ACC Basketball Update(2/11)

The picture starts to come into focus.

That Maryland Loss Is Not Looking So Bad Now: The Terps moved to 6-3 in the ACC and established themselves in 3rd place one game behind UNC with a 84-70 win over NC State.  Aside from committing crimes against fashion by wearing hideously yellow uniforms, the Terps have apparently arrived.  In one respect if makes UNC’s lost to them look less daunting and it would be nice if they would follow up by beating Duke at Cameron.  As for NCSU, they simply need to put together two good halves of basketball during the same game against one of these teams on the road.  They do well in the 1st half and wilt in the 2nd when the opposing coach makes adjustments or someone on the other side gets hot.  There is still great potential for the Pack this season but they missed a huge opportunity to get into a four loss tie with Maryland and Clemson.

Duke Avoids the Letdown Game: BC figured out how to defend Duke and that is to trust the interior players to stop the Duke guards from finishing while defending the kick out.  Unfortunately for BC, their players are not the sharpest knives in the drawer when it comes to make plays on the offensive end.  Duke did not shoot well from outside in this game and I just keep thinking they have to hit a rough stretch of games at some point, right?

Taking Care Of/Not Taking Care Of Business: Wake Forest handled UVa at home and VT did not do the same with Miami.  VT was 5-3 a week ago now they have lost two straight and dropped themselves down in the standings.  The Hokies big, huge, season killing problem is they have the following schedule: at UNC, at Maryland followed by homes games versus GT, BC and Wake with a end of regular season trip to Clemson.  In other words they are toast and if they lose five more games they will not even see the NIT.  Wake on the other hands showed signs of life but also have the same problem as VT, their schedule is brutal.  At FSU, home to Duke, at UNC, home to MD, at GT and VT, home to NCSU.  At 4-5 they need to win four of those games to even smell the inside of the room on Selection Sunday.  I just do not see that happening.

Schedule This Week: One gripe.  The ACC decided to backload the schedule this week with three games on Thursday, and one each on Tuesday and Wednesday.  That in itself is fine but why put UNC on the road two days after having them play a Sunday night game versus Clemson?  All of the teams that played on Saturday get to play on Wednesday and Thursday but UNC who played on Sunday has to play on Tuesday. I know ESPN dictated some of this, such as putting MD-Duke on Wednesday night as a showcase game.  That being said, at least it is UVa which has been horrible and the early in the week gives everyone an extended break before VT on Saturday who happens to get the week off.  I would also point out the absolute stupidity of putting three games on Valentine’s Day.  You are killing the men out there, really.

Tuesday, February 12th

UNC at UVA, 8 PM

Wednesday, February 13th

MD at Duke, 7 PM

Thursday, February 14th

NCSU at BC, 7 PM
Wake at FSU, 9 PM
GT at Clemson, 9 PM


9 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(2/11)

  1. Silent Sam says:

    I remember the Twerps wearing the yellow uniforms with red letters/numbers back when the Lefthander was trying to make Maryland into the “UCLA of the East” but I don’t know if the yellow uniforms were used before Lefty got to College Park. It’s true, they are ugly.

  2. Tywon Felton says:

    I dont like the Terps yellow, but I do like the trying something new for a change with any team, especially ours. Just think of our uni’s being dark or light gray trimmed in carolina blue???

  3. HEEL4EVR says:

    If BC could figure-out how to guard Duke, then why can’t UNC (or anyone else)? If Lance Thomas and his candy-ass, ADD-self can make enough plays to win a game, then so be it…..It would help if UNC could pot forth the consistent effort to guard anyone on the perimeter (or at least slide-over and provide some help D once the opposing player is driving to the basket)….

    I guess I’m still pissed about watching Hammonds drive by all 5 UNC players — down the middle of the lane — for an uncontested layup. 22-2, bring on the “Hoos…..

  4. Chris says:

    Gary Williams will have something for duke on Wednesday night. Defending duke is all about not switching unless absolutely necessary on a pick, and then not getting sucked in while your man (Singler, Paulus, Scheyer) slowly rotates to his spot at the edge of the 3 point line and gets the kick out. I’m not so sure that playing a 3-2 zone against duke wouldn’t be a bad idea, although coaches’ egos are reluctant to allow that to happen. I think we would play duke better with a 3-2 zone. Why not try, our defense can’t get too much worse.

  5. Josh Bowling says:

    That would be worth a try Chris. I think our defense has a lot of bright spots, and I attribute a good portion last night’s win to good defense (at least in the latter stages). But our weakest defense manifests itself in the situation you described (high pick n roll) and collapsing instead of staying out on the shooters. I sure hope you are right about Maryland’s chances. If not, I will have to hear the story again on how Duke was able to do what we couldn’t.

  6. Wadsworth says:

    In an ESPN report today, Williams implies that Lawson could play at UVA but that since he hasn’t been hurt before he may not really know how to come back at less than 100%? Does his lack of emotion on the bench strike anyone else?

    I know we need him badly and I will be very happy when he returns, I just hope that is sooner rather than later.

  7. “I just keep thinking they have to hit a rough stretch of games at some point, right?”

    From your mouth to God’s ears…. oh, wait… I forgot… Deal with the Devil, never mind.


    Did K sell his soul to Satan? Or is it the other way around? Just wondering.

  8. TxTarheel says:

    i thought the Devil went down to Georgia, and not to Durham, looking for a soul to steal

  9. Black Mountain Sophomore says:

    All souls in Durm are sold “as-is.”

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