UNC 16 Maryland 13

Since I did not see this one and what I heard on the radio was fairly limited my commentary will be equally limited.

It would appear oby all accounts this was a sloppy offensive game for both teams with five combined turnovers and only two TDs.  UNC only had 259 yards of total offense with 110 from the rushing game led by Johnny White’s 92 yard effort.  Not stellar to say the least but as it turns out it was enough when combined with T.J. Yates 149 yards passing which resulted on the only TD for the Heels.  UNC came very close to shooting themselves in the foot by committing 11penalties and also losing the turnover margin once again.  Obviously 16 points is a rather poor performance offensively speaking and against more capable offensive teams it would have been a loss.  However Maryland is absolutely struggling when they have the ball so there is something to be said for taking care of business when playing a team as beat up as Maryland.

As it stands heading into the showdown with an NC State team that won their third straight today, UNC did bounce back from the bad loss at Wake Forest but I am concerned that the offense will have problems facing a Wolfpack defense that has generally been very effective.


3 Responses to UNC 16 Maryland 13

  1. geof says:

    By the way (in case you were counting), despite the loss, UNC was mathematically eliminated from the division race yesterday.

  2. Wayne says:

    geof, I think you meant “despite the win, UNC was . . . ”
    Well, enough wishful thinking from an ABCer . . .
    ABCers aside, a win is a win and although I’m not happy with the situation UNC football fell into under the two regimes after Coach Brown, things are looking up.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:


    Geof is a friend of mine and he simply made an honest mistake above despite his UVa allegiance.

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