Stepheson Back For Clemson?[UPDATED]

Update #2: Official word is Stepheson is still in CA and will return to UNC early next week.  Also, Quentin Thomas is expected to play.

Update: I am taking the complete lack of confirmation from UNC on this to be a sign that Stepheson will not be back and I assume is still with his family.

The hot rumor on Inside Carolina right now says Alex Stepheson is due back in practice on Saturday and would presumably be available for the Clemson game. Awaiting UNC’s confirmation of this.

This followed up an interesting rumor that apparently was started on the UCLA message board and actually included in the UCLA premium version of the Wear twins announcement that Stepheson was possibly transferring.


8 Responses to Stepheson Back For Clemson?[UPDATED]

  1. william says:

    Does he have to practice to play? If so, that seems silly, given that he has a legitimate excuse. The Redskins let Shawn Springs play without practicing when he went to be with his father right after his coma.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    He cannot start if he does not practice, that is one of Roy’s rules. Since he does not start anyway it will not matter and given the need for quality depth I am assuming he plays.

  3. william says:

    That sounds reasonable.

  4. william says:

    Hey, how do I get an icon in my box to the right, like yours?

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think you have to actually sign up for an account with WordPress which you can do for free and without having a blog.

    There is an option at the bottom to simply be given a username rather than setting up a blog.

  6. Big Apple Heel says:

    THF – re: the Wear and Henson commitments – who are the top SG and PG targets for UNC? I read somewhere that a kid named Strickland is down to Florida or UNC and might make a decision soon. I usually don’t follow recruiting that closely, but you can’t help but to get excited with the recent news.

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I have not usually followed it so closely but you are right the Strickland kid is the #1 player in the nation according to and also the #1 PG. He has said he is down to UNC and FLA but leaning towards UNC which is good news but ever since Delvon Roe changed his mind at the last minute I will wait for an actual commit before getting too excited. Having him and Larry Drew would give us two very good PGs which is how Roy likes it.

    The best source for recruiting info is Inside Carolina and the 2009 prospects lists for UNC can be found at:

    According to this list there is one highly rated SG, Dominic Cheek who is indicated as having “high” interest in UNC. Interestingly enough, UNC also has their sights on Derrick Favors who is a 6-9 center which would add another big man to the mix. I am not sure what Roy would do with another big man but he does have an offer in hand.

    Nolan Dennis and Leslie McDonald are SGs with offers from UNC and indicating “medium” interest in UNC at this point.

  8. Big Apple Heel says:

    Thanks for the insight and the link!

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