ACC Basketball Update(1/10)

The Sleepwalking Version.

You Thought UNC’s Letdown Was Bad: Clemson looked immensely worse in their game versus Charlotte losing by 10 and destroying, for the moment, any good will they enjoyed from taking UNC to the brink.  All the talk of Clemson being legit is going to be muted for awhile since they failed to pick themselves up off the mat and handle the 49ers in a home game.

U-G-L-Y: NC State basketball.  There is just no way around it which is a  shame because I think everyone was pretty excited at the prospect of the Triangle rivalry operating at all points.   Last night NCSU beat one win NC Central 54-29 in a fairly horrific execution of the game as we know it.  What is worse Courtney Fells went down with a sprained ankle further compounding the misery in Raleigh, especially if that is a long term deal.  NCSU basically just flew through Iceman’s jet wash and are in grave danger of going into a flat spin from which they might not recover.  And visiting Chapel Hill next is not high on the list of cures.

Yawn: Duke beating Temple and looking pretty bored in the process.  Temple conveniently missed enough easy shots to make Duke’s job much easier.  At this point one has to question the wisdom of scheduling a two week plus break after the Pitt game.  It seems like Duke was so much better, even in losing that game and some of the sharpness has been lost during the long layoff.

Georgia on My Mind: Georgia Tech lost a must win game as it pertains to any hope of making the NCAA Tournament.  Georgia is not a bad team but given the margin of error for the Jackets in terms of being able to post a win total that will get them on the table for discussion for the Dance they can ill afford to lose any more games outside the ACC.

Non-Conference Slate Finished: Save a handful of games for some teams, most of the ACC has finished their non-conference slate.  The schedule for this Saturday has five ACC games and then one to follow on Sunday night:

Saturday, Jan. 12th

NCSU at UNC, Noon
MD at VT, 2 PM
GT at Miami, 2 PM
Wake at BC, 4 PM
FSU at Clemson, 7 PM

Sunday, Jan 13th

UVa at Duke, 8 PM

Obviously UNC v NCSU is a huge game because of the rivalry.  Miami needs to step up and prove themselves by not dropping a bad loss to GT. FSU v Clemson and UVa v Duke have early implications.  Clemson does not want to start 0-2 and UVa could really benefit by stealing one from Duke in Cameron.

Now the fun begins!


7 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(1/10)

  1. MDtarheelfan says:

    Sounds like the ACC is not very good this year. How does the ACC rank compared to others? That Clemson lose hurts. I want ACC teams to do well outside the conference except for Duke.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    The RPI has them at the top but in terms of what we have seen based on observation I think they might be behind the Pac 10 and possible the Big 12.

  3. […] Heel Fan looks around the league and notices that perhaps Clemson is not so rad. Perhaps Charlotte did not give them 19 […]

  4. william says:

    Hey, THF, Herb Sendek’s Sun Devils looked pretty good last night, beating that Arizona Wildcats in OT, and ranked 29 by Pomeroy. Yeah, they are boring like State was under him (and apparently still is) but it is hard to argue with the man’s success.

    State fans are delusional, thinking that someone their program is on par with Duke and Carolina. State had two great teams and that was in 1973 and 1974 and after that settled into being decent to good most years but rarely (never) exceptional. The 1983 title was a great tribution to never giving up, a la Hoosiers, but nobody thinks that team was a great one.

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    I agree with you about NCSU–Thurl, Nate and Googs were my favs from the V era.
    btw–I go on a Chiefs site periodically–man those Jayhawk fans really have it for Roy and the Heels.

  6. william says:

    It’s strange. I think the more vocal ones hate Roy, but after they lost last year I saw interviews with several Jayhawk fans who said now they were rooting for us, so that Roy could get another title.

    It is like any heartbreak–you can go two ways–you either keep loving the person or you start to hate them.

  7. 52BigGameJames says:

    true–painting with a wide brush, but the referenced site can be pretty rough compared to many…”hell hath no wrath…”

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