Dexter Strickland Picks UNC

So, what is the best way to cap off a weekend where you arguably played your best half of the season in routing one of your rivals by 31 points?  How about by snagging the #1 PG in the class of 2009.

UNC got a commitment from junior Dexter Strickland, 6-3 PG from Elizabeth, NJ.  Strickland is ranked #10 in’s Hot 100 which gives UNC four players in the top 30 for the class of 2009.  Add these four to the three coming in next season UNC will be loaded….again.


20 Responses to Dexter Strickland Picks UNC

  1. Wayne says:

    Who was it that said, “Ol’ Roy ain’t that good”?

    Oh, I THINK it was Ol’ Roy hisself.

  2. Wilson says:

    Roy’s trying to get A LOT of golf in this summer. I can’t blame him, he should get a raise for this.

  3. geof says:

    Looks like you guys are setting up nicely for a little run over the next, say, 20 years.

  4. Matt says:

    I think it can be said that Roy Williams has a future at this college basketball coaching thing.

  5. Wilson says:

    Such a different environment from the past year in recruiting. I think this truly stresses how important these guys feel about available playing time once they get to school.

    We had no commits in ’07 after Roy only aggressively pursued one player: Kevin Love. He saw the depth we have down low and decided to showcase himself at UCLA instead.
    UNC fan thoughts: no biggie, we’re still loaded down low.

    Then Roy strikes out on 5 of the top 10 players in the class in ’08. Aminu, Derozan, Samuels, Holiday, and Delvon Roe. Wow. These guys saw that they might not start right away with no guarantee of Tyler or Wayne leaving.

    After getting ’08 PG Larry Drew, ’08 PF Ed Davis and ’10 PG Kendall Marshall, Tar Heels were starting to see the light, but were still worried about the impending denial by Zeller. Zeller’s commitment in November shored up UNC’s class.
    UNC fan thoughts: OK, the glass is half full.

    Then, to start one of the most impressive recruiting hauls in history, ’09 PF John Henson commits out of nowhere, starting the dominos that would eventually end with the Wear twins, Reggie Bullock, the top player in NC in ’10, and now Dexter Strickland committing.
    UNC fan thoughts: ROY IS GOD!

    Needless to say, there is no reason to worry about basketball recruiting for a couple years. Except for that wing slot we need to fill… 😉

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    Like I said earlier, we seem to be getting a slew of committments from power forwards. I don’t know if Roy will just move one or two of them to Center. We also have 3 pg’ds in Larry Drew, Kendall Marshall, and Dexter Strickland. The latter two being top 10 pg’ds in the country. It is just not that often that a point guard would commit after seing another Top point guard commit just moments before him. That is unreal. I wonder if coach Williams plans on using one of those point guards at the shooting position (know by street ballers as the 2 position). Could you answer any of these questions THF?

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    First of all, Roy likes going 2-3 deep at PG. The pace demands having multiple options at that position.

    Secondly, Strickland can slide over and play the two. Drew is probably too much of a pure PG to do that but Strickland can.

  8. Josh Bowling says:

    It would be nice to have another shooter like Green/Ellington

  9. william says:

    I am still worried about 2012, the last year on the Mayan calendar. Roy better not count on the Mayans being right.

  10. Josh Bowling says:

    Zager & Evans had a hit in the late 60’s with “in the year 2525”. Seems as if we already have some committments on board.

  11. Josh Bowling says:

    THF, I understand our tempo needs to be pushed by mutliple guards, it’s just that how often do you recruit 2 top ones. If I am the 8th best pick overall, and 2nd best pg, I will not go to a school that has just recruited the 5th best pick overall and # 1 point guard. It just doesn’t make sense to me, although I am ecstatic over it. Do you think that one or two of those PF’ds will become centers for us?

  12. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think you will see the big men playing 3, 4 or 5 on the floor. UNC will be able to go “big” but since these guys are guys than can run and in some cases work away from the basket it will be very effective and not bog them down in a half court set.

    Let me say I like Drew and think he will be a very good PG, smart and a good decisionmaker but he is also ranked 78th in the class of 2008. Strickland is possibly up a level. I think Roy has in mind to recruit the best players available and we will get plenty of use out of both much the same way he used Frasor and Lawson in tandem.

  13. 52BigGameJames says:

    also, Strickland is a junior and is 6’3″ already–like THF said-I don’t think it’s a stretch to envision him as a wing.

  14. Josh Bowling says:

    Kendall Marshall is 6’3 as well. I hope one of the point guards or power forwards can develop into the 3 position. 2 and 3 is what we will need going forward. PG/PF-C is already a lock!

  15. Josh Bowling says:

    Let me just say I don’t think wing is a matter of size as much as ability. Obviously Green and Ellington are doing great at that position. I thought we would struggle at that without Reyshawn, and Green has taken his position with gratitude. It’s just that one of these point guards are going to have to be able to be the primary shooter from distance, and one of these power forwards will need to be able to play wing as well (aka Laettner, Battie, Jawad Williams, Green) to note.

  16. Wilson says:

    Strickland is a PG, but I suspect he will be the starting SG if Wayne has left. If you have ever watched the kid play, he is a VERY talented scorer.

    We are getting a lot of PF commits, but Roy is grabbing all different types. All the juniors have the possibility to grow, and Henson might end up being a Marvin Williams type that can shoot from deep and play some 3. I’m not worried about PT. The best thing about these guys is that they all seem to be high character guys that play for the team and don’t worry as much about “getting theirs.”

  17. Josh Bowling says:

    THF. I have just taken our current lineup and went all the way through the 010-011 season, eliminating graduates and placing newcombers as f,s,j and senior. 08-09 we have Frasor,Green,Guinyard as seniors. Ellington.Lawson,Thomp,Steph as juniors. Graves will be a soph and Ed Davis, Tyler Zeller & Larry Drew as freshmen. We are great up to that point. 09-010 we lose Danny Green, Guinyard, Hansbrough. We get Dexter Strickland, David & Travis Wear. I figure Davis will replace Hansbrough, and Zeller helping out in that position. But there is no replacement for Green/Ginyard as David/Travis Wear are post just like Davis & Zeller. We will need some wing to play. Those Wear brothers will have to be able to play some wing just like Green/Ginyard did. Where will we get those mid-sized athletic types who can play multiple positions like Green/Ginyard? It will have to come from Zeller, the Wears, or Ed Davis. Do you see that as a possiblilty?

  18. Josh Bowling says:

    This is by no means a complaint as I am very pleased with what we have in our program going forward. Landing 3 guards Strickland, Drew, and Marshall is great. It is just who is going to play the 3? Getting those pforwards are great. Zeller, David/Travis Wear, and Ed Davis. Who among these can slide to 3? You might want to write down what you could see as the starting lineups going forward into 010 and see where you see gaps.

  19. Wilson says:

    Apparently Roy is selling John Henson to the 3 position. He has just experienced a growth spurt, so he is used to playing guard, and will now be a big ball-handler.

    I agree with you that we need a wing in ’09 though.

  20. Josh Bowling says:

    Wilson, that kid looks like he could become physically synonymous with Kevin Garnett or a Chris Bosh.

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