Bob the Tomato Files Suit Against Sidney Lowe

veggie_bob2.jpgGreensboro(THF)-Veggie Tales actor, Bob the Tomato, has filed a lawsuit in Federal court seeking an injunction against North Carolina State head basketball coach Sidney Lowe from donning his red blazer versus North Carolina on Saturday. Citing Federal trademark law, Mr. Tomato’s attorney, Archibald Asparagus, asserts that Lowe’s wearing of the red blazer during basketball games constitutes trademark infringement given the Wolfpack coach bears an uncanny likeness to Veggie Tales star. The lawsuit also states that Lowe and his employer North Carolina State benefited both monetarily and competitively through this infringement and have asked the court for an immediate cease and desist order. Individuals close to Bob, including fellow Veggie Tale actor Larry the Cucumber say that their friend was initially flattered by Lowe’s impersonation of him but that feeling quickly disappeared after the Wolfpack lost to East Carolina.

“All he could talk about was how he did not want to be associated with a program that lost to a second tier conference team with no basketball history.” Larry said. “Between you and me, it was the 20-17 deficit at halftime against Presbyterian that really did it. I mean, it was the Blue Hose for goodness sake, how do you trail a 1-17 team at halftime?”

Larry indicated that Bob was not interested in money nor did he have any ill feelings towards NC State, but just did not want his reputation ruined.

“He was so afraid that one of his fans was going to see Lowe wearing the blazer in a game where NC State was getting drubbed and think that he was coaching the team.” stated the cucumber. “Bob takes these things very seriously.”

Neither Sidney Lowe or NC State were available for comment.

In light of Bob’s legal foray, Laura the Carrot is also considering her own litigation against Clemson coach Oliver Purnell.

Standard disclaimer: Yeah it’s a joke people.


12 Responses to Bob the Tomato Files Suit Against Sidney Lowe

  1. Wayne says:

    Oh! And I thought O.P. was imitating the “Great Pumpkin.” Shows what I know . . .

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Could have been, Laura is only considering the idea.

  3. Andy says:

    Well done. The Dean Dome ought to be rocking so hard by halftime, Lowe will have to shed that blazer to keep from overheating.

  4. william says:

    A brief look at a few wins by ACC squads, and the signs of trouble in each of them. First, Carolina played an extremely tight game with Davidson that the Wildcats very easily could have won. Hansbrough made his bi-weekly 10 trips to the free throw line and was, as is also typical, a beast on the defensive glass. But (with the danger attendant in drawing conclusions from one game) the Heels are really, really going to miss Wright and Terry. Carolina did not have an offensive efficiency performance this poor all of last season. More noticeably, they were uncharacteristically terrible on the offensive glass. And the replacements for Wright – Thompson and Stepheson – were not so hot: 28 minutes, 4 points on 2 of 6 shooting (plus 2 missed free throws), just 4 boards and 6 turnovers. And that was against a frontcourt with no one taller than 6’9″ and no one heavier than 220. This team may end up resembling the 2005-06 Heels more than last year’s squad, minus the freshman growing pains. If you’re a UNC fan, there’s really nothing wrong with that – after all, that team had the best emargin in conference and ended up with a 3-seed, which could easily have been a 2-seed if the whole growing pains didn’t happen. But they sure didn’t look like a consensus #1. Then again, it was just one game . . .

    I hate to say it but I think he has something here. Once Wright started making foul shots in the post-season, he was sensational all around and Terry was under-appreciated.

    Alex and Deon looked so good against Arizona last year and in other games that I have to say that I think they can and need to play much better to take pressure off Tyler. If not, then Wayne better be ready to shoot a lot of jumpers.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Here is my thing. It seems like UNC has been in a state of flux since the season started with various injuries mucking up the rotation. UNC played the first four games with the same personnel then lost Lawson for two games, got him back and they got back on track then lost Frasor, Thomas, and Stepheson. Now the latter two are back and Frasor we know is done. My point is I would like to see this team play about 10 straight games with the same personnel and similar rotation to see if they can gel. I think Stepheson and Thompson in combo can cover for Wright’s producitvity on the boards and on defense. Green and Ginyard do a great job on help defense and so far I think Green has been immensely better offensives than Terry was last season. Tyler is playing a huge game this season as is Ellington. I still think Lawson can be the lynch pin.

    I maintain that Stepheson could have been a difference maker against Clemson both in terms of depth and by giving Clemson another physical body to deal with down low. I also think Stepheson could have set some effective screens for Hansbrough to allow him to get position and permit an entry pass.

    Undoubtedly the team is adjusting to losing Terry and Wright. I do think they are missed and I think Frasor will be missed too. I also think all the parts for a national title unit are there and most of them are in place. Something tells me the final necessary adjustments for this team to be ready for March is between the ears.

  6. william says:

    Not counting that 7′ 5″ guy, Wright was about the longest player we have ever had, maybe even over Perkins.

    Now instead of a guy who played 6′ 11″ or 7 feet we substitute two 6’9″ guys who do not have his skills. This is not a knock–my understanding is that he set the record for the recruit skills test–maybe we were expecting too much. I still hope to see Deon bang a little more and get to the point where he can make 7 out of ten free throws. and that goes double for Alex.

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I would like to see how things are in about 10 games when this team gets a significant stretch of games under their belt with Frasor out and Thomas/Stepheson back playing their normal minutes.

  8. william says:

    I honestly thought (and it is still possible) that Deon had the potential to be better than B. Wright, not more talented, but with a game better adapted to the way teams actually play, as opposed to perhaps drifiting farther from the basket, as Wright might have been inclined to do.

  9. Tar Heel Fan says:

    ^I thought so as well. I was thinking he would compliment Tyler better than Wright did but we have only seen glimpses so far.

  10. BBE says:

    I’m always encourage by the way our program turns mediocre freshmen and sophomore big men into major contributors by their jr and sr campaigns. Zwikker, Wenstrom, Sullivan come immediately to mind.

  11. william says:

    I think you mean Salvidori, BBE. But we want to win this year, not wait, lol.

  12. BBE says:

    Him too. 😉

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