It Is Not About The Record

Just one quick thing about the Butch Davis contract extension.  Contrary to the ramblings of Caulton Tudor at the N&O and Dane Huffman at WRAL, the raise given to Davis is not based on his record.  It is based on a perceived change in his market value created by demand for him from other schools.  Secondary to that Davis has elevated the program and is beginning the process of changing the culture which was been so badly damaged over the past decade.  However it was never about the record and I would surmise had no one been clamoring for Davis the contract would have stayed the same because very little would have changed with the status quo.  I understand this is what these opinion writers do, they find the antagonist position and work off it to stir the pot.  Had UNC done nothing and Davis walked then they would have been writing that UNC did not do enough to keep Davis and would have argued in favor of a raise.  The reality of the situation is UNC had no choice but to make a preemptive move to keep Davis away from any other schools.  A decade of bad football and two botched football coaching hires puts Dick Baddour in a position where he has to basically throw everything including the kitchen sink at the football program to keep it moving in the right direction.

Is this an ideal situation?  Of course not.

Is the whole coaching game nasty business? Yes it is.

Would it had been nice if Davis had simply stayed without a raise?  Sure. Then again we also knew these kinds of issues might arise given Davis’ reputation as a coach and UNC’s place in the college football programs’ pecking order.  The flight risk was something UNC was willing to take on when they hired Davis in hopes they could keep him happy and in turn he could move the program to the upper tier of college football.  I think UNC has done their part and beginning next season Davis will need to begin doing his.


6 Responses to It Is Not About The Record

  1. Howard says:

    Yes, coaching is a nasty business. I just want to say that I am seriously disappointed with Carolina. As a UNC graduate, I expected more. What’s wrong with the concept of helping kids realize themselves, with offering a way that they can understand what competition really could be – not the winning but the competing. To me, sports programs at most colleges seem contrary to the spirit of college itself. And this “game” by Davis to get more money is just one example. I’d have just let him go, told the Alumni to “shut up,” and hired someone who cared more about the kids than the winning. To me, this whole thing is a poor example for the kids. But, I guess, that’s the way it is in college sports. The whole thing is so alien to college, they might as well turn it more pro and offer pay, incentives, raises, and so on. Let it become the way they really see it – cutthroat.

  2. Lake says:

    Howard, I’m interested to see how you define of ‘the spirit of college’

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    If I am not mistaken Friday has been beating that drum for awhile.

  4. Howard says:

    What is “spirit of college”? UNC defnes it’s view in it’s mission statement. As I read it, somehow the way the football program has ended up just doesn’t seem to fit in. And, of course, if the basketball program began to lose, I imagine it would rear that same ugly head. Possibly the coaches/staff of the other athletic programs are freed from this ugliness because their success or failure doesn’t make the same kind of headlines. But, to get back, here is part of the UNC Mission Statement that defines, in my view, what “spirit of college” is for UNC:

    “The mission of the University is to serve all the people of the state, and indeed the nation, as a center for scholarship and creative endeavor. The University exists to teach students at all levels in an environment of research, free inquiry and personal responsibility; to expand the body of knowledge; to improve the condition of human life through service and publication; and to enrich the culture.

    To fulfill this mission, the University must:

    * acquire, discover, preserve, synthesize and transmit knowledge;
    * provide high quality undergraduate instruction to students within a community engaged in original inquiry and creative expression, while committed to intellectual freedom, to personal integrity and justice, and to those values that foster enlightened leadership for the state and nation;
    * provide graduate and professional programs of national distinction at the doctoral and other advanced levels;
    * extend knowledge-based services and other resources of the University to the citizens of North Carolina and their institutions to enhance the quality of life for all people in the state; and
    * address, as appropriate, regional, national and international needs.


  5. Lake says:

    Well, in my humble opinion, I think a vibrant football program happens to enrich the culture of the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. Thus fufilling the ‘spirit of college’ that you want out of this fine academic institution.

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