ACC Bowl Review

Sheesh.  Good thing basketball season is in full swing so we don’t have to spend to much time thinking about the fact the league went 2-6 in bowl games including losing the final five bowl games played.  Wake Forest and Boston College ended up being the only rays of hope in an otherwise dark night with Wake beating UConn in the Car Care Bowl and Boston College topping Michigan State in the Champs Sports Bowl.  Maryland hung tough with Oregon State but did not take advantage of the turnovers the collected.  After the 2-1 start it when straight to hell in a handbasket.  GT got run by Fresno State in Boise, FSU made a better than expected showing in losing to Kentucky considering the Noles had to delve into portions of the depth chart that require an oxygen tank and goggles to get to.

Among the three “featured” bowl games for the ACC, Clemson, Virginia and Virginia Tech all did their best UNC impression by losing by three points in games they could have taken control of but for some reason did not.  Clemson grabbed a 17-10 lead in the Chicken Sandwich Bowl then promptly allowed Auburn to shove the ball down their collective throats to tie the game up.  In OT Clemson settled for the FG and Auburn decided they wanted to get done in time to celebrate the New Year and won the game on a  TD run.  Virginia was up two touchdowns on Texas Tech in the Gator with 11 minutes left in the game and then completely imploded which included fumbling the ball to TT on their own four giving the Red Raiders an easy shot at tying the game.  TT ended up winning it on a late FG.  And then came Virginia Tech in Orange Bowl, who was favored to beat Kansas considering the Jayhawks were seen as a bit of a paper tiger.  The only paper tiger here turns out to be Sean Glennon who crapped in his pants for the second straight bowl game with another three interception performance one of which turned out to be a pick six.

In the end the ACC is who we thought they were and unlike Denny Green and the Arizona Cardinals, no one left them off the hook.

THF Prediction Record This Season: 72-33(68% correct)
THF Prediction Record Last Season: 75-29(72% correct)


4 Responses to ACC Bowl Review

  1. william says:

    We are a basketball conference and the more they try to change that, the more of a basketball conference we become. ACC football is a joke. We had good years in 1981 and 1996 and that is about it. We have the top 2 basketball programs in America, plus Maryland and State, who have also won titles. Historically, schools win in either basketball or football, not both. Look at USC and UCLA–one is the best of all time in football and usually okay but nothing special in BB and with UCLA, it is the exact opposite. Kentucky and Indiana are rarely good at basketball. Georgetown has no Division I team. Look what has happened to the BB programs at UConn and Wake and Cincy since all three got good in football. In Pitt, the opposite happened, Dorsett is no more but the BB team is in the top ten annually. Look out Kansas in BB and Florida in football.

    In general, you cannot have both. Your Brandan Wrights and Tyler Hansbroughs want to go somewhere where their sport is the focus.

  2. 52BigGameJames says:

    william: $ee below!

  3. william says:

    Well, maybe they need to build bigger arenas and play some outdoor games, lol.

  4. william says:

    i notice above that it should say Kentucky and Indiana are rarely good at football, obviously, not BB.

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