ACC Basketball Update(11/10)

  • The season has finally begun for some with what should have been cupcakes for all.  As it turns out the  level of parity in college basketball may be farther reaching and more disruptive than the Gardner-Webb win over Kentucky indicated. Just ask Georgia Tech who hosted my alma mater UNC Greensboro and got themselves smacked in the mouth by the boys from Greensboro 83-74 which is sure to make Yellow Jacket fans nice and happy.  Big shout out to my Spartans for scoring the big win.
  • Duke opened up  the season in impressive fashion smacking DI newbie NC Central 121-56.  It is pretty clear that his is not last season’s Duke team that usually stopped scoring with 10 minutes left in the game.  Granted that NCCU is about as threatening as a fly at a frog convention, Duke showed their freshman class is one to be reckoned with.
  • Wake Forest, Florida State, and Miami all enjoyed easy wins.  For the Deacs it was the first meaningful game since Skip Prosser passed away and undoubtedly the emotions were running high versus Fairfield.  The Deacs won by 25.  Miami played Florida Southern which should not be confused with South Florida that is actually located in west Florida.  Miami scored 104 points which makes me think Florida Southern is actually a high school. FSU cruised past Nichols State and since football season is still ongoing no one in Tallahasee noticed.
  • Virginia Tech began life without Gordon and Dowdell by squeezing past Elon 69-64 thus avoiding their own personal experience with losing to a team from the bottom of the totem pole.  As is the case at FSU, football is still bouncing along which means no really cares.

13 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(11/10)

  1. Josh Bowling says:

    My fears of Duke are starting to escelate. Those are scary beat downs they mounted up against their opponents. Even with Singler/Zoubec on board, they are still without a good “post man”. And we are loaded with them. They are obviously more effecient from behind the arc than we are. So it is a matter of philosophies with UNC vs Duke. Does inside dominance win games or efficient peremiter shooting win games? We have proven over our two preseason games that the 3 point shot will be our downfall this year, especially if we go jacking them up like we did against Georgetown in last year’s tournament. We need to avoid that shot, and only take enough of them to keep our defenders honest. Ellington has done well at attacking the glass so far, and I hope that continues. My wife went to UNC Greensboro as well THF. That was definately a high quality win for them. It seems as if I recall them going to the tournament when she was there. She went from 99-03. So they can be good at times. Our road in the ACC looks much better than it did last year. I still hope that the bottom teams win out these non-conference games. I also think it makes the conference look better if the top team has suffered a few losses in it’s conference. I just don’t want that to come at the expense of Duke. Virginia Tech will surely miss Dowdell and Gordon. They will not even be close to the top tier this year. I was surprised at Wake’s dominance of their previous game, as we have heard so much about their lackluster talent. Does FSU even have a basketball program down there? Oh, I forgot, Charlie Ward! Football dominates so much that they even recruit football players for their b-ball teams. Miami surprised me as well. Diaz was a heck of a player and a force that will surely be missed in the Miami Sound Machine. Diaz made sure that the Rythm is going to get you.

    BTW, I can’t wait to see Duke against some real talent so we can measure just how well they are. Hopefully we can minimize the Cameron Crazie hype this year. Although, I hear that KYLE SINGLER may be the best center in Duke history. Some ACC Scholars think that he could rival Duke’s very own Alla Abdelnaby as best center in ACC history!! Does anyone other than me remeber who he is?

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    UNCG did go to the tourney in that span, 2001 I think because I recall watching them win the SoCon on one channel while flipping back over to Duke-UNC on the other station.

    As for Duke, I will be concerned when they play someone. I think they are trying to score style points and proving their offense can score after being so inept last season. Singler is the real deal from what I hear.

  3. DeanForever says:

    Duke-whatever. As for more important news, Andy Katz (as of tody, 11/10) reports that Psycho T has indicated that he will not leave until UNC wins a title.

    VERY interesting. Far more interesting than Duke rolling up 121 against a scrimmage team (no disrespect, but…).

    THF-any word on Tyler staying around next year, even if The Heels don’t win it all this year?

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think Tyler might be four years at this point regardless. His draft stock is likely not to be in the lottery because he lacks athleticism. Money is not an issue with his parents and he loves college. If they can win a title this season and convince everyone to stay for another run? I know, with Lawson and Ellington that is a pipe dream.

  5. Josh Bowling says:

    By Al Featherston. I want to reinvent this article in support of Duke and it’s greatness as to why they shoot a higher number of FT’s than anyone in the ACC. The position that “denyers” of this argue is that they put people such as myself in a categorie of ones that say “Duke gets all the calls”. That has never been my position. To me it has been a question of “lack of calls”. We can play a game and shoot more free throws than an opposing team, but that does not mean that they were not allowed to play more physical. Does anyone think that over the past two years that they have had a team of personnel that would demand one to “foul”? They are a team of jump shooters and non-aggressive style players, on offense. How could a team such as that demand more FT opportunities than an aggressive style, slash, cut-to-the basket style team such as ours? Our players demand more free throws because they are more aggressive and harder to stop. Just my argument.

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    Lawson and Ellington, well Ellington, is probably not under anyone’s recruiting radar at this point, but…

    Lawson, yes he might could go. Even after a title run I could see how some people might question some of the abilities…

    But as for me, I would love to have Lawson on my team. Absolutely love to. He may do better and feel like he has more freedom under NBA style ball. His skill set seems to fit NBA. I will use Chris Paul as my example there.

  7. Dan Schwind says:

    Duke is better than last year. That said, they still lack a post man and that will be their ultimate downfall. While they may have improved from three-range, it’s still a low percentage shot that requires space to manufacture points. It’s significantly easier to defend a three-point team than an inside team which has more options. That’s not to say I expect easy wins over Duke this year, but the 121-56 score does not concern me. I will only become concerned if they can score 121 against a team with actual athleticism like a decent team from one of the big six conferences.

  8. Josh Bowling says:

    Well Dan, I hope your right! We have both seen them be very successful with sub-par players in the past. They have had the ultimate 6th man for a while now. I remember those glory days in the 80’s. Man, how the tides change. Last year the 6th man didn’t help out so much, which there may have been a change in the personnel. But in 05-06, it was definately the reason they were as successful as they were, making more free throws than opposing teams attempted. I say, who on that team demanded fouling? I’d have to say only Sheldon Williams demanded some contact on that team. The rest of the team was filled with lax, lazy on aggression, three point/peremiter shooters.—Just the type of players that usually do not command fouling. They still shot more free throws than any other ACC team anyway. Go figure.

  9. DeanForever says:

    I was thinking…what if The Heels win the NCAA title and Deon Thompson (perhaps due to elevated stock) decides to turn pro? Obviously Stephenson and Copeland will be there, but does that scenerio warrant more playing time for Tyler 2.0? Even if Thompson would go (plus Lawson and Ellington), we could be looking at a backcourt of Frasor and Ginyard, with Danny Green taking over as the small forward scorer (perhaps even some 2-guard spots as well). So, back to my question, is there any chance that Deon Thompson might go pro after this season? I would think that, even with a title at UNC under his belt, numbers like 10.0 PPG, 6.5 RPG, 0.5 BPG, and 55% FG PCT wouldn’t set the draft ablaze. Those numbers would be similar to Marvin Williams’ numbers from ’05, but Marvin could have scored 15-20 per, had Roy needed it.

  10. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think there is a real good chance Thompson might go pro. I would be more worried about him than Hansbrough. Don’t forget, he was 300 lbs coming out of HS and now he is lean, quick and strong. He has excellent post moves as noted my USA U19 coach Jerry Wainwright who said Thompson did a lot of things that were difficult to guard. I also think he will average higher than 10 ppg, probably more like 15 especially if UNC is going to depend very little on the perimeter shot.

  11. DeanForever says:

    You know, I’ve got to give Georgia Tech credit. They are definately not afraid to be challenged (Indiana and Kansas on the preseason schedule). Having said that, was this the right year to try to impress the computers (strength-of-schedule)? In addition, Georgia on January 9th and UConn Feb. 9th are both road contests. Anthony Morrow has developed nicely (and looks to be healthy), and the interior of Smith and Aminu will scrape the boards with the best of them. However, scoring balance and overall bench depth (both of which always seem to plague Tech teams) could haunt them in the long run.
    Everyone wants to talk about Duke, and how scary they look after hanging 121 on a team that has just joined the D-1 ranks. I’m sure Krzyzewski loves it. This team could pain out like either the ’97 Duke squad or the ’98 Duke squad. The former won 25 games and over-achieved, and the latter won 34 and over-achieved. Point: this team will probably fall somewher in between, since the media pundits will praise their every step; thus, fabricating the usual-mental toughness, excellent defense, and “they’re student athletes!” Thanks, ESPN. Next.
    NC State may have trouble living up to the expectations. It’s one thing to charm the dance as Cinderella, but they are no longer under the radar.
    The football schools (Clemson, FSU, Viriginia Tech, and Miami) will resume their customay roles of simply trying to compete, although some do that better than others (most recently, Virginia Tech).
    Virginia will be an NCAA tournament team, and Singletary will excite (which is great for the ACC), but I don’t expect them to seriously challenge. Boston College will probably win 25 games (not) because every sports team (save Harvard’s) to come out of Boston these days seems to blessed by the Sports Gods of Fate (but these Gods are fickle…and for all they give, they usually take back in FULL). Enough of that, Boston College may win 20.
    Wake will be sentimental favorties, and they should be. They just need to hold the fort down until the recruits come in next year.
    The one team that worries me (not Duke) are Maryland. Their non-conference schedule is a bit of a joke (c’mon Gary, American University, Delaware, AND Savannah State in succesion right before the ACC begins?). However, they could enter the ACC conference schedule with 10-12 wins. Say the go 9-7 in the conference and win 10 non-conerence. Throw in an ACC tourny win, and they are around 20-21 wins. I think that they will once again cause a bit of a stir in the NCAA tournament. Well, the UNC-Duke back-to-back onslaught of 1/19-1/27 will show just where they rank.
    Our beloved Tar Heels will have a special season. I am so glad that the team is starting out with Davidson. The Wildcats are the best team in the Southern-South conference and will be tough in March. If Roy Williams were not the coach, I would say that Davidson might catch UNC by surprise. However, I think that The Heels will win a fairly competitive game; thus, beginning the march to title no. 6 (and their fifth NCAA tournament crown). Too deep, to well-coached. Here we go!

  12. Josh Bowling says:

    We have to be proud to play Davidson right off the bat. Then to enter all of those road games thereafter, we will see what we’re made of before the ACC season even starts! What a gutsy schedule.

  13. R. Cook says:

    Alla Abdelnaby?? Guess you Remember him too?? Coached him in Soccer!! for many years in his Youth in Nutley, New Jersey…Great young man!! always put his heart into any sport he played!!! IF you ever run into him–ask if he remembers the Coach that told the team to–“GO for the Gold!!” Stay well—

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