Live Blogging Tonight

With the 9 PM start I will crank up the live blogging a few minutes beforehand. Unfortunately for those of us who have ears and disdain the 10 second delay that causes the TV and radio to be out of sync I ran across this item reading the game guide on Tar Heel Blue:

ESPN coverage: The game will be available on ESPN. Dan Shulman and Dick Vitale will call the game.

Joy. We get Dick Vitale the night after he gets done watching Duke dismantled an overrated Wisconsin team. With this in mind live blogging will include a “Duke Verbal Diarrhea Meter” to count the number of times he references the Devils during the game.


3 Responses to Live Blogging Tonight

  1. Josh Bowling says:

    Joy! Here it goes. Dikie’s opening comments.

    Kyle Singler is a diaper dandy baby!! Such skill, poise, and determination on the inside. Singler is Freshman of the year in the ACC baby! How about the Senior leadership of Demarcus Nelson. 4 years experience in the Duke program. He has such mental toughness, and the articulation to show these young Duksters how to go out and play Krzyechewski type ball. He is also a model citizen, someone these youngsters can look up to and try to immulate. And what more can we say about the three point shooting of Scheyer and King? Paulus will have a field day trying to get the ball to all of these skilled shooters. There ain’t enough to go’round in Durham BABY!!!

    I can just hear it now. I am hoping we get an honorable mention in tonight’s game.

  2. Jimmy says:

    The delay play radio will let you delay your radio up to 16 seconds. I don’t own one, because I can’t pickup any Tar Heel radio stations in Alabama. Plus, I’m never on real time because of my Tivo. It’s not cheap at $150, but it might be worth it to watch a game without listening to Dickie V rant about Coach K all day.

  3. DeanForever says:

    By the grace of God, we are spared the Vitale/Patrick combo. Whatever Duke references Vitale spews, Patrick slurps it right up. I remember (barely) a night in ’04 getting a little more than tipsy whilst taking a shot everytime Dookie V mentioned the Blue Devils…in a Syracuse/UConn game!

    I’ll just listen to Woody Durham on XM Radio, thank you.

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