Why Are People Crying?

A couple of popular sports blogs have screen shots from ABC’s coverage of the game that shows some UNC fans crying when the Heels went down to Maryland. And while I tend steer clear out calling out fellow Tar Heels on things can I ask: What in the name of Dean Smith are you doing? I mean really, crying because UNC loses a regular season game to Maryland? I can think of multiple reasons why this is just plain unacceptable.

1. Reasonable people who have clothes on their back, a home, job, family and apparently are fortunate enough to spend their Saturday afternoon watching a basketball game ought to have a little more control over their emotions. It is still a game people and getting weepy over losing a game that may end up being largely inconsequential down the road is a tad ridiculous.  In fact the last time I cried when UNC was 1984.  I was nine.

2. While we are there.  It is just one freaking game people. Yes, I was angry they lost, I got over it because in the grand scheme of the season there is plenty of basketball left to play.  It is possible this could end up costing us the ACC regular season but I would prefer not to worry about that right now.  The season did not end yesterday and in fact it may have just begun because…

3. The loss is probably a good thing.  This team needed a good kick in the rear ends and apparently Roy making them run in practice and taking the rims off have not done the trick.  Hopefully the bad taste of losing because your defense sucked will get the guys in gear.

4. Anyone who has been paying attention all season knows this kind of loss was coming.  And in the past few games this team has been juggling butcher knives thinking they were not going to get their hand loped off.  When the shots did not fall to save UNC from the jaws of defeat I was not surprised and therefore not given to get upset.

5. And if none of the above reasons are good enough how about this one: We are not Duke.

Get a grip folks.  There are real concerns about this team but shedding tears over a loss they sort of had coming is a little much.


47 Responses to Why Are People Crying?

  1. Born and Bred Ed says:

    “What!! Are you — are you CRYING??! There’s no crying in bas[ket]ball!” –Tom Hanks

    “It takes a big man to cry. It takes an even bigger man to laugh at that man and an ever bigger man to ask why he is laughing. ” — Jack Handey

  2. C. Michael says:

    I think they are crying b/c the 1982, 1993, and 2005 teams all went undefeated, and that is why the won the NC… oh, wait…

    I’m the first to admit I get a little heated while watching UNC, and I am embarrassed to admit that I went “Hulk Hogan” on my official UNC jersey after the G’town game, but at least that was in the NCAA tourney, and in the solitude of my own home. But seriously, I think some fans are completely unhinged. Then again, fan is short for “fanatic,” so…

  3. 52BigGameJames says:

    “fans” like those are the ones who make Dickie V’s career in broadcasting possible. like it or not, we are fated to be “wine’n cheese” forever, because of the images that go out to the world from the Smith Center.

  4. william says:

    I am not crying but sadly realize that this team very much seems to resemble the 1986 team that also won its first 20 or so games, but simply was not big enough to be a truly elite team. Swap Brendan Wright in there for Thompson yesterday and Carolina wins by double digits. B. Wright played 7 feet tall. Our current inside guys all play 6 feet 9.

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    Charles Barkley was 6′ 4″ and played 7′.

  6. william says:

    Here is another measure of how good this current UNC team is. Let’s compare the players to the 2005 team, with the better player shown to the right:

    Ty Lawson vs. Ray Felton — Ray Felton

    Wayne Ellington vs. Rashad McCants — Rashad McCants

    Tyler Hansbrough vs. Sean May — Tie

    Marcus Ginyard and Danny Green vs. Jawad Williams and Jackie Manuel — Jawad Williams and Jackie Manuel

    Deon Thompson vs. Marvin Williams — Marvin Williams

    I don’t think any of these selections is really debatable.

    I like Ty Lawson’s personality and his game, but the idea that he is ready for the pro’s is simply a joke. Does anyone remember Joseph Forte? Lawson’s skill set has thus far been far oversold by recruiters and pundits around the nation. I am not sure what the future holds, but perhaps he should forget the pro’s for now and focus on trying to be as good as Derrick Phelps or Ed Cota.

    Ellington seems to go to and fro. I still think he has a better chance of living up to his recruiting press clips than does Lawson, but we had seen far more from similar players such as Walter Davis, Jerry Stackhouse, Michael Jordan and Charlie Scott by this point in their careers.

    I honestly think that Danny Green and Marcus Ginyard have outperformed expectations, particularly Danny. These guys were not expected to be All ACC types and Danny has shown flashes of brilliance. Still, Jackie Manuel was a great defender, probably better than Ginyard and Jawad was the glue of the 2005 team and an excellent player. Just watch the MSU game from the 2005 Final Four.

    Tyler has been great and probably slightly outperformed expectations given that Josh McRoberts was supposed to be his superior. Nevertheless, Sean May was equally good and played a similar style. May also seemed to play bigger than Tyler, but I don’t see a lot of difference here.

    I probably don’t need to say anything about Marvin Williams vs. Deon (and Alex).

    I am sorry but you can see that it really isn’t even close. The 2005 team went 14-2 in the toughest ACC perhaps in history and lost only to Duke and Wake on the road (both top 5 teams) and GIT in the ACC tournament (defending NCAA runner-up and top 20 team).

    I don’t think that college ball is as strong this year as it was in 2005, with Illinois, Carolina, Wake, Duke, Arizona and Villanova all top notch teams then, full of potential NBA stars.

    Nevertheless, if it took every ounce of effort for a team as talented as the 2005 team to win it all, it will take a complete reversal of what we are seeing for this current group to have a chance, even if the other teams at the top are not quite of the 2005 caliber.

  7. william says:

    You’re right, James, but as the Spanish Olympic coach said about the Round Mound of Rebound: “that guy was a freak of nature.”

  8. MDTarheel says:

    All I saw were a few college girls swepted up in the moment. It was probably the first time they ever saw the Heels lose at Chapel Hill. I’m still pssed off, my family is avoiding me, but I’ll get over it. That just the one game I hate to lose because I have to deal with so many MD fans. I don’t have a problem with MD players celebrating the way they did. This will be their biggest win this season. They will not play to level again this season and I doubt they will make it to the tournament. I hope they do step it up and turn around their season. I love when all the teams are beating each other and are playing at the top of their games. It bothers me to see the Heels play so poorly. It also concerns me when I feel there are coaching mistakes. But I have confidence Roy will use this lost to improve his players.

  9. william says:

    And I would say that David Thompson, who was also 6’4″ played close to 7 feet. Take a look of that SI cover of him going head to head with Bill Walton.

  10. william says:

    What county do you live in MDTarheel?

  11. MDTarheel says:

    A complete reversal seems a tad strong. This teams talent is much better than the competition. The 2005 was better but their competition was much better too.

  12. MDTarheel says:

    I’m in Anne Arunel

  13. 52BigGameJames says:

    william: I enjoy your takes-you’re heading the same direction I am–this year’s team may need another year to mature to be a legit contender for the crown, but I do believe the pieces are there. I’m not ready to concede this year yet. 05 NEVER performed up to their full potential imo, but they still got it done.

  14. william says:

    The 2005 was my favorite Carolina team for a lot of reasons. I admired how they dealt with adversity and negative press–something that Carolina squads were generally not used to. They played beautiful basketball and could win in a variety of ways.

    Can you imagine if we could have gotten all of the non-seniors to all come back for another year? I don’t think Florida would have won two in a row.

  15. 52BigGameJames says:

    mine was 82 in case you’ve haven’t figured that one 🙂 although Lynch was one of my favs! it would have been interesting indeed, but as they say, it takes a lot of luck anytime just to get there. I think the Felton/Lawson comparison might be the most pointed one. If Ginyard could develop the self-confidence, he has the physical tools (imo) to be every bit the player McCants was. LOL, I’m pretty sure you’ll disagree with me on that.

  16. BigDaddyDoc says:

    William’s post comparing this team to 2005 reminded me of something that is often glossed over in deciding how good the 2008 version is:

    In 2005, Felton and McCants were juniors, compared to sophomores Lawson and Ellington. Williams and Manuel were seniors, compared to juniors Green and Ginyard. Only Hansbrough and May were the same classification, and May didn’t truly become the beast everyone remembers until about late February. The point is that, while it is interesting to compare the two teams, this team is tracking about a year behind the ’05 team position by position.

    I think it is a fair question to ask where the leadership is on this team. Who is the butt-kicker, besides Ol’ Roy? I look at the teams that have played Carolina close – Clemson, strong all-ACC caliber senior leadership. MD – much the same. That as much as the defensive adjustments will be interesting to see develop over the next six weeks until tourney time.

  17. BigDaddyDoc says:

    And my other point is that UNC is still soph and junior-oriented. The big senior leader? Right, QT. I think this often gets overlooked in the “who’s the best in the country” debate.

  18. Russell says:

    These posts – some of them anyway – show a lot of savvy about C BBall. The team comparisons by year and also the one by class year are especially well-grounded IMNSHO. Also, I remember Lynch as a fave for the tenacity he put with his athleticism. Now, as for Roy…I make no apology in saying that gray matter matters. As observed on another post, the 4 Corners in contemporary version is there; getting your butt kicked for 35 minutes, finally getting a slim lead with 2 minutes left—USE IT. I believe Dean wudda.

    Most of us realize that the game is a match-up business.* Clem, GT, and MD all match-up well position-for-position with this year’s squad. BDDoc notes well the senior leadership factor. I will add that a major factor in MD’s success was Gary Williams, another senior factor. BTDT. UNC was out-played…and out-coached.

    Now…on to getting up and getting on with it.

    *Nobody matches up well with Dook. A problem for all except Dook.

  19. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Roy did take some blame in the postgame saying he did not do the job prepping the team and I think he might be due some heat for not making proper adjustments in certain areas. Yes the Heels were sluggish but I have to wonder if Roy has done enough to account for the way teams have decided to shut down the interior game. I also think some consideration has to be given to whether the defensive scheme being used is (1) being picked up by the personnel or (2) suited for the guys out there.

    And I just have to wonder what a healthy Bobby Frasor might have meant, especially when Lawson got into foul trouble and became less aggressive guarding Vasquez. I am a little fearful we might be wondering this same thing in March.

  20. Jim says:

    College students are emotional.

  21. TxTarheel says:

    The defensive schemes UNC is facing lately all have a similar theme…collapse on Tyler with 2-3 defenders nearby. Nearly every time he touches the rock he is surrounded, and he tends to keep it when he gets it. Am I the only one slightly bothered with the lack of spacing on offensive sets? The opposition would be foolish to ever flash a zone look.

  22. Andy In Omaha says:

    I agree with TXTarheel; there’s way too much of double and triple teaming Tyler with no one else to help him down low.
    The last time I cried when one of my sports teams lost was when the Dolphins got butchered by the 49ers in Superbowl 19. I was six years old, and my dad was about ready to give me something else to cry about when they showed the Niners celebrating and Dan Marino in anguish.
    I don’t know; maybe the kids that were crying had money on the game or something.
    Seriously, I’m not ready to hit the panic button yet and maybe this is what this team needs to get out of this funk they’ve been in.

  23. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I was so distraught when UNC lost to Arkansas during the regular season in 1984 my parents said if I did not start taking their losses better I would be prohibited from watching UNC play.

    And I take back the previous statement about the last time I cried. I started to cry when UNC lost to GT in the 1985 ACCT and Daddy got mad and told me to stop. We also had a 13 year old dog die the day before.

  24. william says:

    I cried when we lost to Marquette. I guess I was 12. I don’t think it is necessarily wrong to cry, particularly for young people, but it is important to have some perspective. Yesterday’s effort was worth crying about, but for a different reason, lol. In 1977, I really thought after everything that team had been through, that it was their year.

    I was a freshman in 1984 and I don’t remember being particularly upset about any of the losses that year, except for the one to Indiana. Even though we won a bunch of games in a row at the beginning, I don’t think anyone really thought we could go undefeated–of course that was at the very beginning of 24 hour media coverage.

    In 1987, I was a senior and surprisingly, the loss to Syracuse didn’t bother me all that much. The glow from 1982 lasted at least ten years for me. Winning a title is so hard that I don’t expect to win one all that often. Carolin is in fourth place all time and we have only won 4 NCAA tournaments. That is how hard it is and also how lucky you have to be.

    Probably of the recent teams, the loss to Utah in 1998 hurt the most. I could see us losing to Kentucky but to lose to Utah and pretty much not show up, that was tough.

  25. william says:

    You sound a bit like Thad Williamson, THF. You might enjoy his book about growing up a Tar Heel Fan.

  26. william says:

    I thought our sets after taking a four point lead were poor. We have four guys shooting ove 80 percent from the free throw line and we can’t find any better plays than the ones we ran?

    I also wonder about the statements that Roy makes sometimes taking the blame. Does he really mean them? Because if he is being honest, it makes me wonder. Maybe he could work a little harder? I think he is a great coach but I don’t remember people criticizing Coach Smith’s in-game coaching and preparation so much, but then again that was mostly pre-internet. Coach Smith got out just when AOL was getting big, lol.

  27. william says:

    One other thing that is interesting is that Uche Echefu from here in Maryland almost went to Carolina. Everyone thought he was going to UNC until the last minute when he stuck with FSU. Two years ago, I was very disappointed when he didn’t come to UNC. Last year, when we were so loaded with big men, I was kind of glad we still had his scholarship, but now this year, I think that he seems to be a pretty decent player and we could definitely use him.

    That shows you how perceptions can change and change again from year to year.

  28. TCampbell says:

    I know why they’re crying! Because they have finally realized that they are not the team on the other end of Tobacco Road. They have been exposed yet again (Georgia Tech. first) and now realize they along with still unbeaten Memphis are a very distant 3rd or 4th best team in the nation behind the beloved Blue Devils of Durham and the Kansas Jayhawks. I believe it was a favorite quote of the Heels mediocre coach Dean Smith “offense wins games” I think Tar Heels know the rest. The fact that Carolina fans cannot even defend dismal Maryland, BYU, Georgia Tech, Davidson, or even Nicholls State for that matter shows they, with all of their five-star recruits are the worst team on Tobacco Road and wont be cutting any nets except the ones Roy Williams cuts before he takes down the rims in Chapel Hills gym. Even he knows your defense is horrible and to finish Dean’s favorite quote, “defense wins championships.”

  29. 52BigGameJames says:

    you represent well dude-I’m sure they’re glad to claim you.

  30. william says:

    Duke played great defense against UConn those last 5 minutes backin 2004, huh, TCampbell…. Or how about that Duke defense in 1998 against Kentucky in the second half in the regional finals–how much of a lead did Duke blow? I think it was 18 points.

    I can’t remember Carolina ever blowing an 18 point lead in a tournament game, but maybe you can tell me different, huh TCampbell?

  31. Tar Heel Fan says:

    How asinine are your comments, let me count the ways.

    1. I have said for awhile I thought Memphis was better than UNC and I sure as heck know they would run Duke who could not find an offense in the second half against Pitt. Memphis has a great size at very position including the point. Duke would be outmatched at almost every spot on the floor. So dream on.

    2. Dean Smith mediocre? 879 wins and 2 national title but your right that is mediocre, how could we have believed otherwise /sarcasm

    3. Davidson. I seem to recall Duke played Davidson and won by five giving up 73 points. UNC won by four giving up 68. UNC held Davidson to 38% shooting, They held BYU to 40% and forced 21 turnovers while playing that game without Ty Lawson. NS, MD and GT are the obvious defensive shortcomings and yes the ought to be addressed.

    4. NCSU would be the worst team on Tobacco Rd. At this point I am not conceding Duke is better because they have not played yet. You would be well advised to keep you freaking mouth shut until the issue is broached on Feb 6th in Chapel Hill. Duke relies totally on the three point shot, lacks an interior game and only has one drive to the basket player in Demarcus Nelson. At FSU Duke’s offense complete disappeared in the second half and only because FSU is so poorly coached augmented by the refs buying into the Paulus flopping did they escape with a win.

    5. The season is young there skippy. UNC has issues and so does Duke just on opposite ends of the floor. We will see how it plays out. So until your beloved Devils have actually broken the three game winning streak UNC owns on them I suggest you go back to the kids table and let the adults keep talking here.

  32. TCampbell says:

    Well first of all Mike Krzyzewski won three in less years than Dean won his two. Second the year isn’t as young as Tar Heel fans would like to believe. Third in Confrence USA who doesn’t look like they’d outmatch anybody. Fourth, do you have an excuse for Nicholls State??? Fifth American U. beat Maryland when the season was still youong. Sixth in comparison to Krzyzewski all but Knight and Wooden stand inferior to Krzyzewski. And lastly, as I said before, offense wins games which both Memphis and UNC have but the defense possed by Duke wins championships.

    PS Speaking of matchup problems, how does Roy Williams propose to stop Singler. And once he’s shut down, Nelson, Paulus, and Scheyer anyone? Also, someone make sure Hansborough stands by the refs with his facemask on all game so that anyone who is having a decent game and decides to, unlike most post defenders, defend the soft but skilled Tyler Hansborough, they get kicked out of the game and suspended.

  33. TCampbell says:

    Also Carolina is 6-16 against us in our last 22 meetings I believe

  34. Tar Heel Fan says:

    1. Did I say anything about K? I did not compare Dean to K I just pointed out your assessment of Dean as being “mediocre” was incorrect. But nice try in bringing up something irrelevant to the conversation.

    2. Well it’s four games into the conference schedule so I still consider that plenty of basketball left to play.

    3. Take a look at Memphis OOC schedule. They have played plenty of tough teams before conference play and they have Gonzaga and Tennessee left on their schedule. My assessment of Memphis comes from the fact they beat Oklahoma, UConn, USC, Georgetown and Arizona not what they are doing in Conf USA.

    4. Do you have any excuse for Cornell?

    5. Actually Memphis has more problems on offense than they do on defense. According to Pomeroy Memphis has the #1 defense in the nation, Duke is #4.

    6. UNC is 6-16 in the last 22 meetings? UNC was 26-14 in the 40 games prior to that in the K era so what’s your point. In fact head-to-head Dean owned K to the tune of 24-13. Much of the 6-16 was built on Guthridge and Doherty. Roy is 4-4 versus Duke since returning to Chapel Hill.

    7. I have no idea what that last sentence is supposed to mean.

    8. You are done here. Have a nice night.

  35. Chris says:

    Several comments: I think one of Roy’s best coaching jobs was the David Noel team. He took what he had and did what he had to do. Roy just has to figure out now what to do with the relative wealth of talent that he does indeed have. I do sound like a broken record but these guys are playing lazy. No hustle on defense, and one on one on offense instead making the extra pass, etc. Roy can figure it out if anyone can, and I personally think it means sitting some of the stars for a while. I like the idea of Stephenson ahead of Thompson. Deon is still reading press clips from his summer play and hasn’t noticed that the season has started. We need 2 role players, and Green and Ginyard don’t seem to be willing to take on those roles this year. Play Graves, etc. and see how they do.

  36. 52BigGameJames says:

    the distinguished Mr. Campbell:

  37. Chris says:

    TCampbell…..Duke’s advantage this year so far has been their hard work and hustle, not more talent. They’ve played more like a team than Carolina. Of course it’s a we’ll see situation, but I suspect Roy can make the adjustments to handle anything Duke has to offer. Paulus will be the weakest link, followed by Scheyer, and then Singler. Nelson and Henderson will be the biggest problems. Overall, Roy will make the right adjustments, we will outrebound Duke 2-1, and I believe win at least 2 out of 3.

  38. e22 says:

    The only thing you need to know in comparing Dean to Krzyzewski, is that Dean had a winning record against him in Durham.

  39. Triadboy says:

    Is an occasional Zone Defense so wrong?

  40. william says:

    We should all just ignore that guy. Coach K has a losing record against both Dean Smith and against North Carolina and has lost four of the last five. Obviously, K is a good coach but TCampbell is master of the selective statistic….

  41. 52BigGameJames says:

    it’s all about the jealousy-Roy’s latest recruiting haul must be like merthiolate on an open wound…or in this particular case, more like chiggers in the crotch.

    but agreed…must..not..counter-post.

  42. Big Apple Heel says:

    Great post THF. People really need to keep these things in perspective.

    Question for you and others – do you sense any creeping trend towards Dukeness in UNC’s fans? Not rhetorical question, I have my opinion, but am curious about other viewpoints.

    Someone forwarded me a letter from the DTH that pops up in some form every season. The basic theme – don’t try to out-Duke Duke. Be more like Dean and pride yourself as a fan on having class.

    Personally, I detest the airball chant. And I always held it as proof of our superiority to the Crazies when they would childishly taunt some D-II school in a November game at Cameron. Or more to the general point, that they act like braying jack@$$es at every possible opportunity. Basically, they are dorks. Obnoxious, juvenile dorks. (Case in point – the truly inane ramblings of one TCampbell)

    Them acting that way isn’t what bothers me. This is:
    I want UNC fans to bear as little resemblance to them as possible. But is seems that there’s a slow creep toward Dukeness. Maybe it was always this way and I’m just getting older and lamer? I just think spirit and a loud, good crowd doesn’t require contrived stupidity.

  43. terps says:

    1. Young (freshmen?) college girls cry. Strange for a mid-season game, but not deplorable.

    2. For characterizing Dean Smith as “mediocre”, nothing TCampbell authors should ring with any credibility.

  44. 52BigGameJames says:

    thanks for that charitable contribution terps: I may just have to re-think my opinions of Lefty 🙂

  45. william says:

    Lefty and the University of Maryland were the foremost instigators of integration in the ACC, something that Duke-grad Lefty rarely gets credit for, after also integrating Davidson.

    Maryland was the first ACC basketball team to have a black player. This preceded Lefty but when he got there he really upped the ante and Maryland had by far the most black players in the ACC in the early 1970’s, which coincidentally did not seem to hurt them on the court. Duke, on the other hand, for whatever reason, did not feature many black players at all until Bill Foster arrived in the mid-1970’s and revived the Duke program which had fallen from its previous heights and had not won an ACC title in a decade.

  46. 52BigGameJames says:

    I was joking–I love Lefty (and Gary Williams) and have a lot of respect for both. Met him here a couple of years ago when he was a guest speaker. He was even gracious enough to autograph a page in my “ACC Basketball:An Illustrated Handbook”. Especially magnanimous considering it was the photo of Charlie Scott beating Davidson on a last second shot in the East Regional. He got the shaft in the Bias situation imo.

  47. william says:

    I knew you weren’t saying anything against Lefty. I just feel that he doesn’t get proper credit for his integration efforts.

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