UNC 83 GT 82

First of all let me say that will take a dirty, sloppy, stinking one point win in Atlanta pretty much any way I can get it.  I am not totally certain what the deal is with UNC playing at Georgia Tech but what happened tonight pretty much confirms everything Daddy ever said about what happens to UNC when the end up playing in Georgia.  It is like the Heels were snakebit all night and yeah they had to have more than a few plays break the right way to win this game.   And I am not sure whether I should take consolation in the fact GT played Indiana and Kansas close or panic thinking about the number of low major teams the Jackets dropped games to earlier in the season.  It could be GT is very capable of getting up for the big games while laying eggs versus the lightweights.

In terms of how UNC played, quite frankly they were fairly horrible on the defensive end giving up open looks basically anywhere on the court and when GT did happen to miss, UNC did not collect very many rebounds.  However, when it came down the stretch UNC did find away to get some stops and snag some key rebounds.  That is perhaps a small ray of hope that UNC can, when willing, lock a team down.  The larger problem in my mind is the fact that UNC needed a huge offensive effort to keep pace.  While this might not be a problem in most games, if they ever run into a team capable of scoring points while simultaneously disrupting UNC’s offense, it will be a long game.  The fact of the matter is, despite how well GT played at points, had UNC been locking down on defense GT would scored in the 60s.

In the end this is one of those tough road games in the ACC that great teams find a way to win.  And despite the red hot nature of UNC’s defensive issues, it is hard to complain too much about going into the hostile confines of Alexander Memorial and taking a tight game.  For now, it will do.


23 Responses to UNC 83 GT 82

  1. william says:

    I haven’t looked at the statistics but during the first three quarters of the game, GIT seemed to have a lot of open looks from 15 to 20 feet and I do mean open. There also seemed to ba a lot of open lanes to the basket.

    Having said that, GIT also seemed to be shooting really well, both from the field and the line and they were also allowed to bang in a way that I have not seen in a long time. The final foul that Tech made on Green could also have put Tyler on the line as both ended up on the floor hard. The referees seemed to be letting a lot go, which seemed to surprise Hewitt at the very end, although he had few complaints all along.

    To me, Ginyard, Green, Thompson and Hansbrough carried us home. Ty was sloppy and Wayne just wasn’t getting enough touches. Ginyard gets player of the game, just over Green, for his two big steals when things were looking bad at around the 9 minute mark. Green was big down the stretch as well but an 88% free throw shooter cannot be missing two foul shots in the last 5 minutes. It takes a lot of luck to go undefeated, but it also takes a lot of defense. Here’s hoping we see more of both this week-end.

  2. C. Michael says:

    UNC loses this game last year, as well as the Clemson game. It may not always be pretty, but it is fairly obvious that this team has learned how to “win” games, and not just “beat” people.

  3. 52BigGameJames says:

    I still maintain that Thompson & Ginyard will need to consistently be 12/14 ppg players for this team to reach it’s potential–they’re both more than capable, but Thompson disappears for stretches, and Ginyard just appears tentative at times. DT could be nearly unstoppable if he set his mind to it. I see big potential for this team if these guys develop, but they ain’t going deep if they’re merely “Ty-dimensional”.

  4. C. Michael says:

    Thompson and Stepheson need to get more than 5 rebounds (combined), as well.

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    most definitely–good point!

  6. Chris says:

    I don’t know what team is number 1 in the country but last night’s game shows that it ain’t Carolina. They’re playing on the road like a team that loses trying to get into the final 8 in March. Only tremendous games from individuals (Ellington at Clemson, Tyler last night) has avoided 2 losses.

  7. C. Michael says:

    Playing on the road isn’t easy. Winning games like that is exactly why they are the #1 team in the country (right now). Are they perfect? No chance. Can they be a heck of a lot better? You bet. Will they win it all? The odds say no.

    But, in no way do they resemble the team that lost to G’town last year.

  8. Is UNC the absolute best team in the country? Maybe or maybe not. But they’re definitely in the top 5 – without a doubt. That’s good enough for a #1 seed (or worst case a #2) and a good shot at getting to San Antonio. Once you get to the top 5 teams, it’s splitting hairs, and speculative at best to determine who is the “best”.

  9. MDtarheelfan says:

    Lets not be too harsh on UNC. WE WON. We won in at a gym where we have lost alot. Give GT credit. They played a hell of a game. They ran the court with us, they pounded the ball down low and they hit the boards well. UNC did not have a great game and mistakes were made but they made the big plays. Ginyard with some crucial steals and that monster dunk. Tyler being Tyler getting tripled teamed and hammered down low. Green made some key plays also. Ellington hitting that big 3 when we needed it. Who made the final block at the end? UNC made the plays to win the game. The boys must have had a chip on their shoulders after killing NC State and seeing GT’s record. Let’s give them credit for a good road win. Yes, this game gives Roy somethings to work on. It showed me they can win the tough ones when everything isn’t going right. A great building block to the NCCA championship.
    I would much rather watch a game like that then a blow out.

  10. Matt says:

    The fact of the matter is Carolina DID get those big games from Ellington and Hansbrough, respectively. You have to remember that Carolina is ranked #1, plus they are Carolina, so they are ALMOST ALWAYS going to get the best out of their opponents. Does Carolina’s defensive play need to be more consistent? Absolutely. But the fact of the matter is, on a night where the outside shots weren’t falling (I think 2-for-10 from 3 point range?), Tyler got in done inside. Plus, down the stretch they did hunker down on defense and make some big stops (although I imagine Paul Hewitt and company still think they were all fouls, judging by his face at the end).

  11. Wayne says:

    Oddly, Ga. Tech’s BEST games are losses:

    Indiana 83 G.T. 79 at Bloomington
    Kansas 71 G.T. 66 at Atlanta
    UNC 83 G.T. 82 at Atlanta

    Clearly, they can play with anybody on a given night. Maybe they play to the level of the competition whether it’s a good team or a bad team?

  12. Josh Bowling says:

    Chris, it is hard to imagine us being number one on a game like that when Memphis and Kansas seem to be routing their competition. But I do take contentment in the fact that they (UNC) did win a game in a facility that they haven’t won with previous teams. Although Wayne hit a few nice shots in the second half, he also committed turnovers that led to fast breaks. I don’t want to discourage him from driving the ball, however, when driving into traffic, you have to know that someone is looking to tie you up or steal the ball. I hate giving up steals for the same reason I like getting them, they usually lead to fast break points that a defense is not set to encounter. Ginyard had 2 turnovers as well, but more than made up for it with his 2 steals that led to dunks. Good Job Heels! 18-0.

  13. DfromFlorida says:

    No one seems to be talking about the BEATING Tyler took in this game. IMO one should not come out of a basketball game looking like you had been in a heavy weight fight. Somewhere fouls had to be missed. Does every defender have to batter Tyler in the face? It seems obvious to me that was the reason he missed a few fouls shots in the end. I thought maybe he could have lost a few teeth but the interview at the end of the game did not indicate this. I admire that he can hang in there game after game when he receives these kind of beatings almost every game. Come on refs!

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  15. Chris says:

    I don’t buy the argument that the fact that they won the games shows that they’re a great team. Almost losing twice to a very good team (Clemson) and a mediocre team(Georgia Tech) doesn’t make them number 1. Number 1 teams know how to play good defense and win well on the road, which basically is what the March tournament is, a constant road trip. They are playing more like individuals right now, and Roy needs to find out how to get them to play defense, and how to get Thompson and Stephenson from merely being spectators.

  16. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey DfromFlorida, I thought the same thing. But if you look at message boards around the ACC, all you hear about is how he (Tyler) gets away with fouling all the time, so it just may be that us being Carolina fans has blinded our eyes to how physical Tyler may be to other opponents. However, as you mentioned, it is always him that winds up getting hurt, not his defender, and that should say something! Inside Carolina at scout.com last year had said that one ACC official said that if he called every foul that Hansbrough receives it would slow the game down. Now I don’t know about you, but I think it should never be up to an official to determine total game time. I do not want officials dictating tempo or the flow of the game so to speak. They should enforce the rules of the game and that’s it! Nothing more, nothing less. IMHO

  17. Joe says:

    Georgia Tech came out with their best effort and I highly doubt they’ll give that same kind of effort against dook or other ACC teams…that said, they did play dirty and the hacking and throwing of elbows was brutal…I honestly do not know how Tyler keeps his composure when he’s being pummelled and the refs swallow their whistles (for a while I thought the Heels were playing dook!!!!).

  18. Josh Bowling says:

    I agree with your point Chris, but you can make an argument that even though the March tournament is a road trip, it usually does not wind up that one team is a very hostile environment like conference play. Although we may not look like number one at times, WE ARE. Hell, I don’t think Duke looks like a number 5 team when they eak out a win vs a 6-4 Cornell team at home. Florida State had that game tied with Duke in the latter part of the second half. Now why should they be mentioned with the likes of Memphis and Kansas? Same goes for us, but we are! Hopefully as the season comes to a close, while other teams are wore & fatigued, we will display our best basketball.

  19. Josh Bowling says:

    Duke has a propensity to reach in and slap wrist, and they will also bump you on a rebound and cause a t-over if they can. Have you ever noticed that when they draw fouls, it is usually when the player is in scoring position, or the foul causes a change of possession. The fouls we draw are usually on the floor where there is not a possession change or a 3 point play opportunity. If that were the case, Hansbrough would drop 40 plus a game. The officiating in that Duke game heavily favored Duke in the latter parts of the second half. Up to that point, I thought the game was officiated good. To the victor go the spoils. They dominated all through the mid 90’s to just recently. It seems as if the discrepany manifest itself when Duke has a weaker team such as they recently have. Back when they had all the stars, I guess they didn’t need to play that kind of defense then. Now they are allowed to.

  20. Josh Bowling says:

    Hey THF, I didn’t mean for that to be a link when I said it, I was just trying to refer to the site that the comment was said on

  21. Chris says:

    All I think that can be said right now from what I’ve seen is that Carolina is somewhere within the top six teams. 2 victories won in the final 3 seconds is not a convincing number 1. We definitely aren’t number 1 if we can’t play better defense and if Stephenson and Thompson stand around and don’t get involved.

  22. Josh Bowling says:

    Keep in mind Chris that these are road games as well. Even the best team in the nation, historically, can have less than stellar performances on the road. I do agree it would be more convincing if we could have had a better degree of separation in those games, as you noted.

  23. Russell says:

    Chris said: They are playing more like individuals right now, and Roy needs to find out how to get them to play defense, and how to get Thompson and Stephenson from merely being spectators.

    I see that as an astute observation. And add this:

    The pro offense that Roy has installed is above the level of the present manpower. It needs to be a mix of great interior passing (which is abundantly missing with this squad) AND the pro fast-break offense. UNC will not get away with a fast break only scoring offense come tourney time. Why rely on it now? The half-court game – especially the passing – should be as fast-paced as the full-court game. Our INTERIOR half-court offense and defense is woefully lacking, and that’s a result of the metronome differential between break and deliberation. We may be ranked No. 1, but we know we ain’t. Yes?

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