Tyler Hansbrough’s Drive

If you ever wanted to know what really makes Tyler Hansbrough tick and the motivation behind his incredible intensity on the court then take a look at this Richmond Times-Dispatch article highlighting Hansbrough’s older brother. When Tyler was around five his brother Dan had surgery to remove a brain tumor which forced him into years of rehab to “get his life back.” Tyler, by watching his brother overcome that, internalized the fire we now see on the court.

And at the end of article, the final quote made me laugh(emphasis mine):

“You can’t say, ‘Tyler, you’ve got to go harder,'” Williams said. “You can’t say, ‘Tyler, you’ve got to be more focused.’ There’s nothing you can say to him about basketball, asking him for more, ’cause he’s already giving you everything.”

Gene Hansbrough says his middle son is “compulsive about things,” and it’s true Tyler’s attention to detail — fitness, sleep, strict diet — is beyond dedication. But he claims — and teammates and coaches agree — he’s an easygoing goofball away from the arena. Junior guard Bobby Frasor, who shares a house with Hansbrough, notes slip-sliding in at least one area.

“The eating thing might be overhyped,” Frasor said. “He splurges. He still has six cookies one night. He’ll drink a milkshake. He’s still a college kid. He’s not going to be eating sushi or salmon every night. But if you do look in our freezer and see some weird meat — like, maybe bison — that’s Tyler’s.” 

I can see the commercials now. Bison: For a guy like Tyler Hansbrough, a cow just won’t do.

5 Responses to Tyler Hansbrough’s Drive

  1. Josh Bowling says:

    THF, I can’t tell you how much of a kick I would get out of seeing that! Tyler’s the perfect man to do it.

  2. I love tyler hansbrough and ANY show or compeition he would be in, Best believe his lady would be watchin’!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    P.S. Tylers the man

  3. w says:

    love his drive and will to suceed….

  4. Displaced Tarheel says:

    Just enjoy and savor this. We see many great players at UNC, but we may never see anyone like this again. I mean who hangs around college when you are a perennial lottery pick worth millions. I love the university, but money talks. He is truly a special player.

  5. Somehow, I think bison is still a lesser substitute for Tyler. He needs one of those sides of bronto-beef like Fred Flintstone picks up at the drive-in.

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