Odds and Ends

  • It would appear the Mike Paulus is going to get spring practice all to himself. T.J. Yates had successful surgery on his shoulder Monday and according to ACC Now will be out for spring practice. This does not surprise me in the least and in my opinion it greatly increases the chances that Paulus will be the 2008 starter. In my mind Cam Sexton is forever a backup and Yates will have to return in the fall and win his job back. Obviously Paulus still needs to perform and it would be foolish to underestimate Yates but if I had to make a prediction right now I would say Paulus will be the starter.
  • SI.com’s excellent Luke Winn has a nice feature on Danny Green discussing his father’s legal troubles and his emergence as a key player this season for the Heels.
  • Hansbrough is listed as probable but will undergo another test before he is cleared to participate in the beating of Nicholls State to a bloody pulp.
  • Adam Lucas’ Tuesday Talking Points noted that UNC is allowing opponents to shoot 32.4% from behind the three point line and that is the lowest in the Roy Williams era. In fact, according the media guide, that percentage would be the lowest ever surrendered by a UNC team. The lowest in UNC history was 1993-94 when opponents shot 33.0% from behind the arc. Incidentally the highest opponents’ three point percentage during the Roy Williams era was 2004-05 at 40.3%. That did not seem to matter when it was all said and done, especially versus the three point shooting specialists Illinois had I apparently was on the wrong page in the media guide.  The opponent’s stats and the stats for the Heels are right beside each other and when I paged through on Acrobat I landed on the UNC team stats thinking I was looking at the opponents’ stats.  That basically means I have nothing more to offer on this matter.

6 Responses to Odds and Ends

  1. Josh Bowling says:

    I am kind of afraid of those stats!93-94 we lost in first round didn’t we? We won the championship in 04-05. Seems to me that we need to let them light-it-up from the outside! I really don’t know how much you can make out of these stats. Interesting though. I feel great when we are playing that kind of defense.

  2. […] 32.4% from behind the three point line, which is the lowest percentage in the Roy Williams era. As Tar Heel Fan is quick to note, that’s not just the lowest output while Roy’s been coach — […]

  3. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey THF, I don’t want to hijack this thread with my thoughts, but what did you think about that GT-Kansas game? Also, I get happy anytime Kentucky loses because that is one game closer to taking them over as # 1. However, I want them to be respectable since we have to play them every dang year. But if they keep playing like this, we could take them over in 6-7 years. Houston played a tougher game against them than we did, I thought. Georgia Tech was real exciting to watch. I was pulling for Tech. But if there is any bright side, It will keep Duke or Washington State out of the top 4 for now.

  4. feedmyego says:

    The ’04-’05 champs actually allowed 34.1% shooting from behind the arc. They shot 40.3% on 3s themselves– the best mark for a UNC-led Roy Williams team.

    UNC has actually defended the 3-pointer quite consistently (and quite well) over the past 4 years; 34.1%, 33.1%, 33.8%, and 32.4% (through 9 games). As the schedule gets tougher, this year’s 32.4% will probably again end up in the 33-34% range by the time it’s all said and done.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Crikey, I was on the wrong page in the media guide!

  6. feedmyego says:

    No problem, THF; just figured I’d bring it to your attention.

    I’ve had that same issue in the past with the media guide (since the 2 pages look nearly identical).

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