NCAA March Madness on Demand

The NCAA plans to continue the service of streaming tournament games this year and are even expanding the service to show all 63 games. In the past certain games were blacked out, like games carried by the local CBS affiliate which was an issue for people who maybe had access to a computer but not a TV such as folks working during the day. I also know that some of you are in different regions of the country and might be stuck watching another game while the Heels are playing. So, head on over there and register now which gives you VIP access meaning the wait time when you login to watch games will supposedly be lessened.

Hat tip to RAWFS


8 Responses to NCAA March Madness on Demand

  1. Will says:

    In my TV area, they usually don’t show UNC’s first round game, and if they do they cut out. The computer broadcast is a good way to get to see the whole blowout.

  2. Tom says:

    Thanks for the link.

  3. william says:

    Not me, I will be getting the Directv March Madness package for the fourth year in a row. My father comes up to visit me and we sit in front of two different HD screens for four days straight. It doesn’t get any better than that!

  4. JP says:

    Locally Time Warner Cable has been providing all of the games for free and it is fantastic. Of course I get MMOD as well though for those times when my wife gets fed up with watching basketball.

  5. Maybe I’m old fashioned for a 32 year old, but if it’s not on my TV, (and sometimes if it is, superstitions being what they are) I opt for Woody, Eric, and Jones and ‘theater of the mind.’

  6. william says:

    Until you’ve watched four games at a time in glorious HD for 96 hours, you will never know….

  7. JP says:

    williams, you got that right!

  8. william says:

    The first four days of March Madness are the best sports days of the year, without competition!

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