The Tar Heel Medical Drama Continues

UNC has released official word on the continuing medical odyssey and we can now add Danny Green and Quentin Thomas to the list of the walking sick and wounded.

The University of North Carolina men’s basketball team may be without three of its top five scorers in Saturday’s game against Virginia Tech, which will tip off at 1:05 p.m. at the Smith Center.

Sophomore point guard Ty Lawson will not play against the Hokies due to a sprained left ankle, an injury he suffered on Feb. 3 against Florida State. Lawson did not play the final 36 minutes of the game in Tallahassee and was unable to play against Duke, Clemson and Virginia.

Sophomore power forward Deon Thompson, who has started all 25 games and is averaging 9.4 points a game, hyper-extended his left knee at Virginia and is questionable for Saturday’s game. He was unable to practice yesterday, but is scheduled to practice on a limited basis today.

Junior forward Danny Green, the fourth-leading scorer, has the flu and is unable to practice today.

Junior forward Tyler Hansbrough (infected toe), junior guard Marcus Ginyard (sprained right ankle, turf toe on left foot) and senior guard Quentin Thomas (back spasms) are expected to play against Virginia Tech.

Is that everyone?  Let me run down the list of Heels who have been less than 100% or missed games so far this season:

Bobby Frasor(torn ACL)
Ty Lawson(ankle injury twice)
Alex Stepheson(family illness)
Marcus Ginyard(turf toe and ankle injury)
Deon Thompson(knee injury)
Tyler Hansbrough(infected toe)
Danny Green(flu)
Quentin Thomas(back spasms)

So for the love of Dean Smith can someone put Wayne Ellington in an undisclosed secure and sterile location for the remainder of the season.  You cannot make up the number of medical issues this team has had this season.  If the Heels end up winning a national title after all of this it will be destiny and nothing less.


8 Responses to The Tar Heel Medical Drama Continues

  1. Will says:

    At this point, I am starting to wonder if this is just not our year. In 05, Felton hurt his hand at the beginning of the year, and McCants had the mystery stomach bug, but that was it.

  2. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    Yikes! Playing against a pretty good Virginia Tech team with such a depleted roster will once again test this team’s resolve. At least the Heels are at home. Who is the point if both Thomas and Ginyard can’t play?

  3. william says:

    Stepheson could use the same kind of pressure and minutes that Thomas is getting and Will Graves could use some more seasoning as well. Mike Copley has yet to be through the crucible so this is all to the good.

  4. Blueblood says:

    Damn!! Can we just put the rest of the team in an isolated bubble room. for the rest of the season? Can we just get through the regular season.

    Here is to the entire team being all healed up, healthy and ready by NCAA time, and then going on a six game winning streak.

  5. ericomac says:

    Here’s hoping that Mike Copeland and Will Graves are feeling hot for Saturday!

  6. william says:

    You have to be happy for those guys who are usually on the bench, don’t you?

  7. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    William is right -the bench players can really benefit from more minutes. The trick is to give them both game exposure and get a win!

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