ACC/Big Ten Challenge: Round 2

I really think we should stop this thing before the Big Ten gets hurt.

Indiana 83 Georgia Tech 79

For all the hype around Indiana and the way GT had been playing I expected this to be less of a game than it was. This game was decided on the FT line with Indiana getting 18 more free throws than GT who shot a abysmal 11-20 from the stripe themselves.  That ended up being a 17 point difference and really the ball game.

Virginia 92 Northwestern 52

Sean Singletary was not the leading scorer for the Cavs.  That is quite a development as Mamdi Diane racked up 22 and Singletary was content to pass the ball…a lot for 10 assists.

Florida State 75 Minnesota 61

I wonder how Tubby Smith is liking losing and being cold.  At least at UK the losing was not as bad and it was a little warmer.  This game, like so many others involving Big Ten team was ugly with bad shooting, lots of turnovers and really nothing redeeming about it all.

Clemson 61 Purdue 58

Perhaps someone should tell Oliver Purnell that it is okay to have your players practice free throws.  If the Tigers had lost this one they could look at the 38% clip from the free throw line as the primary cause of their downfall.  And this is not new for the Tigers, they were a horrible free throw shooting team last season and I guess chose to do nothing about it.

Duke 82 Wisconsin 58

Duke is a top five team, let’s just get that unfortunate piece of information out of the way right now.  They are executing extremely well on both ends of the floor and getting solid performances from every position.  That being said, I think Wisconsin is a tad overrated.  I also think the Badgers never had a prayer playing at Cameron against a team that does all the things a conventional Big Ten team relying on slow down physical basketball has little hope of stopping.  Make no mistake, Duke is good and it will be a war when the 15/501 series is renewed.

ACC leads 5-1

Wednesday’s Games

NC State at #13 Michigan State(Prediction: MSU)
Boston College at Michigan(Prediction: BC)
Illinois at Maryland(Prediction: Illinois)
Virginia Tech at Penn State(Prediction: Rated R ugliness; VT wins)
UNC at Ohio State(Prediction: UNC)


3 Responses to ACC/Big Ten Challenge: Round 2

  1. Wayne says:

    Re: I really think we should stop this thing before the Big Ten gets hurt.

    I don’t remember how many years we had the ACC/Big Least Challenge before the Big Least quit and went home with their tails between their legs.

    One of my favorite memories of the ACC/Big Least Challenge (or whatever it was called) was a UVA vs Georgetown game in Greensboro when John Thompson got a T and 23,000 fans (or however many it was) roared their approval.

  2. Josh Bowling says:

    Let’s just hope it doesn’t even up a bit after tonight.

  3. Josh Bowling says:

    I watched that Indiana-GT game. Tech really had a chance most of the game to win it. Just should have shot a little better on the free throw line. I do not know how anyone, basketball player or chess player, could have shot so bad from the FREE-throw line.

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