THF Turns Two!


And I can think of no better birthday gift for the blog than UNC beating NC State and Duke losing all on the same night!

February 21, 2006 I started this blog because I wanted my own forum to write about UNC basketball and football along with other sports. Over the past year the hits have more than doubled and a nice little community of readers regularly comment on the posts, especially during basketball season.

To these folks I say, “Thank You” for adding your opinions and thoughts to the ones I post. Also a huge thanks to Joe Ovies at 850 the Buzz and J.P. Gilgio at ACC Now for routinely acknowledging my work. Also, a big shout out to fellow Tar Heel bloggers Carolina March, Tar Heel Mania, Jackie Manuel’s Posse, Born and Bred Ed and Carolina Watercooler for their support and links on their sites. Also my gratitude to Zeke Smith for creating the present banner and making his photos available for use on the blog.

Here is hoping the third year has a UNC national championship in the mix.


28 Responses to THF Turns Two!

  1. Jack says:

    Wishing you many happy returns of the day!

  2. C. Michael says:


    One oddity that crossed my mind last night: if UNC wins it all this year, then that will mark the second straight time where the Senior Class of a UNC Title team did so after losing the first game of their college career.

    Williams/Scott/ Manuel: Loss to Hampton

    QT: Loss to Santa Clara

    Maybe UNC should consider losing the first game of every season!!

  3. JP says:

    Watch out for the terrible twos!

    Seriously though, I appreciate the time you put into this and always enjoy checking out your posts.

  4. 52BigGameJames says:

    ditto JP!

  5. Silent Sam says:

    Also appreciate the alliteration!

  6. Triadboy says:

    Happy B’day!

  7. jackiemanuel says:

    Congrats. Keep it coming.

  8. Johnny says:

    Thanks for all the hard work and congrats THF.

    Check out the video of the NCS game on

    Two things: Alex Stephenson flexing on the bench after a Psycho-T dunk and the random folks in the background during the postgame comments by Bilas and Patrick. Bilas continues to be the only Dukie I like.

  9. Happy Birthday!

    Here’s a fun pic for the occasion:

  10. DG4heels says:

    Happy Birthday to you and to me – I’m also a 2/21 kid. I too appreciated the “gifts” that we received last night, but don’t forget UNC getting back into first place!

    Have a very happy birthday, and thanks again for all of your hard work. You’ve got a lot of love out here, and we all appreciate it.

  11. Mike White says:

    Congratulations, THF.

  12. william says:

    The good-natured give and take are what makes this my favorite Caolina site by far….

  13. Tar Heel alum and fan says:

    Congrats and best wishes for a great third year! What good timing – UNC plays well and wins; Duke doesn’t, dropping two in a row. The world is in balance!

  14. C. Michael says:

    Ha, beat me to it, William!! Great article!

  15. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Outstanding read. I, for one, have always thought it is better to play tough games during the regular season and UNC’s schedule of playing six away, some of them difficult tests helped shore up this team in terms of toughness which can be credited to their ability to handle the recent stretch of adversity.

  16. william says:

    Kent State is kicking ass this year. Does anyone remember what Venable Hall was close to? I never took chemistry and my mind is blank:

  17. MinnyTarHeelFan says:

    Congrats, THF. Love reading your work. If it wasn’t for UNC Hoops, it would be an even longer winter our here.

    Love the article from Mandel. This all makes me think that Roy’s recruiting strategy has been to try and get top 10-20 players, but not necessarily top 5. As we’ve seen this year, I think it takes 2 seasons for a team to truly gel into championship caliber. If you recruit top-5 players, they’ll leave after one year. Not to say we wouldn’t take top-5 players, but getting more players from 5-20 might be better. I think Duke has tried this, but they just don’t have those “stars” to go with their depth. I think if Duke had a Psycho T or Lawson, they’d be really tough. The face of the matter is they have lots of good to really good players, but no great players.

  18. william says:

    Roy has had a couple of those guys, namely Marvin Williams and B. Wright, but you are right about his trying to recruit more of the Ginyard, Green and Frasor types that are likely to give four years of darn good play.

    He also has said that he is much more wary about when he schedules non-conference games in players’ home areas, after getting burned a couple of times and having to play in some godforsaken small arena for a player who had since left for the NBA.

  19. Josh Bowling says:

    Duke can still get any player they want. Just so happens that their decision making hasn’t been great of late, but that could turn around. Heck, it could turn around for us leaving UNC with sup-par underachieving players. Just a lottery. Sometimes you win and sometimes you lose. I think this has been one of the better coaching years for K. He has taken average athletes and put Duke in a position to win the ACC. I would be happy if I were a Duke fan, regardless of those two losses. You’re simply not going to win every game when outside shooting is your main weapon, and combine that with the fact that they have no interior player that can change gears for them. JMHO, and probably could be argueably incorrect on all fronts.


  20. william says:

    It’s not over yet, Josh. At this point in 2001, Tar Heel fans were deliriously happy with Coach Matt Doherty and his number one Tar Heels who were exceeding all expectations, having beaten Duke and at 11-0 in the ACC….

  21. Silent Sam says:

    william – looks like Venable is between the Navy ROTC bldg. & Dey Hall.

    I had to jack it up to about 300% to be able to read the names of the buildings.

  22. Josh Bowling says:

    I understand William. One could argue that this Duke team resembles that team of 01 for UNC. I just think K has done a good job with subpar players, and Duke still can win the ACC regular season. As a matter of fact, it may be up to us to be the ones to upset them. We have to win a game w/Wake @ home. Provided we win our games and Duke does as well, we will both have 2 losses as we face each other. That would be interesting. THF, I want to know what arguments could be made if we face each other with 2 losses. Which scenario would be the best. 1. To beat Duke but lose in the ACC tournament finals or 2. Lose to Duke but win the ACC tournament. Which would be better for UNC? I personally would rather win the regular season just because of how good it looks from a historical standpoint, as anyone could win the tournament, but to finish 1st in the ACC means you were the best team in that conference (usually).

  23. rbl says:

    I don’t believe Duke has subpar athletes, as Josh Bowling maintains. How many McDonald’s All-Americans are on the Blue Devil roster?

    Unfortunately, I sit up here in frigid Ohio, many miles removed from my beloved Tar Heels. Thanks to XM Radio, I listened to the Wolfpack network last night while turning down the TV sound. After the thunderous dunk by Fells, they said that would be on the week’s highlight reel. Somebody better remind them the game is about wins and losses, not insignificant slams.

    Basking in our victory, I had the distinct pleasure of listening to the Miami team broadcast the sweet victory over Duke. This game wasn’t on TV here, so I have no idea how anything looked. Nevertheless, the ‘Canes announcement team pointed out the inherent hypocricy of the Duke coaching staff complaining about the Miami students, given the antics of the Cameron Crazies.

    It was a beautiful day, and the Hokies over the Terps wasn’t bad either.

  24. mugley says:

    Happy Birthday! you got a great site here! hope to be reading it for many more years (btw the cake will be ready in about an hour if you want some 🙂 )

  25. Josh Bowling says:

    Now RBL, I say subpar based on their performances. Yes they are good, but are they 22-1 good? That is what I based my assessment on. When you consider how well that Duke was playing, and then you look @ their personel, you draw the conclusion that it is Coach K making this happen, much like UNC did in 06. That is what I see, although maybe slightly erroneously.

  26. JPH says:

    Congrats on the success.

  27. rbl says:

    Josh, I would say Duke’s performance was excellent up to to the past two games. Wake caught them at the right time, but I find inexplicable the loss to the ‘Canes. The Dukie fans seem to be taking heart at the comeback, but it’s still a loss.

    We’ll see how the leaves shake out of the tree over the next two weeks. It sure looks like a showdown in Durham for the regular season championship and that coveted #1 seed in Raleigh.

    I agree with many bloggers that Lawson’s injury may well prove to be a blessing in disguise, since it has given Q a chance to step up. I would say he answered the bell.

    In conclusion, Duke has a lot of talent. We’ll see if it takes them to the promised land.

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