UNC 84 FSU 73 (OT)

Dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it, dang it.

Concerning the game, not that anyone is thinking about it at this point, it can be said the moment Ty Lawson was lost for the remainder of the contest it really became a matter of survival. UNC’s offense without Lawson and Bobby Frasor for that matter is just not very efficient. Granted the FSU interior defense had something to do with that today but that defense enjoyed a greater degree of effectiveness because Lawson was not there to penetrate and run the break. And as much as Lawson has been maligned at times for his defense, the past two games he really has keyed the perimeter defense. Lawson has used his speed to generally create havoc and was doing as much in the four minutes he played in this one stealing the ball to stop FSU coming up court.

That being said, all the credit in the world goes to Quentin Thomas who came in and played extremely well in 36 minutes at the point. Obviously the offense did not work as well but nine points, six assists and only two turnovers is a solid effort from him. Danny Green was a bit turnover prone but showed up on offense with 19 points. The rebound edge UNC enjoyed was incredible at 50-25 and Tyler Hansbrough almost outrebounded FSU on his own with a Sean May-like 22 points and 21 rebound performance in 41 minutes. In the end it was an ugly but gutsy win. These Heels once more showed their toughness by finding a way to win on the road and missing a vital cog in the offense. I am not crazy about the fact they blew an eight point lead and ended up playing overtime nor does having to play such a tough game prior to playing Duke give me any warm feelings but what’s done is done.

Now, as for Lawson, he told the media the high ankle sprain was “pretty bad.” Roy says he will not know anything until after practice in Tuesday which is the quickest we can expect Lawson to try and practice since he will not be doing so tomorrow. In my opinion this looked worse that the tweaked ankle against BYU. High ankle sprains can be tougher to get over. At this point we wait and see if he can play versus Duke. If he does, I am not sure how effective he will be which sucks on so many levels because in the past two games it is obvious he finally found his groove. The issue is when he does come back, it will be like he is starting over and depending on what he can do with the ankle, his conditioning is going to suffer.

So we wait for Duke and if Lawson cannot go we can only hope Quentin Thomas can be King Rice circa 1989 when the Heels went to Durham and whipped #1 Duke by 20.


11 Responses to UNC 84 FSU 73 (OT)

  1. There is a bright side about Lawson’s injury. Remember 2006, when we ruined Shelden and JJ’s senior night with a bunch of freshmen and nobodies? Beating Dook is so much sweeter when we’re not supposed to. How awesome for us (and humiliating for them) if Quentin Thomas can guide us to a win.

    (I really don’t think it’s impossible. I really like how we match up at the 2 through 5 spots, and Paulus just doesn’t scare me the way some other teams’ point guards do. I think Q can hold his own if he doesn’t panic or try to do too much. We’ll see.)

  2. william says:

    I am all for hustle but I wish he would not go leaping about like that when he is our only vialble chance to win it all….

  3. william says:

    Q can play well as long as he doesn’t try to dribble too much. He always gets in trouble going back to the Villanova game in 2005 when he tries to negotiate too much court via the dribble…. He did play great at Duke in 2006 so maybe it’s his time to step up….

  4. Joe says:

    I hope Q can step in and lead the Heels to victory over dook. Figures that something like this would happen before that game though…dook gets a lot of breaks (refs) and now this.

  5. […] serious ankle injury in February? I have no answers. So there was a game yesterday and Carolina got another league win on the road.  Tar Heel Mani has a recap of the game in pictures. Was the offense inefficient? Not […]

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    I sure hope he can give us some minutes. I really hate this because I am confident our team is better than theirs, and that they have had more break their way than we did, excluding Clemson. No matter how much better we are than them, it can all be nullified if Lawson does not play and Q has an off night. But I am confident of Q’s skills and believe he is capable of running our offense sufficiently enough to win this game. And if that is the case, He’s Da Man!

  7. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    A lot of people have bashed Thomas in the past but he stepped up and showed senior leadership yesterday. With Q I don’t believe it is about talent (he has plenty) but playing within himself and in control. I especially liked he took some nice mid-range shots and was willing to drive to the basket. Having a bit of offense will keep opposing guards from crowding him. We can beat Duke – pound them inside and get in the face of their 3-point shooters.

  8. Josh Bowling says:

    Kyle Singler is a few charges & flops away from fouling out Hansbrough.

  9. Wilson says:

    I dunno, I think the refs will keep it pretty level in the Dome. I think as long as we can pound it down low the entire game, we can foul out 2-3 dookies. We have to make them pay for the mismatch more than they make us pay for the mismatch (i.e. Thompson guarding Singler, etc.).

  10. Josh Bowling says:

    Wilson, I don’t know if our intimidating fan base will force officials into favoring us, much like Duke was able to do against NC State at home.

  11. Wilson says:

    I don’t know if they’ll favor us, but I think the extreme wrath that the crowd will be spewing on Goonderson will be enough to keep it even. Hopefully.

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