ACC Basketball Update(2/1)

And at the end of January there was Duke, UNC and everyone else.

NCSU Shows Some Fire at Duke: The first half against NCSU went very much like the first half versus Maryland where Duke struggled on both ends of the floor and find themselves down at halftime. In the second half, the other team folds up, in this case beginning at the PG position and Duke finds their offense to take the game with a fair amount of comfort. It is interesting to note that a pattern of hard fouls and rough play seems to be following Duke around. We originally assumed it was bad blood between the Blue Devils and the Hokies last week but after watching this game it is clear Duke is doing something that I cannot quite out a finger on to provoke physical games and reactions from the opposing team. It is possible, given Duke’s lack of interior play they are opting for straight-up physical play to compensate. In other words, it will be interesting to see how this plays in Chapel Hill against a team with all the weapons to attack Duke. As for NCSU, they are getting better and I really do not care to see them in RBC later this month.

Only Three Losses: Georgia Tech and Clemson did not play during the week but Virginia Tech, Maryland, Boston College and Wake Forest did with three of those teams winning. The best looking of the four was Maryland who handled Virginia at home and show no ill effects from the loss to Duke. The Cavs are sinking into oblivion which is amazing considering Sean Singletary is on that team. Wake Forest is a continual surprise getting the close win over Miami who is riding a roller coaster of epic proportions. VT sent FSU own to the cellar and chances are the Noles are not coming back up.

2 and 10 and The Weekend Schedule: I see no discernible difference between anyone in the group below UNC and Duke. Those two are going to have it out in that bitter divorced couple sort of way next week. Meanwhile the rest of the league tries to sort out who is 3rd. If I had to pick one right now it would be Georgia Tech and it turns out that the schedule is going to help us out a bit here. GT-MD is a huge game in sorting this mess out as is BC-Clemson. The winners of those two games will rise a bit and get somewhat tangible grip on the spots behind the boys in blue. NCSU needs to salvage what’s left of the season by beating Wake Forest who would like to stay relevant in that battle for the top six in the ACC. Virginia Tech gets Virginia again only a scant few weeks after playing them the first time. VT also could hang around a three losses with a win. The Florida schools get Duke and UNC who both will try not to look ahead which would be dangerous, especially for UNC on the road at FSU.

Saturday, February 2nd

MD at GT, Noon
UVa at VT, 1 PM
Miami at Duke, 3:30 PM
BC at Clemson, 8 PM

Sunday, February 3rd

WF at NCSU, Noon
UNC at FSU, 2 PM


12 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(2/1)

  1. “Duke’s lack of interior play they are opting for straight-up physical play to compensate.”

    You are exactly right, and this is exactly what I expect to go down Feb. 6th. Tyler has been roughed up in all of the games the Heels have played that were close. Get Tyler physical and emotionally out of his game, then you have a ball game on your hands.

    At the same time, Duke being as small as they are, has to take “big men” out of the picture. The only way to do that is to get physical and get the big guys in foul trouble. Quite honestly, I’m not looking forward to Wednesdays matchup where the big men could dominate if we don’t get under their skin.

  2. MDtarheelfan says:

    I think the Miami game will be a good tune up for the Devils to prepare for the Heels. I wish they were on the road, Miami would have a better chance. Hate seeing Dook winning but they are playing well. I think FSU will be an easy win for the Heels but can’t bet on it after the MD loss. Last night was impressive except for D Greens play and the 9 turnovers in the first half. Nice to see Deon step up. Crowd noise was really weak.

  3. True Tarheel says:

    I think the ACC needs to wake and take notice to the hard fouls that are coming out of the Duke, as well the main individual that is delivering them. Greg Paulus. He has to be the dirtiest player I have ever seen play the game. If you have watched any of the games is season you know what I talking about. Take last night for instance, his foul on Costner was way out of line and should have been call intential! Every Duke that I have seen this season he has fouled w/o going for the ball and never have it called. Another example was the Flordia St. game, him laying on the floor kicking like a girl. If that is how Dook is going to resolve their lack of size, that is pretty sorry in my book.

  4. True Tarheel says:

    Forgive the grammer errors written in a hurry!!

  5. Chapel Hill Dude says:

    NCSU ran out of gas defensively in the 2nd half. The could not rotate and gave dook alot of open 3s. I have to hope that with the Heels conditioning this will not be a factor next week…

    As for Paulus, he does tend to flop and give the cheap hit when he thinks he won’t get caught. State and Costner especially, let it get to them. I think the Heels big men are used to that and it will not become a factor.

  6. Desertdweller says:

    Why always making excuses for Duke? Last year it was said they hadn’t enough players. There were ten at least ten on the squad, and 3 of them McDonald’s A-As. This year it is that they don’t have size, errrrrrr, a Mickey Dees type player. Booooo freakin Hoooo. Welcome to College Hoops as the rest of the country sees it, minus your blue chip recruits. Just ask NC State, Miami, B.C., Gonzaga, SDSU, Ole Miss …… You won’t find 4 or 5 Mc Dee’s players here. Chances are you won’t find anything close to it. Dook has the number one frosh forward in the country but supposedly doesn’t have what ….? Size?
    Man-up and try hard, and if you fail, it is because YOU ARE NOT GOOD ENOUGH!
    Nuff said.

  7. Desertdweller says:

    UNC fans have been happy at the recent recruiting news for incoming hoopsters. But I just got a peek at Wake Forest’s signees. They have the #2 Small Forward @6’8″, and the #4 & #11 Centers in the class at 7′ and 6’10” coming in next year. They will be adding even more size to a roster that includes 6’10” & 7′ sophs.
    It is at times like these that I would sure like to see a Salvadori, Swikker, or Haywood type of center sitting on that UNC bench.

  8. Just a gut feeling, or being hopeful, but I think it’s a real possibility that PsychoT stays around another year unless we win it all. In that case, Wake can have whoever they want down low. If Tyler does leave, I’m pretty confident in Alex and Deon holding their own as juniors and seniors.

    Besides, being in the ACC is all about playing the top teams. To the be the best, you gotta beat the best. Wooo!

  9. TxTarheel says:

    Duke’s team this season has several players on the court who are capable ball-handlers, and offensively they seem to spread the floor & create mismatches for a dribble-drive or an open look for Scheyer, Paulus, Singler. They seem better, to me, as less of the offense is flowing directly through Paulus at the PG. Their perceived lack of size down low might hurt deep into March/NCAA, at least for making a Final Four run. It’s not hurting them much in ACC play (of course I hope to be wrong on Wed night).

  10. Josh Bowling says:

    The momentum of that Duke NCState game came near the end of the 1st half where State got called for 6 straight body-fouls. 5 of which weren’t compromising anyone in scoring position. I watched that game from start to finish. After those 6 straight body fouls, State was never the same, as they were sent a message “You can play defense, but you better not touch a Duke player. No one else in the ACC would have gotten those calls, even at home. If that were the case, Ogsby would have fouled out against us when we played Maryland, and James Mays when we played Clemson. Did anyone watch that game other than me from start to finish???

  11. I hope Tar Heels smash Duke so hard that they will be in tears by the end of the game. It will be just like 2007 where Duke got beaten twice by Tar Heels. Duke is going down and all their fans will just be like this…=0.

  12. I’m confident that Duke will lose. Tar Heels will once again beat the heck out of them.

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