ACC Basketball Update(1/4)

Do They Get Free Biscuits at Xavier?: Or since Wendy’s was founded in Ohio maybe they have a tie in there but I hope the fans get rewarded with something after watching their Musketeers throttle Virginia 108-70.  Actually a throttling does not begin to describe what happened last night.  Xavier basically could not miss which probably says things about the UVa defense that ought not be repeated in polite company.  The home team went 16-26(61%) from behind the arc and that kind of shooting percentage indicates the wide open variety of three point shot.

Jan. 3rd Was Not A Stellar Day in VT Athletics: While the Hokies were choking away the Orange Bowl the basketball team further entrenched themselves in the dreaded rebuilding year with a loss to Richmond managing only 49 points in the process.

Common Opponent Alert!: Miami beats Penn at home by 26.  UNC won by 35.  Let’s see…extrapolate the difference, carry the one, etc, etc, etc…UNC should be Miami by about 15.

Immersion Baptism 1 Sprinkling 0: That is Wake Forest beat Presbyterian 70-58.  Deacons are 10-3 which means an NIT berth is a serious possibility for them, especially if they continue to upset high seeds in the ACC Tournament like they have done for two straight seasons.


3 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(1/4)

  1. william says:

    But you just said that Virginia Tech is way down and Wake needed a miracle to beat VPI in Winston….

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    True but Wake possibly can cobble together enough wins to get into the NIT whereas that will not happen for VT.

  3. william says:

    They are a football school, now, lol.

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