ACC Basketball Update(2/18)

Now things get interesting.

Down Goes Duke: Duke finally had a cold night shooting to the point they got run by an inspired Wake Forest team.  What finally brought Duke down was a combination of interior post play and quick guards which we were told would not have matter when UNC played Duke but as it turns out is very much the case.  Duke also played poor defense, got in serious foul trouble to the point every Duke starter fouled out.  Needless to say this was entertainment of the highest order.  The key stat for this game besides the 21 turnovers, 28% three point shooting and 52% FT shooting was the fact Paulus/Scheyer/Henderson were a combined 4-21 for 13 points.  This is the equivalent of the Green/Ellington line from Feb 6th proving that in one respect it is not necessary to stop all of the Devils just enough of them.

NCSU NIT Bound? The Wolfpack missed a golden opportunity to get their NCAA hopes alive tied with Clemson late before the Tiger managed to do what they could not do in previous games versus UNC and Duke:  Win the game.  The impressive aspect of the Clemson win was they did so without Cliff Hammonds scoring a point.  As for NCSU, it is shaping up to be a season falling well short of some lofty expectations and a team derided for playing without any heart.  Something tells me that will not be an issue when UNC comes to town this week.

Virginia! Virginia!: The Cavs finally won another conference game, this time at the expense of Boston College who is the model of inconsistency.  BC is getting close to .500 going the wrong way and might find themselves sitting home from the NIT.  UVa on the other hand has gotten back to .500 and holds out hope of NIT goodness.

Maryland Hangs Tough: The Terps struggled with FSU before putting them away and hangs with Clemson in 3rd place.  If both teams continue on their current path, the March 2nd game could decide who ends up 3rd place in the ACC.


17 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(2/18)

  1. Black Mountain Sophomore says:

    Five Dookies foul out. Let the investigation commence.

  2. Josh Bowling says:

    I can’t tell you how much it upset me when people would say Lawson wouldn’t make a difference in that game. The best pg in the ACC, are you kidding me? Not make a difference? Green & Ellington would have shot better with Lawson running the point, as their shots would have been on the break as opposed to contested half court shots, and the nature of the game would probably prevented Duke from shooting so many outside shots thus hindering their final score.

  3. […] was much more impressive. Only Dook had been playing better defense. Q-Tip is a legend! THF looks around the ACC. With Wake Forest’s huge upset last night, the Heels have a chance to share the conference […]

  4. william says:

    It shouldn’t even have come to the issue of Lawson. Carolina “decided” to choose the same night to be unable to make outside shots, as well as free throws, normally our forte. If Carolina shoots free throws at its normal percentage, it very likely beats Duke in spite of the pitiful outside shootng, but the two combined were too much to overcome.

  5. Josh Bowling says:

    As I noted earlier William, I am convinced that Lawson’s presence would have resulted in a better shot selection for Ellington & Green, as their buckets would have came running the break, and that confidence could have led to better peremiter shooting as well, although that portion of it is mere speculation. Given that factor, Duke may not have felt as comfortable jacking up outside shots. I say with Lawson we win in spite of poor free-throw shooting, but as you noted William we almost did anyway w/o Lawson.

  6. william says:

    I don’t think anybody disputes the fact that Carolina is better with a healthy Lawson. This differs from 2005 when many people (mostly not-Carolina fans) were opining that Carolina either was better, or could have been better, with McCants out and Marvin Williams playing more minutes. It certainly was not true with respect to McCants, as anyone who saw the last Duke game or the Clemson game in the tournament that year can tell you.

    Nevertheless, Lawson has now missed the better part of 7 games by my count. Part of being the man at the point is knowing how not to foul out and what are acceptable risks to take in order to avoid injury. Felton was out of action in game number one in 2005 and at the end of the Villanova game, and the consequences were disastrous. Q had problems staying in the game against UVa. The point guard has to stay in the game.

    I hope this is just bad luck and not characteristic of Lawson’s durability.

    I love watching Tywon play but for now, and unfortunately, probably through the Wake game, he is unlikely to help us much. Sprains can, unfortunately be even worse than breaks at times. I would love to see him out there as soon as possible like everyone, but I don’t think focusing on how every game might have been different had he played works after more than one or two games.

  7. C. Michael says:

    So what risk did Lawson take when he was slammed to the floor by Ryan Reid???

  8. william says:

    I didn’t have that first half on tape so you guys probably remember better than I. My only reaction was why is Ty mixing it up with this brute for a loose ball. I know it is a fine line between not hustling and being smart, but we have all seen guys go into the crowd when there is no chance of getting the ball and putting themselves at serious risk of injury.

  9. william says:

    Unfortunately, it looks as though he is definitely out for Wed. against State.

    By my count, that will make it BYU, OSU, Duke, Clemson, UVa, VIP and NCSU, or seven full games and if you include ODU and FSU, he will have missed 1/3 of Carolina’s games and all of these games have been against good competition, due to the bad luck of where his two injuries occurred.

    Carolina probably deserves a lot more credit from the media for going 24-2 while missing Lawson in about half of the team’s difficult games thus far.

  10. JP says:

    My biggest concern is how game ready Tywon will be when he does return. He’s spent several weeks on the bench, so he may (1) be out of rhythm and (2) be a bit gassed. Hopefully he can round into shape on both fronts in time for the tourney.

  11. Silent Sam says:

    Re: Down Goes Duke: . . . Needless to say this was entertainment of the highest order.

    Needless to say, if my crystal ball had been working I would have watched the game or at least DVRed it for a later viewing. Since the crystal ball wasn’t working I didn’t get to see the game live or “on tape”.

    Rats. (I guess that’s a double entendre . . . or would it be a pun?)

  12. Wilson says:

    No kidding. We all remember (as much as I wish to forget) what a gassed Lawson did to us last year in the tourney. He needs to get back just for the fact of conditioning.

  13. Josh Bowling says:

    I completely understand your argument William. I still contend that you can make a case for Lawson’s presence in every game that we play going forward. Does it do any good? No. But the case can still be made. If Lawson’s presence doesn’t change a game (if that is someone’s logic) then why bother to have him come back period? We want him back because he does change the game. Major respect earned by Quentin Thomas for his success after being put in an unfamiliar territory and helping to lead a top 5 team to successive victory!

  14. Josh Bowling says:

    Did anyone see the write-up on John Henson in the Tarheel Report? They compare him to Kevin Durant. I had no idea he was capable of hitting 3’s while dominating the boards and making pin-point passes! He is a 6’10 junior with his eyes set on UNC. Hopefully that verbal commitment will stand. I think that leaves us with Henson, Dexter Strickland and the Wear brothers for the 09 class. Good job Roy!

  15. william says:

    One good thing for us, if not for him, is that Tywon should definitely be back next year. I think he has less chance of going pro now, than he did last year. I know that he is listed as the same size as Felton but I think they are being generous to him. I doubt that he is over 5’11”.

    I will say this, the fact that he did not play against Duke definitely seems to have muted the Dukies’ enjoyment of their victory, together with Vitale reportedly saying Carolina at full strength is still the best team in the ACC.

  16. Wilson says:

    Well, Roy’s not taking any chances, pursuing another guard for the class of ’08. We’re full on schollies,so he must be expecting someone to leave…

  17. Josh Bowling says:

    Who can we get? We already have Drew for next year.

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