Sometimes You Just Have to Respond

In almost two years of blogging this site, I have been very good about taking the high road most of the time. I have my moments where I take on the occasional media columnist for writing something I disagree but when it comes to rival blogs I tend to back off taking another blogger to task for criticizing UNC. StateFansNation is one blog in particular that writes some anti-UNC stuff from time to time and I generally ignore it because that’s their thing and their readers seem to quite enjoy it. However, last night during the live blog we were paid a visit in the comments section by the author of the Duke-Redick blog complaining about Tyler Hansbrough “flopping” to get charges. Granted, the rich hypocrisy of a blog with extols the “virtues” of J.J. Redick and Duke whining about flopping is something usually reserved for politics. At the time I simply deleted the comment stating that I preferred the live blog be a “Duke free zone” during the game. This morning however, the same blog linked to my “Blood, Sweat and Tears” photo and made some snide remark and then proceeded to “analyze” the game in a fairly obnoxious manner. So against my better judgment and at the risk of affording this guy’s blog traffic from my site with likely exceeds his I have decided to respond to this post.

5- The Matchup That Never Was – Every blog, newspaper article, that I’ve read in the past few days regarding Hansbrough and Henderson, you would have thought they were bringing their gloves to the basketball court. The Tarheel fan base tried to desperately make a mountain out of a mole hill and failed miserably. Why? Because they are scared to face the truth. What is the truth? Henderson called Hansbrough and apologized for the foul. Hansbrough accepted that apology. Then they proceeded to play pickup games against each other and together! UNC tried to make it appear like World War III, when in fact, it wasn’t even close to it.

He links the post on my site called “College Basketball Armageddon 2008, Part 1” and implies that I tried to make it appear like it was WWIII based on The Foul last season. If the author of D-R had bothered to read back on my blog he would know I have been referring to the Duke-UNC game as College Basketball Armageddon since THF started. Why? Because Armageddon is defined as the ultimate battle between good and evil. Also, anytime Duke and UNC plays it is like WWIII. That is what makes it such a great rivalry.

4- Lawson – What a joke. UNC fans are coming out of the woodwork making up excuses about Lawson not playing. What that really tells me is that your team sucks just because one player is out. If Duke loses Nelson, Scheyer, Henderson..whoever, we would still win. Duke can talk crap about not having a big man to match up against Hansbrough but we don’t. We didn’t recruit one and it appears we don’t need one. Everyone is bitching about Lawson’s ankle. What happens when you shut down Lawson when he plays? Maryland is what happens. Clemson is what happens. Georgia Tech is what happens. They didn’t lose them all but when you’re team is so heavily dependent upon one guard, its time for your team to re-evaluate your offensive strategy. Enough excuses already. I’m sick of your crying.

First of all, what did you expect genius? This is what fans do. I am sure the next time Duke loses a game I can line up any number of Blue Devils fans making excuses for the loss. For my part, I was pretty clear on Tuesday that making excuses based on Lawson was not going to fly and while I firmly believe having Lawson in the game changes the dynamics, it is foolish to speculate anything beyond that. Of course this guy illustrates his general ignorance of UNC games this season citing the Clemson, Maryland and Georgia Tech games as evidence of what happens when you shutdown Lawson. Obviously he did not watch any of those games, because the reason UNC struggled versus GT and MD was one of the main reasons that had trouble with Duke and that was Wayne Ellington being MIA. Against Clemson, Wayne Ellington showed up huge but Tyler Hansbrough was effectively locked down. The only issue Lawson had in all three of those games was turnovers and not playing great defense against the opposing point. By no means was he shut down. Other players in those games were but on the offensive end Lawson did what he needed to do. As for UNC’s dependency on him, everyone has that problem and while Duke happens to be built with a group of players who all basically do the same thing they are not immune either. In one respect Duke could stand to lose one player and compensate for it to some extent but it is downright foolish to believe that if Duke lost on of it’s starters they would not be diminished in some way otherwise those guys would not be starters. I would also point out that Demarcus Nelson strikes me as pretty dang important to Duke since last night they did not score in stretches when he was out. I can name several teams that would have issues if they lose one particular guy including the other three title contenders UCLA, Memphis and Kansas. Teams are built with different players performing different functions on the court that when blended together forms a winning unit. This is not rocket science and I seem to recall the 2005 UNC team being dependent on Raymond Felton playing about 36 mins a game to be effective on offense. I also seem to recall them winning a national title that season using that offensive strategy. The bottom line is for me it is not an excuse but simply a fact that UNC is not the same team without Lawson on the floor. That is not to say it changes the outcome of the game last night, it is merely stating what we know is true.

3- Flopper of the Game Award – As stated in my previous post, how does a a 6′9″ 250 pound Center managed to draw 3 offensive fouls (almost 4) in the first half from gaurds that are half his size? For all the bullshit Paulus puts up with about flopping, I have news for you. Hansbrough really took the cake the first half with his fake flops. What a joke you UNC fans are.

BAWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! Oh geez. Oh that’s funny. A Duke fan complaining about another team’s player flopping to get foul calls. You really cannot make this stuff up.

2- On to Duke – Why They Won – Duke won because they executed their game plan from start to finish the entire night. Drive and dish, drive and dish. Three, Three, and Three again. When you have a balanced team that can drain three pointers from everywhere its no surprise this game plan worked out just like it has all season. Whats so great about the drive and kick out is that Henderson or Nelson might just throw down when they drive. Any team has no choice but to collapse and stop the ball only to be beaten by a kick out and three pointer from down town.

This is true but I think the defense Duke played had as much to do with as their ability to execute the offense which UNC did a piss poor job of stopping. And all I will say about the dish and kick is yes it is effective and obviously it game UNC problems last night but sooner or later those shots are not going to fall. Granted with so many guys who can shoot it from out there, the odds of everyone being off is somewhat longer than it is for UNC who only has 2-3 guys capable of shooting threes but you might think the lack of an inside presence is not an issue. I say that remains to be seen.

1- The number one reason we won last night – We’re Just Better Than You – period!

On this night you were. See you on March 8th.

34 Responses to Sometimes You Just Have to Respond

  1. C. Michael says:

    What an asshat. Personally, I never understood the point of trolling. Who gets pleasure from going to a rival website and stirring up controversy? ‘Internet tough guys’ always strike me as the most insecure people our nation has to offer. There is a common analogy between picking a fight on the internet and being in the Special Olympics; while horribly crass, it does have a strong bit of truth to it,

  2. Wilson says:

    Hmm, you would think that, to post something like he did in #4, he would have to watch absolutely no college basketball. Pretty rich, compelling, and thought-provoking arguments. Can’t wait to play in the outhouse.

  3. says:

    Yes it really is me.
    Seriously, what fun is the rivalry if we can’t talk crap. This is the best rivalry in college, if we all talked to our own fan base and only discussed one side things would be boring.

    No offense to anyone. Lets just have fun and enjoy the rivalry as it is, a great one.

  4. Zack says:

    For a fan who allegedly supports one of our country’s finest universities, the Reddick blog dude has an unreal lack of any semblance of logic or constructive thought abilities.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Here is my thing. I despise intellectual dishonesty. I take my share of shots at Duke, I have all week long but I am also not going to attack Duke just for the sake of doing so. Granted I used to. If you go back and read the scary early days of THF, I made fun of JJ Redick for his DUI arrest and went down the path you chose to go down after this game. I pretty much decided I did not have time to talk crap to my rivals and run this blog with quality material for UNC fans to consume so I backed off that except for the occasional quip just to “keep things real.”

    Also, let me say, that I think some of your analysis of Lawson was just plain wrong. Nothing personal, just calling it like I see it and I appreciate you responding in a civil manner, though I think a good blog war would be fairly entertaining. 😉

  6. […] Heel Fan ain’t taking the high road anymore. Get ‘em, tiger! (tar heel fan) Explore posts in the same categories: Word On The […]

  7. Dan Schwind says:

    On the subject of “not needing a big man:” Talk to me again in March. It’s all fun and games to say you don’t need one. But North Carolina, Maryland, NC State and Clemson all gave the pukies close games, and the common thread is? Big men. All four teams have strong front courts. That will catch up. I’ll say it right now: I hope Dook runs into Georgetown in the tournament. The Hoyas can slow down the dookies and Roy Hibbert would absolutely humiliate Lance Thomas. It would also be a very pleasant symmetry to see G-town beat dook, thereby exorcising the demons of last March.

    On the subject of “lame excuses.” Yeah, because J.J.’s ’emotional fatigue’ was a fantastic reason for why the vaunted dookies of 2006 couldn’t beat a freshmen-laden UNC team and an LSU team that had no business being in the Final Four. Everyone makes excuses, some are lamer than others. It so happens, Dook’s excuses are the lamest of all.

    And finally, on the subject of flopping: This is your medicine, how does it taste? I honestly didn’t see Tyler “flop,” but even if he did, he’d have to flop a hell of a lot more than four times in one game to catch up with your boy Paulus.

  8. Joe in Toronto says:

    Getting into pissing contests with skunks is a hopeless situation. Dook fans’ hypocrisy and complete lack of class is what sets them apart. It amazes me when I read drivel from a rodent who has nothing better to do than attack people. They continue to be ungracious winners and losers.

  9. Chris says:

    The duke crowd is angry and whiny after such a crappy season that they had last year. K just keeps around the players that worship him like a God. Ask McRoberts and Randolph about what kind of a person K is. Let the duke crowd whine and boast, they have a long way to go to catch up to what Carolina has done to them on the court in the recent past.

  10. Chris says:

    …and to the Duke-Redick guy, how is our buddy JJ doing in the NBA? Haven’t heard much recently………Is he still on the team or over in Barcelona somewhere?

  11. CarolinaGirl says:

    Jay Bilas didn’t think that dook is “just better” than us – he said it would have been a different game with Lawson. Your own coach said that in the postgame. But I guess somehow this idiot blogger is smarter than Jay Bilas and Coach K. Yeah, I didn’t think so. Listen, as a Carolina fan, I think there should be an unwritten agreement between the fanbases that we shouldn’t complain about not having Lawson nor should you guys have the right to say “We would have beaten you anyways.” It’s pretty much irrelevant because he didn’t play, we didn’t play well enough to win and you all did.

    But please don’t say that “you’re just better”. As a competitor, I would have enjoyed the win but not nearly as much if you guys were playing as shorthanded as we were. But I would have enjoyed the fact that my team played very well, as yours most certainly did. Sort of like when we beat NC State – I enjoyed it, but I know that they are playing with PG’s that had no clue what they were doing. So it almost didn’t seem fair. I just enjoy rivalries more when everyone is at full strength. Last year was fun sweeping you all but not as fun as it was back in 1998 or even 2005.

    But since when do dookies care anything about fair, or competition? They flop and call it good basketball, then complain about Tyler Hansbrough allegedly doing it. They say Tyler Hansbrough shouldn’t have been on the court last season, then they have their starters out there too this year. Nothing wrong with having your starters out, but don’t complain about it. Nothing wrong with flopping if that’s your deal, but then don’t COMPLAIN about it. For the love of all things hypocritical, please just SHUT THE HELL UP.

    The fact that you would even compare not having a big man to the situation in which we find ourselves is completely laughable and shows that you are an idiot. You didn’t choose to recruit a big man and/or a big man chose not to come to school there. That is the fault of your coach and your program and not something that you should be complaining about anyway. We had THREE POINT GUARDS (Marcus as fourth in case of emergency) at the beginning of the season. Now we have one because of injuries.

  12. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Wow…D-R consider yourself served.

  13. The Shootist says:

    First, I am not a “troller”. I just stumbled on your blog while searching for Bobby Frasor’s injury status…cuz I knew that would come up if (when) the Heels lose again in Durham. Imagine my surprise when it was the top post on your blog! Guess that’s what you’d call a “preemptive post”. Want some cheese with that w(h)ine?

  14. Tar Heel Fan says:

    What the heck are you talking about? Since you are not a frequent reader here I will cut you some slack but I have addressed the absence of Bobby Frasor on numerous occasions and in that post cited something I wrote when he went out for the season that speaks to what losing him means in terms of some of the teams UNC might face. Contrary to what you may think it is possible for a fan base to discuss amongst themselves what the loss or addition of certain players might mean and by no means does it constitute making excuses or preempting a potential loss.

    Secondly, why would someone claiming not to be a troll proceed to engage in troll behavior? Methinks you have no idea what the term means.

  15. Let’s see.

    Carolina plays without their 1st and 2nd options at point guard, and Ellington and Green have a very off night from outside.

    And with under a minute to play, you were up only 5.

    W-o-w. [slow clap]

  16. The Shootist says:

    Just happened to see a previous comment about “trolling”…like I said, I don’t go looking for UNC blogs. I am obviously not a Tar Heel fan…used to be when I was a kid growing up in Charlotte. My disdain for the Tar Heels (and more specifically Tar Heel fans) reached it’s zenith when I attended the 1977 Final Four in Atlanta. First game was UNCC / Marquette. I was amazed at the lack of support from UNC fans for their “sister” school…I think they finally got off their hands sometime in the second half when a UNC cheerleader finally held up a sign that said “UNC supports UNCC”. Fortunately for the Heels, UNCC lost on a very controversial shot by Jerome Whitehead as time expired. Then as we know, Dean went into his vaunted four-corners with 13:48 left in the game and Marquette held them to 4 points in 12 minutes to win the national championship. No wonder UNC fans were reserved in their support for UNCC…Cedric Maxwell and his gang would have embarassed the hell out of the proud Heels on national t.v. Oh and UNC has forever been an utter disgrace to the state in football! On a more gratuitous note, this Longhorn grad thanks you for Mack Brown…he was smart enough to know you’d never be a real football school. Hook ’em horns!

  17. fyi, this isn’t me:
    The Shootist

    you can check IP for that.

  18. Josh Bowling says:

    When you consider how well Duke shot the ball and how poorly we did, and the fact that we are short (possible best pg in the country), and it was anybody’s game until the final minute, I don’t feel so bad about the loss, and I actually have confidence in us going forward against Duke and other top opponents. Let me say this THF, what is the likelyhood that we will shoot the ball that poorly again, and what’s the likelyhood that Duke will shoot that great again? Duke could have (should have) won this game by a larger margin than they did. Good job Heels!!

  19. Tar Heel Fan says:

    You may not go looking for UNC sites but that intent does not make you less of a troll when you still choose to drop comments like the one above.

  20. C. Michael says:

    If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.

  21. Dan Schwind says:

    To the shootist,

    First, let me just say kudos on that “want some cheese with your w(h)ine” joke. My goodness, you are so funny, as I had never heard such a witty remark before. What a clever pun remarking on the audible similarity between “whine” and “wine.”

    Second, I didn’t realize that a requirement for following UNC is cheering for its sister schools. I guess that makes us all total jerks since NC State is a sister school and Lord knows none of us roots them on. I just don’t see how that’s a justifiable reason for disliking a school. Does that mean you, as a longhorn alum, support A&M? No, you don’t? Well, I guess you’re a pretty big douche then, huh? I’m not saying there’s a rivalry between UNC and UNCC, far from it. But, the point remains that there’s no obligation to cheer for them. It’s not as if UNC fans were actively cheering against them. No, instead you’re simply being petty.

    Finally, “searching for Bobby Frasor’s injury status” and ending up here, I would say, qualifies as trolling, since, if you google “Bobby Frasor’s injury status” plenty of returns come up, including one that says “Bobby Frasor, done for the year,” but none of them are this blog. So, either a) you can’t utilize a search engine (great education down there at UTexas) or b) you’re a troller in sad denial at being called out.

  22. Chris says:

    Anyone calling themself “the shootist” is an ahole until proven otherwise, regardless of school affiliation……….go find a life.

  23. Displaced Heel says:

    Love, Love, LOVE the hypocrisy of some dook fans. At least when we lose, with or without a team member, we don’t PETITION TO HAVE THE LOSSES REMOVED FROM OUR RECORD! We don’t blame anybody but ourselves. And we can use a spell checker (guard, not gaurd). Do your English professors teach? I quote: “3- Flopper of the Game Award – As stated in my previous post, how does a a 6′9″ 250 pound Center managed to draw 3 offensive fouls (almost 4) in the first half from gaurds that are half his size?” Does anyone else recognize that this is not good, or even correct, grammar? How does one have 3…(almost 4)” fouls? Finally, did write the original postings to which THF responded? If so, what do you mean by “no offense”? If I wrote something like that and posted to a dook board, I would expect to offend someone; that would be the point, right?

    I am proud of the Tar Heels, proud of (most) of our fans, and I pray that someday, Carolina fans everywhere might afford to dook what Kansas fans affford K-State–they just don’t care about them. Kansas State’s rival is Kansas. For KU, K-State is just another game. No storming the court, no tearing down goal posts, just business as usual. You remember how it was when Bill Foster was coaching there–we didn’t like Duke, but it was mostly the fans that were obnoxious. I want that again–they care so much about beating us that they burn bonfires, and for us, just another day in Paradise.

    Misplaced Heel
    Wichita, KS

  24. “Do your English professors teach?”

    C’mon, Displaced Heel… Surely you know that less than 5% of Duke fans actually matriculated at the Durham campus. The rest attended the satellite school: DU-MASS”
    (Duke University in the Middle Aisle of a Sporting goods Store).

  25. Silent Sam says:

    Yikes! I just found out it’s now (officially) -The Year of the Rat.

  26. Jonathan Starsmore says:

    “If it looks like a duck, and it quacks like a duck, then it is a duck.”

    Actually… it might be a witch.

  27. Leroy Corso says:

    Josh Bowling said: “what is the likelyhood that we will shoot the ball that poorly again”

    Let’s see, Josh. You shot 40% against Duke. You also shot 42% vs FSU, 38% vs UMd, 40% vs BYU, 38% vs OSU, 42% vs Rutgers, 42% vs UNC-Asheville, 41% vs Clemson, and 42% vs Kent St. I’d say the odds of unc shooting “that poorly” again are pretty good.

  28. Just some dood trolling says:

    I took the liberty of mispelling dude because almost everyone on this post doesnt seem to understand that it is merely childs play to take the u and e out of duke and place two O’s. But now that we’ve hit puberty lets go ahead and just insert them in.

    BTW im not from Duke as i know you wont believe, but if i hear UNC students and alum talk about HO-JO (Hinton James) and the P2P (its a bus) and the B- School (can’t seem to spell Business?) and YO-PO (Yogurt Pump- oh come on…) or any other condensed words for that matter im going to kill myself…

    Secondly every basketball player has flopped at some point in time in college basketball. I’m not sure if thats proven fact but its probable none the least.
    I agree with both sides, and dont deny it just watch a game unbiasely for once, but Duke flops, Tyler Hansbrough flops, and i just saw some dude from the NBA flop. BUT DONT DENY IT.

    Tyler Hansbrough… almost enough said but not quite. The guys good, really good ill give him that. But he does get away with a lot, (i mean A LOT) of flops and travels. (the travels are easy count the steps) I mean one instance that sticks out in my mind is when he dunked around the 7’7″ behemoth. Yea awesome dunk dood, but you did take 3 steps. I even heard the announcers yakking about it for about two hours after it happened.

    If you really want to know why people troll UNC… i dont even know what this is i guess blogs? Posting board… whatever, Its because your fans are unbearable, when your team was beating state by 20+ points you actually were screaming airball at one player and then jeeringly clapping when they score a point. WTF thats not right. That might be the most (and excuse me for poor grammar Displaced Heel im gettting to you next) unclassy thing ive witnessed in a while.

    I think you got a good Basketball team. But everyone of your fans is so up there own but they need directions to walk around there own room.

    Displaced Heel were not writing a paper… shut up with your grammar.

    Born and Bred Ed there are more Walmart UNC fans than Duke will ever have

    Dan Scwind- thanks for actually being OCD enough to actually search the same thing through google to see if it landed you hear

    Leroy Corso- Thank you for providing with me the facts i was gonna use against Josh Bowling

    CarolinaGurl- dont say Tyler Hansbrough “allegedly flops”. he does

    Everyone stop commenting about the trolling. I admit i AM trolling but i found this website because i was searching… “tyler hansbrough flops” go ahead and search that MR. Schwind, i bet you cant resist.

    Now that a fair amount of you are sitting there angrily at thier computers wondering why some idiot is trolling a blogging site.(i finally figured it out) Ask yourself why are you so angry about it? are my allegations at you or how you as a fanbase are promoting yourselves.

    Ive been to raleigh at NC State and have never felt more welcomed by a crowd of completely random strangers. Cant really say the same about Carolina. Last time i went to Good Ol’ Chapel Hill all i saw going on were some frat parties (good luck being anything but a scandalously clad female/athlete/brother of said fraternity and getting in those) tried a few house parties (well one because there are none) that guy wouldnt let me in his house until i had anwser what seemed like a job interview (and i am not bragging saying this but a fairly well shaven guy and dress fairly nice, esp nice when going out.) even though i was with my girlfriend who knew the man. So there we are, in a bar, and i cant help noticing… the only reason im here is because i have payed.

    so if i have finally made you utterly furious by now i am sorry. i was merely remarking on some of the things you need to realize the truth about.

    and dont blame it on school spirit cause im up to my cheek bones in it and I would NEVER yell “go back to the Ghetto” to the Maryland team because they beat me… havent heard that yet? youtube it

  29. Just some dood trolling says:

    One last thing. i nearly forgot. Yes i know Coach K said it would have been a different game if Lawson was there. and i know you played a still pretty stellar game. But whats up with the Daily Tarheel saying that its own school was gonna lose to Duke the day of the game? im confused atleast say its gonna be a tight one.

  30. Just some dood trolling says:

    oh and i searched “tyler hansbrough flopping” its 6 or 7 down.

  31. C. Michael says:

    Wow, a 746-word post 2 weeks after the fact… I hope you cleaned up the keyboard before your parents use the computer.

  32. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Hey dood!

    “Ive been to raleigh at NC State and have never felt more welcomed by a crowd of completely random strangers. ”

    Well since your email and IP address are coming off the domain I am thinking you are hardly among strangers when you are AT SCHOOL. Also, the use of the term “Wal-Mart fan?” Classic Pack Pride material so please drop the pretenses. And who gives a crap about what travails you had going to parties in Chapel Hill? I don’t and I am willing to bet no one else does either.

    Oh and calling Carolina Girl out? May have God have mercy on your soul if she decides to respond.

  33. Just some dood trolling from NC state says:

    well since im from Louisiana and am a LSU Tigers fan…. id say i just got here. Well I’ll check later to see if she responded. Did you copy and paste iinto word or just count every word?

  34. Just some dood trolling from NC state says:

    goodluck at the game tonight!

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