UNC Loses Defensive Coordinator

Chuck Pagano has decided to head back to the NFL taking a job with the Baltimore Ravens. What stinks is the timing. Had this happened two weeks ago, Davis could have least given Jon Tenuta a call before Notre Dame snatched him up to see if he might be interested in a return to Chapel Hill. It is also a little bit of a concern because you do not like to see a lot of turnover on your staff.

10 Responses to UNC Loses Defensive Coordinator

  1. Andy In Omaha says:

    Well, this bites. Have you heard of any potential replacements yet?

  2. mugley says:

    from my understanding there is no way that Tenuta would have been offered the job, nor would he have accepted it if offered, some bad blood there
    great site tho! I check it a lot

  3. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Really? I knew there was some but I thought it was related to The Coach Who Shall Not Be Named. I figured with him gone, it might have been possible to get him back should the position open up. Oh well.

  4. mugley says:

    It might be related to that, but it seems to me that I remember reading before the GT game, that he still wanted to beat the heels more than most teams they play

    I could be wrong tho, getting old and have CRS bigtime

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Oh great, so we get him wanting to beat us when ND comes to town.

  6. mugley says:

    does seem to be our luck don’t it? just like scheduling a few cupcakes then 3 year later they are national powers,

    I left a question about tenuta and if there is still bad blood there for friend who might know, I let you know when he answers and what he says

  7. Jonathan Starsmore says:

    DISCLAIMER: All of this comes from what people have posted at IC and CB in the past. I can’t vouch for the authenticity of any of these claims.

    The word was that Tenuta never wanted to stay at UNC. Not only did he not want to recruit, but he was supposedly on the phone with another school scheduling a job interview when we had a potential recruit on the defensive side of the ball come walking to the offices on his official visit. The kicker was that Jon left his door open, so the recruit heard the whole phone conversation and was amazed at how little dedication Tenuta had to his current job. The recruit’s family then leaked the story to certain people “in the know” (though UNC didn’t let it get out to the media at large). Bunting got really angry about the whole thing and essentially fired Tenuta soon afterwards (for the sake of apperances, this was reported as a resignation/mutual parting of ways). For the few days that he stayed on the job, Tenuta was said to have phoned as many recuits as he had numbers for and badmouthed UNC to all of them. He didn’t do much recruiting at all at GT, but he still goes on profanity-laced tirades against UNC before every game against us (ex-GT players confirmed this one — it didn’t come from any Carolina sources).

  8. Leroy Corso says:

    What stinks is the timing for the 5 4-star recruits that signed on or after February 6th.
    I wonder how they like it.

  9. unc8293 says:

    yes I worry about the timing with plenty of off season NFL to go!!!!!

  10. unc8293 says:

    Havent heard anything about replacements!!!! But a few potential come to mind:
    charlie strong florida co-def. coordinator 4th in sec in turnovers, 1st in sec vs rush, but last in sec vs pass but they were young in secondary

    joe kines former alabama def coordinator till saban came in that year alabama 2nd in nation fo total defense

    bob davie known more for defenses as coordinator more than as head coach. former def coordinator at texas a&m, coordinator and head coach notre dame
    doubt he would take job since its rumored he turned down chance return to being def coordinator at texs a&m recently

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