Portrait of a Tiger Killer


Source: CUTigers.com

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  1. MDtarheelfan says:

    Great photograph. The looks on the faces of the Clemson fans is great. Welcome to the ACC. Great win. I really thought we were going to lose. If I was sitting on the edge of my seat I was standing up and pacing. Clemson was making the plays and we were not.
    THF, I agree with most of your assessments. Has anyone seen a quicker guard than Ty in the first half on some of those fast breaks? He did make a few mistakes that we are not use to seeing but his overall play more than made up for the mistakes. Tough game for QT to come in after an injury. He was just awful. He really needs to step up. Just run the offense, do not push as hard as Lawson and do not turn the ball over. Deon needs to board better but overall good game. I was disappointed with the last play at end of regulation. Why are we taking a 3? I think there should be a high screen for Lawson, who drives for a shot or foul or passes to Tyler or a pass out to Ellington for a jumper. Both times at the end of the game we did not look prepared. Lawson made a hell of a pass to Ellington for the winning shot. Calling the time out with 5 sec. scared me. I thought that was a bad move. But what do I know. Another thought, when you shoot a 3 its harder to get a put back because the missed shot tends to rim far away from the basket.
    Did anyone think Clemson was getting away with the moving picks? I thought it was bad on Clemson’s big men picking our guards. The referees do not seem to call that when it needs to be.
    THF, you talk about the win that makes the season, but do you think this team can go completely undefeated? In this day and age that is a very hard thing to do. I think the pressures on the team is too much or that get over confident and do not play to expectations and lose to an obvious lesser quality team. We know a lost can bring a team back to focus or it can learn from that lost. What game or games would you see us losing. I could handle a lost to Vir. or State on the road. I would prefer that one be a big lost with the other team on fire and the Heels just be over confidant and missing their shots. The other would be a end of the game winner where the other team is hot but not all the cylinders are not there for the Heels.
    I think we all feel the Heels are the best team in the country. We have the best talent and the best coaches to win it all. I look at the other teams and I don’t see anyone who can beat this team when the Heels are playing their best. But to go the whole season is a tough job. I’d rather have a defeat now than during the tournament. That lost last year to Georgetown hurt alot. We were the better team and we had them.
    Just wondering how everyone else feels. I think you have to at the schedule and think we can run this thing, but then it gets scary come tournament time. Lose and go home.
    Lets here everyones thoughts.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Let me just say, I have been toying with a brief post addressing the idea of going undefeated for about a week now, mainly because I wanted to be on record as saying I thought it was possible, which is a little silly on my part.

    I had a professor in seminary who, when discussing how to figure out the intepretation of certain passages from the original language often asked, “It’s possible, but is it probable?” That is how I feel about UNC finishing undefeated. I think it is possible. Do the odds favor it? Heck no. I commented earlier that I thought there were five dangerous games for UNC. This one at Clemson, at Virginia, at NC State and both games versus Duke. On top of that I do not think trips to GT, FSU, BC or Miami will be cake walks either. So while I can envision a scenario that has UNC running the regular season table, I also think that the odds are not greatly in favor of it.

    Two ACC losses is about there I think they will end up.

  3. C. Michael says:

    Looking at the schedule, UNC could very well be 22-0 going into their back-to-back home games with Duke and Clemson. That leaves 4 road games that they could lose (I don’t see this team losing at home, which is a hallmark of championship teams): UVa, NCSt, BC, and Duke. I think they will likely lose 1-2 and go into the ACCT 29-2 or 30-1, but… there is something about this team that makes me think it is possible for them to go 40-0.

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I agree. The way they handled all those tough games has given me this feeling that they are capable of pulling any game out. For some reason the “never say die” attitude has impressed me more than blowing everyone they play out. It is weird and I am sure it will not happen but it has crossed my mind.

  5. C. Michael says:

    BTW, the record for wins in a season is 37: Duke (1986), UNLV (1987), Duke (1999), and Illinois (2005). None of those teams went undefeated, and none won the National Title. This always amazes me.

  6. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Three of those four(Duke twice and Illinois) they lost in the title game and all had chances to win but came up short. And in all three cases it was a very sweet night for UNC fans.

  7. C. Michael says:

    Yup, and UNLV lost in the Final 4 to Indiana, setting up my least favorite Finals match-up ever: Knight vs. Boeheim. Yuck!

  8. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey MD Tarheel fan. I saw a few of those picks, primarily in the second half, where the screener continued to try to push the defender towards the out-of bounds line. I do like good, hard picks. But I do not like picks where the screener muscles the defender 5-6 feet away. You have no chance of defending a guy when you are muscled that far away from them. One of those screens was very obvious. I believe it was Lawson that was guarding and just got pushed so far back he was almost out-of bounds, allowing Clemson’s guard to have a choice between shooting the jumber, or driving it in. He chose to take the wide open shot. Hell, eve the screener was 3-5 feet away from the guard. You have to call that refs.

    Great stats C. Michael.

  9. Josh Bowling says:

    That one particular screen was like how a linebacker practices on the field pushing the offensive line back behind the line of scrimmage. Compares to how we got screened on defense that game.

  10. 52BigGameJames says:

    there were definitely moving screens, but we also didn’t cut off the penetration after those either. a great win for sure, but also lots of room for improvement on defense and rebounding.

  11. Josh Bowling says:

    It seemed as if the rebound had to jump off of the rim and find someone to take it. It was as if there was supposed to be one rebounding “czar” and each player didn’t know who it was supposed to be.

  12. william says:

    1957 Carolina and 1976 Indiana hold the record for most wins in a season when winning a national championship without a loss, both 32-0.

    The amount of good fortune that Carolina had in 1958 to achieve that was clearly phenomenal, so maybe last night is a good sign. With 2:30 on the clock, Carolina lost control of the ball and it bounced right into Danny’s hands and he hit a 3-pointer to cut the margin to four. If Clemson had come up with that ball, we were toast.

    With respect to going undefeated, my freshman year, we had a great chance to do that until Kenny Smith got hurt. We did go undefeated in conference, but strangely enough it got a little boring, a bit like Duke was several years ago. You always need a foil. Someone who can take you to hell and back. Dean’s struggles to best K again in the 90’s really got me back into things, as did the 8-20 debacle. It is no fun if it is too easy, but it would not have been a gimme in 1984 even if Kenny had not gotten hurt.. Georgetown was basically our equal that year by the time of the tournament.

    The ’82 team had that foil with UVa,, playing them three times and barely eeking out the two wins and needing a big comeback to win in Chapel Hill.

    UVa was the only squad to beat Carolina in a game that year in which all of our starters were available–Sam Perkins missed the Wake defeat. Nevertheless, the Cavaliers beat the daylights out of us in Charlottesville. So, if Sam had not gotten sick for Wake, that team probably would have been 33-1, given no other changes in space-time.

    And for all you younger guys, UVa might have been our chief rival from 1980-1984, and maybe back to 1976, with both teams going to the Final Four multiple times.

    Boy, did we despise Tom Sheehy and Terry Holland, and there was bad blood between Dean and Holland and Marc Iavaroni. UVa killed our hopes for a national title in 1976 and Carolina paied them back the next year, winning without most of our starters. And of course, UVa and UNC are the only two ACC teams to ever meet in the Final Four and we smoked them after they had beaten us twice that year.

  13. TxTarheel says:

    Those UVa teams were very, very good: with Sampson, Wilson, Carlisle & several others. I say that to say this: most recent SI (2 weeks old now) has a good piece on the Chaminade upset in 1982. Great read if you get time

  14. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Can you imagine what kind of meltdown you would see if blogs and message boards were around when UVa lost to Chaminade? Entertaining stuff there.

  15. 52BigGameJames says:

    what a story Sam Perkins was to come out of relative obscurity to challenge the supposed second coming of Lew Alcindor (Kareem)…truly one of the most under-rated ACC players of all time!

  16. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey BigGame, not in my book. I know Perkins and Worthy often get overshadowed by MJ, but Worthy has won some championships himself, and I credit him just as much as Ervin Johnson for those. Sam Perkins had a great NBA career as well. Man, I miss those interior post passes that Worthy and Perkins delivered to each other.

  17. william says:

    That was a great article.

    I remember when you had to get USA Today just to get your late scores, which came out about in this same year. At that time, my area didn’t have cable and Sportscenter was in its infancy.

  18. william says:

    When I was 12, Duke had been crummy for about 7 years in a row.

    The biggest deal about the great comeback in 1974 was not so much that it was Duke (at least for us younger guys) but the fact that it would just have been so humiliating to lose to the Blue Devils at home because they were so bad.

    Wake was equally bad and beat us in the 1973 tournament!–although both Duke and Wake later got good at about the same time in 1977-1978–still I never remember disliking Wake very much. and there simply weren’t many Duke fans in Charlotte then, so there was nobody who liked Duke that we could stick it to. This meant that in terms of junior high antagonism, NC State was our top rival then, not to mention their beating Dean Smith 9 (nine) times in a row!

    Maryland was also a big rival because of the Tom McMillan recruiting coup by Lefty, who also was a fierce rival of Dean’s as was Norm Sloan at NC State. And don’t forget USC with Frank McGuire, but I was too young to remember that.

    Nowadays things have gotten too nice and we basically only have one rivalry that is as intense as all of the above mentioned ones were back in the 1970’s. Believe it or not, Carolina often played Duke, State and Wake Forest four times per season back then, counting the ACC tournament and Big Four Classic.

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