ACC Basketball Update(11/21)

  • Duke clocked their first impressive win of the season handling Illinois in Maui to advance to the title game of that tournament.  Gerald Henderson had a huge game with 23 points as did DeMarcus Nelson who had 16 on 6-8 shooting. I am thinking this is the kind of game people have been expecting Henderson to have.  Duke gets Marquette next in a rematch of a preseason tournament from last season which was one my the Golden Eagles.  Time will tell about Duke but right now that look every bit like their ranking.
  • In the Cupcake Division, UNC whipped SCAR St. and Florida State knocked around Georgia Southern.
  • Virginia tussled with Drexel and won by 14 which strikes me as a little close.  Everyone say it with me: “Sean Singletary had (fill in number above 20) points and (fill in number between 5 and 10) assists.”
  • Maryland lost to Missouri.  I am not sure there is much more that can be said about that.

5 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(11/21)

  1. thesportsidiot says:

    I’m looking forward to the Duke game tonight. It should tell us a lot about who this Duke can turn into, and it would be a great win for the conference.

    UCLA didn’t look like #1 to me last night. It’s early though, and I don’t think we should even have rankings yet. Noticed last night that UCLA plays Davidson in December. Davidson schedules up, that’s for sure.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Michigan State played UCLA very physical, like they did to UNC in the tournament last season. Dick Vitale was whining about how much bumping Kevin Love was getting but he still had the double-double. Marquette beat Duke last year in one of those tournaments, the question is does Tom Crean own K?

  3. thesportsidiot says:

    We’ll find out tonight, won’t we now? Now that K has worked the Syracuse Zone into his defensive scheme, people are going to have to change their scouting reports on Duke.

  4. seth says:

    How is duke going to NOT get called for fouls if they’re in a zone?

  5. geof says:

    Hey — Drexel may not be too bad this year. $$ was off last night; I’m drinking the kool-aid on this gang … third best team in the ACC. No contest.

    Happy Thanksgiving to THF & fam …

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