Update: Let me also say kudos to Dick Baddour who always catches flak from UNC fans for having screwed up Roy I and hiring Torbush and The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named.  Obviously he took care of business here and should be recognized when he does the right thing as much as we deride him when he makes mistakes.

Wow. Being out of town and forgetting your laptop charger has you missing all sorts of things. Anyway, the much speculated contract extension for Butch Davis happened yesterday with UNC tacking on another year and basically putting his salary at $2 million per year. Davis who was coy about his UNC future just weeks ago is saying all the right things now to put any rumors to bed.

My family and I felt like Chapel Hill was the right place last year and are even more convinced after being here for one season. I’m appreciative of the show of support from Dick Baddour, the administration, Chancellor Moeser and the Board of Trustees. I’m confident we will continue to make progress in all phases of the football program. Tammy, Drew and I look forward to a long and successful career at the University of North Carolina. This should put to rest any speculation of where I’ll be coaching in the future

Makes you wonder what happened to all those “done deals” and such the rumors have been saying about Davis and Arkansas since the bye week. I also thought we would see this next week and it is interesting it was announced right before Thanksgiving which basically buried the story to some extent. Anyway, looks like he is here for awhile and based on this new information the Butch Davis Watch Advisory has been lowered to GREEN.




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