FSU’s Ryan Reid Should Be Suspended

If you happened to catch the FSU-Wake Forest game last night, you saw FSU’s Ryan Reid strike Wake’s Chas McFarland in the face after the two got tangled up. Reid was ejected and the ACC is deliberating whether he should play versus Maryland this weekend. Reid seems to have quite a history of trouble this season beginning with some altercations with Duke players when the Devils traveled to Tallahassee.

The second incident is the one we are all still living with and that is Reid slamming Ty Lawson to the floor during a jump ball tie up two weeks ago and in the process spraining the point guard’s ankle severely enough he has missed three games and maybe more depending on what UNC decides to do versus Virginia Tech.

From where I sit this constitutes a clear pattern of behavior that should be dealt with by the ACC. If VT’s Jeff Allen can be suspended two games for what I thought was an inadvertent bump of the referee then Reid should face a similar suspension for clearly flagrant physical acts. Either that or Bobby Bowden should take him of Leonard Hamilton’s hands once spring practice starts.


15 Responses to FSU’s Ryan Reid Should Be Suspended

  1. william says:

    I don’t remember Reid’s action being faulted as excessive for Tywon’s injury. Wasn’t he just given a standard foul for that play?

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Actually it was called a jump ball, no foul given. Lawson drove into the lane, lost the ball, got tied up with Reid and before the refs could stop play, Reid wrestled Lawson down with Lawson’s leg getting caught in a bad position and twisting the ankle. I thought it was a bit much and at least should have been called for a foul. At any rate, Reid seems to have a pattern of being overly physical.

  3. w says:

    his play on lawson was dirty and over the top, to say the least….wwf type play has no place in the acc….

  4. Wadsworth says:

    Reid’s takedown tackle of Lawson was clearly a bit much, but the real blame for Lawson’s injury should go to the officials who let that jump situation go way too far before blowing the whistle.

  5. 52BigGameJames says:

    back on topic-YES, it is about patterns, but I’m inclined to go with the 3-strike qualifier. I don’t think the play on Lawson was “dirty” but it could be interpreted as “excessive”. 3 strikes and a two-game suspension imo.

  6. william says:

    Of course, the last time the ACC suspended someone, it was just in time for VPI’s game with Duke, which they might have won at full strength. There is an argument that it is unfair to the other conference teams to suspend players for conference play. Perhaps, the ACC should consider other penalties, such as pulling scholarships after a certain number of violations for rough play.

  7. 52BigGameJames says:

    it’s also unfair to lose a key player to an overly-aggressive style of play.

  8. Tar Heel Fan says:

    And somehow Duke ends up benefiting from these events.

  9. JP says:

    You can find the video on our page (scroll down) if you haven’t seen it…


    Reid was also involved in an incident with Greg Paulus earlier in the year where it appeared he took a swing at him.

  10. JP says:

    THF, how does Duke benefit from last night’s events? or are you just talking about Lawson’s ankle?

  11. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Lawson’s ankle and Jeff Allen’s suspension.

  12. JP says:

    Ah, I see. With Duke playing Wake on Sunday, I thought you knew something about McFarland getting punched that I didn’t

  13. David W says:

    Reid should be suspended for at least one game, preferably more. The Paulus and Lawson incidents can be seen as playing hard despite how many of us Heel fans feel about both incidents. Wadsworth is correct that Lawson’s injury is the fault of the officials’ failure to blow the whistle earlier. The take down of McFarland is equal to Chris Paul punching Julius Hodge. In both of these cases there was contact made that has nothing to do with going after the ball. No pun intended. I believe Paul was suspended for his actions.

  14. william says:

    Wake voluntarily suspended him. Many Wake fans believe that was the beginning of the end of their chance for a title that year.

  15. DanDee says:

    I am SO GLAD someone else sees his pattern!! The guy picked up Ty and threw him down. Aggressive play : of course…..Warranted Aggressive play over a jump ball: not at all ….. Dirty : Sorry but i’ll have to say yes to this too….

    He clearly doesnt know how to play the game without tryin to hurt somebody, When tyler got frustrated and pumped his arm earlier in the season, they took that as a technical, while ridiculous..THAT WAS AGGRESSIVE PASSIONATE PLAY…get tangled up with someone and punching them…yea not aggressive play, going out of your way to purposefully punch someone on the ground…yea not aggressive play. Thats lack of home/team training and clearly he hasn;t gotten punished severely enough yet. This dude needs to get yanked for a few games 3rd strike your out…

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