UNC 75 UVa 74

I’ll take it. Considering the injuries, the foul trouble, the turnovers and the fact Sean Singletary is incredibly tough to stop I will take the win. I don’t have much to add other than Tyler Hansbrough again stated his case for POY. Any questions we had about Wayne Ellington are satisfied. Danny Green was clutch, Deon Thompson was playing tough with the knee issue as was Marcus Ginyard on two bad wheels. Alex Stepheson had a nice seven rebound effort and UNC somehow managed to get by with Quentin Thomas only playing 20 minutes which pretty much made the offense disjointed…well more disjointed than it was if that is possible. I did notice the Heels have long stretches they go away from Hansbrough and that probably should happen less often since good things happen when he touches the ball whether it be him shooting or having the defense respond to him followed by a pass out to the perimeter which created some offense at times.

At any rate, the sooner we can get everyone healthy and the offense gelling again the better for me. There is only so much I can take of games like this one.

Also, UNC had 16 fouls and Virginia had 15 translating to 12 FTA for the Heels and 11 FTA for the Cavaliers.  That good enough for you?  Everyone happy now?


26 Responses to UNC 75 UVa 74

  1. william says:

    They sure were raining three’s on us. Maybe we could practice that some more, lol…. I believe that I was the first to use the phrase, “a win is a win.” And it is, so I will take it too.

  2. UVA 3PT: 9-31, 29%

    (But I’m with william…it sure felt that they got one whenever they had to have it).

  3. william says:

    Maybe it was just the last ten minutes…. Didn’t they hit at least three of those towards the end?

  4. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Baker hit a three to make it 73-71. Singletary followed after the Hansbrough hook shot to make it 75-74.

  5. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Also, I was watching SportsCenter and they showed what I think is the stat of the day:

    In ACC play:

    With Lawson TO per game: 12

    Without Lawson TO per game: 19

    The offense is also a bit down but the TOs are killing us.

  6. Turnovers are just a symptom. The whole thing looks disjointed without Lawson (although stretches tonight looked okay, but that may just be UVA)

  7. Andy In Omaha says:

    Even though UVa took a lot of three’s, it seemed more shots on the perimeter were contested. That’s a good thing. I loved the blok Hansbrough made on Singletary’s three late in the seond half while standing behind a screen.
    I’m sure I’ll catch a little ribbing from my Duke fan friends about how close this game was, but considering the injuries and foul trouble, I think this was a good win. I know UVa is no Clemson, but I thought the defensive effort was a bit better.

  8. william says:

    We’ve struggled somewhat, historically in Charlottesville. When I was in school, we were transitioning from UVa to Duke as our chief rival. I think our team looked exhausted and beaten up tonight and they gutted one out. Getting Q all these minutes is all to the good though. It is ironic that we had that useless 8 day gap in January and now that we could really use a break, well, that’s life….

  9. Stuart Crampton says:

    Not a great win but good enough to not be loss. Isn’t it funny that UVA was our arch rival like NCSU was…I mean in the 1970s and early 1980s we were saying (re: basketball) “dook who? I could care less about dook.” The times will change again soon I suspect. I can’t see it very clearly now but i think NCSU and UVA are going to rival us again (more than dook), especially as coach k fades into backpain and irrelevance. Clemson more of a rival too maybe – who knows. Am i off the reservation on this baseless prediction? To me, the UNC-NCSU rivalry makes sense since we have so much more in common with NCSU than with dookies (you detest the people you have more in common with – like sibling rivalries). and UVA is a closer version of dook (meaning that dookies are largely from New Jersey while UVAstudents are a lot closer). Anyway, I’m glad UNC pulled this one out, and I’m looking forward to putting dook away as if it were a non-rival

  10. william says:

    Looking at the schedule, I see that we have another strange gap, with no games between Sunday, Feb. 24th and Sat. Mar. 1st. Between now and then, we should be able to win our two home games without Tywon. We could probably use him on the Feb. 20th date against NCSU but regardless, he should have at least two games to get back into playing shape before the Duke game on March 8th and then the post-season.

    Even if Carolina were to end up going say 5-2 in Tywon’s absence (including the FSU game), it is certainly not a disaster and the likelihood is that we can end up 6-1 in the conference without Tywon, although I would expect him back at least by the State game on Feb. 20 for some minutes.

  11. william says:

    Remember Tom Sheehey anybody?

  12. Tar Heel Fan says:

    With NCSU’s point issues, we might could get by but after what happened last season I do not want to chance anything at RBC with a Wolfpack team desperate for a huge win to get themselves in the dance.

  13. robuck says:

    let’s look at the bigger picture for a moment – sure, it would be nice to have Lawson in there, so we could run our break, not turn the ball over and win by 20 a night. But, aside from the dook game, we ARE winning these games. It may not be pretty, and it may not translate into good TV, but in ACC play, a win is a win is a win.

    Further, I think we might be developing a little trait called resolve. I truly believe that this stretch of games will be fantastic for our team come March. We now have a proven – yes, I said it, proven – capable backup in Q (3-1 as the primary point guard, with the only loss coming against dook in a game that was not his fault for the loss). What that means to me is we are developing depth again at the PG position, provided that Lawson comes back. Big plus for us come tournament time.

    Sure, we might not get the inside track to the Raleigh/Charlotte express lane to San Antonio, but given what this team is going through right now – it might not matter. As long as we keep throwing W’s on the board, let’s keep Lawson rested as long as possible. We may not be the prettiest team right now, but last I checked, we’re still winning.

  14. william says:

    I think that in-state stuff is a little overrated anyway. I remember in 1981 that we were out in Utah or someplace and we did fine, making it all the way to the Final game. Sure, it probably helps to be close to home, but it is what it is. Carolina seems to be as good or better on the road this year as at home. If we can beat Duke at Cameron, we might be touted as the New York Giants of college basketball.

    If someone had told any of you guys last March after the GU game, that we would be 23-2 by this point this year, in spite of losing Bobby Frasor for the year and Tywon Lawson for five (and counting) games, I think we would all have been pretty content, if not incredulous.

    I have followed Carolina since 1973 and since then, there have been very few years where we have had such an outstanding record. Off the top of my head, only in 1976, 1982, and 1984 and possibly 1987. have we been off to such an outstanding start. The only difference is that with the exception of 1982, where we tied with UVa, we were always in first place in the ACC during those years.

  15. 52BigGameJames says:

    Sheehey was the ACC equivalent of Bill Laimbeer…and like him, despised at every stop.

  16. 52BigGameJames says:

    and for the youngsters who don’t know about Lame-beer

  17. C. Michael says:

    Roy Williams: “I feel for Dave Leitao. He is one of the true credits to the coaching profession. He is a true gentlemen and a good, good guy. ”

    He must be a different person off of the court, then…

  18. tardyturtle says:

    I agree with Robuck, I love these close games. The record last year in close games was real bad and a red flag heading into the postseason. This year, they have experience overcoming at the end of games, even if the opponent isn’t in the top tier. These games are going to help when the pressure is really on.

  19. Steve says:

    It’s never a good sign when you start to get verbal “votes of confidence” from other coaches in the league! Look out if their AD starts making these statements.

    Gentleman and good, good guy? Wow. Not exactly the impression most folks seem to have.

  20. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    C. Michael – We’ve been having a discussion about our D3 conference up here in the Great White North, and I think players and coaches are often vastly different off the floor than on it. We may “hate” on a certain player or coach, but in the real world we might find that person interesting and actually want to get to know them better.

    I would concur with robuck… we’re getting tough!! Maybe this is the best thing to happen to this team. We certainly have shown we can win the close games.

    I thought the defense was good at times last night, but not at others. I wonder why, with a player like Singletary, you don’t just deny him the ball everywhere. At the very least, it would fatigue him and really make him earn those points. Of course, at this point we may not have the depth to execute that sort of plan.

    Thank goodness we get that extra day off now. I was worried about the Sunday-Tuesday turnaround, but hopefully that extra day will help. william, good catch on the schedule ahead… that week may be just what we need to heal up and catch our breath for the stretch run.

  21. C. Michael says:

    Actually, I agree. My HS bball coach was Leitao-esque on the court, but at his day job, a high school history teacher, he was widely loved. I’m sure this is the case with most coaches.*

    * Those with surnames starting with K, need not apply… 😉

  22. Chris says:

    Good to see a spark of life out of Ellington, he played well. What seems to happen with out defense is that we play hard and stay with our man for about 15-20 seconds, and then the intensity is over and the opposing team gets a wide open shot, and in the case of last night a bunch of 3’s. The duke team manages to play 35 seconds of intense defense without getting lost and giving up a wide open shot at the end. I still think a little bit of 3-2 zone especially against a team like Duke would be worth a try. 3-2/2-1-2 with the middle man sliding as necessary. Coaches seem to think that playing a zone is like having leprosy…..I say give a try and if it doesn’t work then switch back…..but at least try it.

  23. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I think that is part of it. The other part of it is the fact players end up leaving their man to help without any rotation from another player. Or in some cases where we trap, the other three players do not adequately cover the pass coming out of the trap which should be an easy one to read and pick off. There are too many cases where UNC defenders leave open perimeter shooters to cover the drive and then cannot recover. I think they need to be told to stay home more with their men and allow the interior players to step up and make it difficult for the driving player to finish. This is obviously a tougher task with a player like SS who can finish against big men. But against Paulus or Scheyer, you should make them finish the play at the rack and keep the kickouts covered.

  24. DG4heels says:

    First, I would agree with the Robuck thread – last year we lost every close game we played, and our toughness was called into question. This year, we are winning most of the close ones, finding a way to win. IMO that is much more important than blowing teams out by 20 per game. Just ask Calipari how much fun it is to wax 30 teams and lose in the sweet 16 every year. Come tourney time, these close games will be a big help.

    Second, the defense is a work in progress. I get plenty frustrated, and hope that we’re just in an extended learning curve. My biggest beef is with our defense of the ball screen. The defender of the screen helps out with the ballhandler to give his teammate some time to recover. What ends up happening is BOTH defenders get out of position, allowing either the dribbler to beat them both, or the screener an uncontested layup. Every point guard we have played this year has managed to beat that defense and make us pay. That makes my stomach ache.

    Third, I’ll stand by Ol’ Roy for a while. He’s earned enough slack. It might frustrate the hell out of us, but he is managing a lot of variables for an entire season to come away with a title at the end. If he feels that sticking with a defense that doesn’t work or resting an injured player will make us better in March, then I will deal with the in-season frustration. Besides, when I stand back and look, we are having one heck of a great season.

  25. william says:

    Just remember how glum everybody was last February when we were losing all the close games, in spite of having an adj. defensive rank of number four in the nation by Pomeroy. If we had lost our final game to Duke, we might have been playing in the preliminary round of the ACC tournament, instead of ending up with the top seed. We swept Duke and still somehow ended up only 11-5 in spite of our excellent defense.

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