One Last Thought On The Clemson Foul Fiasco

You want to know the one thing I love about accusations like this?  It is that none of the people making said accusations  tend to follow through to the final logical conclusion.  So allow me to do it for them.

Okay, hypothetically speaking, let’s say it’s true and there was a second gunman on the grassy knoll. Let’s say, for argument’s sake, the refs were biased in calling fouls on Clemson but not calling the same kind of foul on UNC.  Does anyone care to take ask the questions derived from that premise?  How about:

Was it one referee or two of them or all three working together?

How did the refs know when to call fouls and not call fouls?

Was it ordered by someone at the ACC?

If so who ordered it and why?

And besides that who knew what and when did they know it? 

Is there a standing point of emphasis to call UNC and Duke games a certain way?

Is there a standing policy when it comes to not calling alleged fouls on Tyler Hansbrough?

What does the ACC stand to gain by UNC winning that game?

Is the military industrial complex involved in some way?

And is it really possible for a guy sitting on the sixth floor of the Texas School Book Depository to hit the head of a person in a moving vehicle?

Yes, this is tongue and cheek to some extent but on a serious level, if you are willing to go out there and say UNC got favorable officiating in Chapel Hill on Sunday, then unless you are saying this because the referees are just plain bad at their jobs then you are suggesting some level of game fixing.  And if that is the case then you have to ask whether it was one referee doing it or whether all three refs were involved.  You also have to ask if someone higher up at the ACC passed instructions down to make sure UNC won the game by controlling the foul calls.  At this point you are talking about something widespread because you have three different refs and these refs change assignments every time games are played so you also have to assume that more than the three refs who worked this game are involved in what is now a Vast Light Blue Conspiracy(and yes I am thinking about filing trademarks on that phrase so back off.)

My greater point is, the most basic assumption you have to start with is that all three refs have to be on the same page here.  There is no way one referee can be responsible for skewing foul totals by himself.  Also, if this was some sort of conspiracy then they really did a piss poor job at execution considering Clemson was up 11 with three minutes left.  Over the final three minutes of regulation UNC committed two fouls and Clemson one with Clemson’s Demontez Stitt, an 80% FT shooter, missing the only FT taken during that stretch. The one Clemson foul did not result in a FT for UNC.

So, if you want to believe UNC got favorable officiating and somehow the refs made split second decisions on calls with UNC bias fully engaged, then I really feel for you.  I understand that UNC and Duke probably do get some calls other teams do not get but it is probably more limited than we all think.  I also understand that officiating affects UNC and Duke less because they have talent to overcome shortcomings with the referees most of the time.  The issue is if you approach watching a game with your preconceived notions such as “UNC gets all the calls” or “Duke flops on every play” then the likelihood of you perceiving that is happening goes up significantly.

And now I am done talking about it.


12 Responses to One Last Thought On The Clemson Foul Fiasco

  1. william says:

    The only people saying such things are the bozos who eye the box score but didn’t watch the game or who don’t follow Carolina closely.

    Carolina does not foul much in any game. If a team does not foul much, it is a mathematical certainty that the opponent will not get many free thows.

    Secondly, Clemson is a horrible free throw shooting team, but an excellent 3-point shooting team. They do not attempt to get to the line the way that Carolina does, which is a poor three point shooting team and an excellent free throw shooting team.

    Carolina was trailing by anywhere from 11 to 15 points most of the second half and did not put Clemson into the bonus in the second half until just a free minutes were left ,and they had to give several fouls just to get there. Only an utter and complete idiot (i.e., someone with a degree from NC State) could even think that there was anything askew in this game.

  2. w says:

    dook does flop a lot

  3. Josh Bowling says:

    THF, I think when someone makes the claim “they get all the calls” may not be phrasing what they want to say correctly. Clemson should have said that they couldn’t buy a call. UNC didn’t get all the calls, as a matter of fact, UNC needed to pick up a few fouls for the brand of defense they played. The point I think they want to make is the fact that UNC was allowed to play a tougher brand of defense in the overtimes than they were in regulation. I happened to see it that way myself. After watching the game a second time last night, Clemson was definately allowed to play tough defense during regulation, although we were frequently at the line, thus Clemson was penalized a lot for commiting the infractions. It appeared to me that they way we played defense in those overtimes would have resulted in fouls in most other games that we have played. I justified it as home-court advantage that some teams seem to be granted when playing a close game@home. I agree with all of your points, as I too don’t think any of it was fabricated or pre-destined to happen. And it didn’t change any outcome, as Clemson failed to put the ball in the bucket during that stretch. If Clemson were trying to get the ball inside or driving to the basket, and had a lot of body contact while doing so, I would understand their logic a little more, but hoisting up perimeter shots isn’t going to get you to the free-throw line. Although I still contend that when they did go inside, we layed some body on them that has been called in the past.

  4. Schwartzy says:

    Clemson’s so terrible at the line that if they got any more calls it probably would’ve helped UNC more than Clemson.

  5. william says:

    If Goolsby (or whatever his name is) hadn’t hit a couple of prayers, it never even would have gotten to the second OT. Regardless of what Josh thinks he might have seen (I didn’t see it upon re-watching), the fact is that Clemson turned the ball over various times in the last two minutes and allowed Carolina to get easy rebounds when they should have been able to hold on. Clemson choked and I knew they would. This is not to say they are not an excellent team. They are and I certainly don’t want to face them again but they are still a team that has not learned how to win, as losses to Ole Miss, UNCC and Miami, in addition to Duke and Carolina, indicate.

  6. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Clemson is a very good team and not one I care to see again this season. The main problem they have is they still have not figured out they belong on the same court as a UNC or Duke. In two games versus UNC and one game versus Duke, they were toe-to-toe and then gave it away late because most people do not realize there is a difference between playing at a winning level and knowing how to win. Clemson played winning basketball for 37 minutes but when it came time to execute and win the game, the team on the floor who has repeatedly illustrated the clutch toughness and confidence to close the deal, UNC, did exactly that while the team that has yet to develop that close the deal mentality, Clemson, fell apart. Home court helped UNC as well and some of that weight of history was in play too. However, people love to pile on UNC or Duke for stuff like fouls and free calls from the refs when in actuality what separates the these two from everyone else in games like this is HOF coaching and knowing how to finish a game off.

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    Don’t take this as an argument against you William. I am not of the thinking that the officials gave the game away. They did choke against us in the latter stages of the game. In fact, we are a better team than them, and we execute more effeciently in the clutch than Clemson. But the way we played defense in those overtimes has resulted in fouls on other games that we have played. Like I said earlier, maybe just home court advantage manifesting itself in the Dome. I was very pleased the officials let us play. We could use more of that.

  8. william says:

    I tell you what, if you want to see bad officiating, watch the end of the Rutgers-Tennessee women’s game. Tennessee is the Duke of women’s basketball. Nothing like having the homer clock guy stop the clock to give you some more time to score. UNC, Maryland, Rutgers, UConn and Tennessee are all pretty good. I said that I wouldn’t watch women’s ball anymore after our huge referee-assisted choke versus Tennessee last year, but maybe I will.

  9. Tar Heel Fan says:

    You know what was worse than that? Check out Pat Summit’s K-like response to the issue in the postgame:

    “It froze?” Summitt said in response to a reporter’s question. “I was not aware of that, obviously.”

    Yeah, the officials take time to review the play and you did not know why? What a crock.

  10. Joseph says:

    I think Pat Summit said “How did we win?” or was asked how they won and replied “I don’t know”. Actually, I think she said both during a courtside interview with Rebcca Lobo after the game. I am getting tired of some very poor officiating in college basketball(UNC v Tennessee women and Villanova v Georgetown men this week). Wasn’t the 3 man crew the answer to bad officiating a few years ago.

  11. william says:

    Pat Summit and Tennessee got their comeuppance last night, getting positively annihilated by LSU in Knoxville. UT somehow turned a twenty point lead into a twenty point loss. By the end the Vol women appeared to be barely even trying. Say goodbye to the number one seed overall and even to a number one seed at all unless they can win the SEC tournament.

  12. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I saw that and laughed when it came across the ticker at the bottom of the screen.

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