UNC vs NC State

Where: Dean Smith Center, Chapel Hill, NC
When: Saturday, January 12th, Noon
Records: UNC 16-0, 1-0 ACC; NCSU 11-3, 0-0 ACC

No mercy.

And I don’t say that because it is NC State on the other side(though that is not a bad idea.)  Like Roy I am a little tired of wondering when this team is going to come out and play 40 minutes of basketball with lock down defense and a runaway freight train offensive effort.  I can think of no better time to do that than tomorrow at noon.

NC State comes in one of the bigger disappointments of the ACC season despite the 11-3 record.  Losses to New Orleans and ECU hurt the team and took expectations south.  NCSU’s play during the past few wins has been erratic and downright weak on both ends of the floor.  The fact the past two games came against one win teams and NCSU has averaged only 52 points does not bode well for them playing the uptempo stylings of UNC.  On top of that the Pack have two significant injuries to go along with loss of Farnold Degand at point.  UNC will enjoy advantages at the two guard spots as well as on the board.  There is a good chance Tyler Hansbrough essentially cancels out J.J. Hickson point wise.  The key will be the points coming from UNC’s plethora of weapons which should easily out pace NCSU’s.  The Wolpack’s only hope lies in Brandon Costner lighting UNC up from three with Gavin Grant also scoring at will.  They will also hope for surprise efforts from the rest of their cast and hope like mad UNC’s has an off shooting day.

If the unfocused UNC defense shows up, NCSU might have chances but given the lack of scoring from them this season I imagine the sheer force of UNC’s offensive effort will produce more than enough points to win.   Conversely should UNC come out with the effort we all have been waiting for then it might be far bloodier than Roy and his five stitches in his head gash.

UNC 98 NCSU 65


11 Responses to UNC vs NC State

  1. Steve says:

    This game should not be close. But as a State fan, one thing I will be curious to see is how the Pack plays against man-to-man defense. It’s been a while since they faced anything but zone. There’s no way UNC will come out and slow down the game.

    Obviously, it could get really ugly. But State does have some players who can score inside, and inside scoring opportunities have been rare in the last several games. It would be nice to have Fells and Horner at 100% – I don’t know if either will even see the floor today. It would be a minor victory if they can stay within 20 points.

  2. C. Michael says:

    Wow. Just… wow.

  3. jlakbj says:

    I can’t stop laughing… Unfortunately my sister called at 41-11 and jinxed the run.

  4. C. Michael says:

    Given the pace UNC plays at, 13 in a half is far worse that St. Loo scoring 20 in a game, IMO.

  5. Macon F says:

    Nice Prediction THF.

  6. william says:

    Are you sure you wrote this before the game?

  7. william says:

    Now I am watching Friday Night Lights on the Universal H.D. station. This is a pretty good show. Things are not looking good for the Dillon Panthers. They are losing and now their quarterback, Streeter is out of the game.

  8. Kyle says:

    lol william
    I like that show

  9. Wayne says:

    jlakbj — an old trick of mine — I don’t answer the phone during Tar Heel football games, Tar Heel basketball games or Redskins (aka Deadskins) football games. It works every time!

  10. 52BigGameJames says:

    uncanny THF! need to take your skills to Vegas!

  11. william says:

    I wonder what the Panthers vs. Redskins breakdown is among Tar Heel fans. I stuck with the Redskins because I had moved to Maryland before Charlotte got a team, but all of my family root for the Panthers. I hate going home for Christmas because I never get to see the Redskins because they always show Carolina.

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