This was his response:

Our compliance staff reviewed the situation and determined there was no violation. Had they determined otherwise, they would have reported it to the ACC as a secondary violation, which also is normal procedure. Our staff routinely discusses compliance matters with ACC and NCAA staff regarding NCAA rules.

I would imagine the NCAA probably vests all schools with a certain degree of authority to investigate violations allowing them to police themselves to some extent. This is actually the way it probably has to be since the NCAA rulebook is so complicated, the resources needed to track down every possible violation would likely me enormous. As I suspected there is constant consultation between schools and the NCAA which means this was probably discussed at length to determine if a rule was violated. Had the NCAA thought UNC was improper in their determination I am quite certain they would join the party.

Thanks to Steve Kirschner for answering the email.

The Charlotte Observer is reporting that the NCAA compliance department at UNC has completed their review of Iman Shrumpert’s visit and determined nothing improper occurred when Shrumpert had contact with Sean May and Marvin Williams while in Chapel Hill.

In an e-mail message to the Observer on Tuesday, North Carolina associate athletics director for communications Steve Kirschner wrote that former players Sean May and Marvin Williams and North Carolina’s compliance officials were under the misimpression that as part-time students, May and Williams could speak to recruits.

Only full-time, enrolled students are allowed to speak with recruits, Kirschner said.

He said the compliance office determined a violation didn’t occur because it hadn’t been aware of the distinction between part-time and full-time regarding conversations with recruits, and because the conversations were “brief and not recruiting in nature.”

I will go ahead and wonder out loud how UNC can determine on it’s own no violation occurred unless they consulted the NCAA or are empowered to investigate certain things by the NCAA. I also find it interesting that when Shrumpert visited Marquette, former player Dwayne Wade was on campus and the article I read made a point of saying the two did not speak citing NCAA rules. I wonder if that would have been the case had UNC not starting looking into it as a possible violation in Chapel Hill. At any rate it really comes down to “no harm, no foul” in this case since Shrumpert decided to attend Georgia Tech. And UNC has apparently informed all coaches to be aware of such contacts in the future.

Now cue the ABC Conspiracy Theories Machine to tell us how UNC will never, ever get caught for anything.


4 Responses to UNC Committed No Violations[UPDATED]

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  2. Josh Bowling says:

    He chose GT despite all our efforts!

  3. Big Daddy Doc says:


    I know this is a little dated after out discussion on the Buzz blog the other day, but I did find the answer to your question.

    From the NCAA website:

    Level II secondary violations will be processed by the institutions and/or their conferences. All inadvertent, isolated violations of the operating bylaws (Bylaws 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16 and 17) not listed as Level I violations are considered to be Level II violations.


  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Ah…good find. That is what I suspected based on Kirschner’s response. It really is a matter of resources to enforce certain rules which the NCAA does not have.

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