Heels Land Tyler Zeller

UNC snagged their third big recruit from the class of 2008 when 6-11 Tyler Zeller of Washington, IN chose UNC over Indiana, Purdue and Notre Dame.  Zeller is the 16th ranked prospect overall in the class of 2008 according to Scout.com and and #4 among power forwards.

Zeller joins Ed Davis(#10 overall) and Larry Drew(#79) in what is shaping up the be a good class despite some early setbacks.

Zeller becomes the third highly touted Indiana prospect to shun the local programs and head to UNC following in the footsteps of Eric Montross and Sean May.

15 Responses to Heels Land Tyler Zeller

  1. Wayne says:

    After shooting 87 today with a quadruple bogey on #13 it was nice to get home, check out Tar Heel Fan’s website and get some GOOD news! Welcome aboard, Tyler Z.!

  2. C. Michael says:

    It’s too bad stud centers from Indiana never work out for UNC… oh, wait… 😉

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    It should also be noted that stud centers from Indiana have traditionally won a national championship during their junior season.

  4. seth says:

    How far is Poplar Bluff from the border?

  5. C. Michael says:

    Mizzou doesn’t border Indiana.

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    One thing I noted about the report on Davis and Zeller is the fact that they are not well rounded in the post. Most of their shots come facing the basket aka Christian Laettner. I don’t know if that is good or bad. Just to note. Where is our interior going to come from? As they rise, Thompson.Stepheson, and Hansbrough will be on the out. I just love that post dominance that they give us right now. Maybe our interior will come from Ellington and Lawson driving to the basket!

  7. Dan Schwind says:

    I’m not worried about losing interior presence. Thompson and Stepheson are going to be four-year guys, giving Davis and Zeller time to round their game into shape. Plus you know Roy is looking for more guys just like them in the following draft class.

  8. DeanForever says:

    This is good, very good. Initially, when Roe backed out, and the ripple effect had its day, I thought that Zeller would pass on our wonderful program. That is no longer the case. I would still like to see Coach Roy add another highly-touted guard into the mix. I’m not sold on Larry Drew. Maybe its because we’ve been so spoiled with the likes of Felton and Lawson, that the bar is so rediculously high right now. Whatever the case, good choice Tyler!

  9. Wayne says:

    I think Carolina has had only two basketball lettermen whose last name started with a “Z” — Tom Zaliagiris & Serge Zwikker.

  10. Josh Bowling says:

    That is true Wayne. I still would like to fill the void of an athletic forward. We have had in the recent past Brian Reese, Vince Carter, Peppers, Noel, Reyshawn Terry. These are guys that could (exception Peppers) hit a 3 to the point of commanding defense, and drive the ball in for an acrobatic layup-dunk. We do not currently have a slasher (maybe Green/Ginyard/Ellington) could fill that void. I miss the Carters and the Jordans. They broke down defense so much that you just had to pick your poison, and often they’d pick the wrong one.

  11. Josh Bowling says:

    It is hard to be sold on Larry Drew. He just doesn’t fit the pg types Williams has had lately. Hopefully Davis will be an an agile/athletic type of power forward.

  12. Jay White says:

    My only question is,why isn’t UNC getting any sized low post plyrs like May or Kevin Love?It makes no sense that Hansbrough is UNC’s only real post player.He has needed a true center beside him.I guess Roy is more concerned about his golf game than recruiting protypical future NBA stars that have elite level talent.Do fans get sick and tired of going to the f4 and losing.that’s the bottom line. 17 F4’s and 4 titles to show with all the talent UNC’s had & more McD’s AA’s than anyone else.Somebody’s screwing things up like……………….Well yall figure that out.

  13. Tar Heel Fan says:

    You have no earthly idea what you are talking about.

  14. Silent Sam says:

    Jay, you’re nothing more than a troll, right?

  15. DeanForever says:

    Uh, by what standards are 17 Final Fours and Four NCAA tournament championships not successful? By the way, they won another title in 1924, so that would be five championships overall. They’ve won those titles in 1924, 1957, 1993….

    ah…why bother? Jay, it must get lonely living under a bridge.

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