ACC Basketball Update(12/23)

Clemson does NOT like Puerto Rican Winters: Clemson was able to handle a very bad DePaul team on Friday only to fall to undefeated(say what?) Mississippi.  Old Miss had 21 offensive rebounds which undoubtedly led to any number of second chance points to hand Clemson their first loss of the season.  James Mays returned to action but only attempted one shot in 16 minutes of play.

The Little Debbie Menu: Georgia Tech, Virginia, UNC and Miami all did the cupcake thing over the weekend and none were ever challenged.  Miami is now 12-0…12 and 0….12 wins and zero losses.  For the record Miami has matched their win total from last season when they were 12-20.  Georgia Tech found someone among the lower tiers that could handle without much trouble.  Virginia and UNC ran live practice.  Boston College had way too much trouble handling Northeastern.

Losses that might hurt on Selection Sunday: Actually losing to American is not going to hurt Maryland because Maryland is not going to any to the NCAA Tournament.  If the other losses were not evidence of the wheels coming off the Maryland wagon this one is.  Providence seems to be capable of winning against every ACC team they play with the exception of Miami.   FSU found this out on Saturday placing them in the full fledged enigma category of ACC teams no one knows what to do with.

Conference Play!: Wake gets a leg up on not being last in the ACC by beating Virginia Tech.  Neither should really worry too much about being last, I think Maryland is slated for that spot.

Hope Lives in Raleigh: NC State beat Davidson which was pretty much a surprise to most everybody considering Davidson had challenged UNC, Duke and UCLA while NCSU had struggled.  It should be noted that NCSU has won two down to the wire games this season against very good teams which goes to prove that regardless of other issues that may have, they are a tough team to play with the game on the line.  The Pack followed that win up with a victory over Cincinnati and in doing so restore some manner of hope for NCSU fans.

4 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(12/23)

  1. JMOHN says:

    THF. how bout them pirates? We came , We saw, and nobody knew what we were capable of and we got the job done.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I worked with a guy who is at one of our offices in WA. He is from Boise and pulls for the Broncos. He asked me when the bowl picks were released how good ECU was and I said they were good but I thought Boise could handle it. Boy was I wrong.

    Congrats on the win!

  3. Wayne says:

    It might be worth noting that Miami is now 12-1 after falling (at home) to a team that was 6-5 going into Coral Gables. Did the REAL Miami team show up for this one? IMO, maybe so.

  4. Wayne says:

    Apologies to all; I see Miami lost to Wintrop in Sunrise, FL, not Coral Gables!

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