Smith Center Impressions and Other Things You Don’t See On TV

As I mentioned in the recap, I was at the game last night which is always fun to get to the Dean Dome at least one time during the season.  It also interesting to watch a game live because there are any number of things you notice in person that you do not see on TV simply because you cannot see the whole court at any given moment watching a broadcast.  Some observations after the jump.

  • They have completely redone the banners in the Smith Center.  Before they had the banners denoting ACC and NCAA accomplishments as well as rankings basically going in chronological order around the top which means you eventually run out of room so they basically made new banners for everything, consolidated some and arranged them all in a more orderly fashion.  The four NCAA Championship banner along with the much maligned Helms Championship banner are still positioned at the visitors end.  The retired and honor jerseys still occupy the home end of the arena.  To the right and left of the jerseys they have banners denoting the 1957 perfect season, NCAA Tournament success, NIT appearances and other accomplishments.  Instead of an individual banners for every accomplishment they have consolidated things like Final Four appearances onto one banner with each year listed.  The ACC regular season and tournament championship banners are hung above the side sections with the oldest ones on the side opposite the benches and the newest ones on the bench/scorer’s table side.    Overall it is much neater, much easier to see all of them and a very impressive illustration of how much success the program has had.
  • Tyler Hansbrough talks to the referees a lot.  Not in that whining or barking manner and not so much when play is happening but he talks to them before and after timeouts.  At one point he was called for a foul and they then went to a TV timeout.  Tyler stayed a few second on the floor to ask the ref about the call before heading to the huddle.  Later on he was on the floor near the end of a timeout talking to a different referee, probably asking if that ref thought the room was spinning.
  • Deon Thompson likes to clap his hands a lot with assuming one-on-one defensive position away from the basket.  Unfortunately it did not help him keep his man in front of him.
  • Carolina fans are a little fickle in that many people left as the game went below the eight minute mark and beyond.
  • Ty Lawson is faster than he appears on television.
  • Wayne Ellington has the smoothest stroke of any player I have ever seen.  I am not sure how he does it but the ball looks more like it is floating towards the basket.  Ellington also is capable of putting on some serious moves with the ball to get himself into scoring position.
  • Watching Roy coach is extremely entertaining.
  • Alex Stepheson reminds me of a cross between Warren Martin and Scott Williams.  And he is a large.
  • Greg Little is incredibly built in his chest and shoulders as one might imagine for a football player.

14 Responses to Smith Center Impressions and Other Things You Don’t See On TV

  1. CarolinaGirl says:

    How amusing was it to see Greg between the bench warmers? He’s like Jack Wooten and Pat Moody put together.

  2. Dan Schwind says:

    The “leaving once the game is in hand with less than 8 minutes left” thing has been going on for years. It seems to be most common among the older alumni who want to beat the traffic and not get home too late. Nonetheless, it’s a very frustrating thing to see.

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    ^It was older folks and I know it was 10:30 PM but that game was still a game at that point.

  4. Wadsworth says:

    I am always intrigued to see the early season lineup experiments but last night really took the cake. There was a stretch when the five on the floor included Lawson, Frasor, and Thomas. I have never seen a major program put three point gaurds on the floor at the same time. I wonder if we will see this against pressing teams in the future. Of course, I turned to my wife and said I wonder who will have the first turnover of the three. That’s when UNC was called for traveling.

  5. Wilson says:

    I agree, the game is a different show in the Dome. The ”old folks leaving early” thing has always pissed me off, but it’s not unique to UNC and usually only happens in games like this one. I wish UNC could figure out a way to make them stay though, for football too.

    Spot on about Coach. If ESPN does the 500 channel coverage of a UNC game again, they should definitely have a channel devoted solely to Roy-cams.

  6. Dan Schwind says:

    I’ve seen Villanova and one or two other Big East programs roll out the three-point guard look before, but it’s never worked for them, so I can’t imagine that it was used as anyting other than an experiment last night.

    And yeah, I think the thing that ticks me off most about old folks leaving early is it seems 90% of them have sweet seats in the lower level, or lower portion of the upper level, while I need a sherpa and an oxygen tank to get to my seats. I have noticed at other schools, but more so at UNC, though that might just be because we have a larger arena, and therefore more old folks to leave early.

  7. GoCamels says:

    So much for the Lower Level Tix being available for the Winter Break games…Nevada game sold out by this afternoon, only game left now is Kent State…so much for me taking my dad and sons there this season.

  8. Andy says:

    As a (grad) student often relegated to the upper levels, I realize how amazing and spoiled I am to get into some games, much less stand in the risers or sit behind the basket. It makes my stomach turn when I see fans (of all ages, not just older ones) get up and leave before the final bell. I think that they take their seats for granted, as well-off people tend to do with luxury items. Why would you buy a Rolex that you only wear once a year? Because you can. Why would you buy a classic car you will never drive? Because you can. Why would you have a courtside seat that you will only use for half of the game? You know. As for me, I know I’ll only have student tickets for a short while, so I scream my face off every second that I’m in that building.

  9. Wilson says:

    Hear, hear! (unfortunately, those that learn early can’t)

  10. Josh Bowling says:

    I also wish people would wear some darn Carolina blue as well. People dress like they are going out to a fancy dinner. I see red, blue, orange, green and all sorts of colors when I go in there. The dome looks more intimidating when there is not a soul in it. It looks more blue when no one is there but the janitor. I wish we were like State, Duke, Clemson, Maryland. When you see their teams play, the whole stadium full of people look like they could be on the court playing with them becuase they wear the dang colors. I think we would have better home court advantage if we wore that infamous and intimidating Carolina Blue when we came in. Seems like I don’t remember this being an issue in Carmichael. Carmichael was as blue as the damn sky when it was filled.

  11. Josh Bowling says:

    Of course, I would probably never get to see a home game if we were still there though. Talk about scalping!

  12. TxTarheel says:

    I’ll gladly trade your frustrations to see them live just once this season…I’d have to settle for SMU / TCU (ack!). As for the nosebleed seats, that’s always a good workout for the calf muscles. Just be to sure stretch the hammys

    the blessings of the Smith Center have also been it’s “curse” so to speak…those legacy donations from 25 years ago didn’t come out of thin air.

  13. Tar Heel Fan says:

    There were a few guys that came down from the upper level and sat in some of the empty seats near me who said they had driven from Johnson City, TN to see the game and as soon as it was over head back. It was something like a five hour drive which they had decided around noon on gameday to make. I have no idea whether they knew they could get tickets or were depending on scalpers but I was shocked they were willing to make the trip in one day to see UNC play Nicholls State,

  14. Wilson says:

    I wish I knew what those students in the 80s were thinking when they decided not to cover the cost of the Dome with a fee increase. Such a monumental decision that would haunt the CAA for decades. Ugh.

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