ACC Basketball Update(2/25)


Does anyone want to finish 4th through 6th?  Anyone?  Going once…twice…


9 Responses to ACC Basketball Update(2/25)

  1. william says:

    About Memphis, THF, I made a deliberate effort to watch their offensive patterns after the long SI article and it looked like they were standing around watching each other dribble–from SI’s website:

    One loss obviously doesn’t mean the Tigers should be written off. It’s still going to take an extremely unfavorable Elite Eight matchup for me to keep them out of the Final Four. But after seeing Saturday’s game, it’s a lot tougher for me to envision Memphis cutting down the nets in San Antonio.

    Tennessee was the first team the Tigers have faced this year that could match their level of athleticism (as much as Georgetown, Arizona, UConn or USC would like to believe they could, they’re not in the same league). Without a considerable advantage in quickness on the perimeter, Memphis’ much-discussed (and SI-featured) offense, the Dribble-Drive Motion or DDM, devolved into a couple of things: An epidemic of out-of-the-flow three-point shooting swept over the Tigers in the first half, and they made enough treys (8-of-20) to give them false hope that they would win the game that way. In the second, the offense was better described, as I did in the game column, with the acronym DRD. That stands for Derrick Rose Driving — because he was the only guard who still had the quickness to beat his man off the dribble every time.

    No defender in the country can keep up with Rose, but when a team like Tennessee or Kansas or UCLA can keep the rest of the Memphians in check, is this what will happen again in the NCAA tournament? That’s a scary thought, because we know the Tigers can’t win a game from the three-point line or the charity stripe.

    Also, I liked this THF:

    The awkward silence of Memphis locker room, in which packs of media members trying, mostly in vain, to get any comments on the loss. The players are not required by any NCAA rule to speak, and Chris Douglas-Roberts, Joey Dorsey and Antonio Anderson in particular opted not to — which was unfortunate, considering how loud they had been before the game, “woofing” (as Tyler Smith put it) into Tennessee’s huddle in the tunnel of FexEx Forum.

  2. Tar Heel Fan says:

    I caught that earlier in the day. Very interesting. I saw at the start of the game all the talk about the two teams having to be separated and I thinking the punk ratio must run pretty high, especially on Memphis as only a John Calipari team can. Takes some pretty classless/immature players to ignore the media.

    I was worried about Memphis early on but as it turns out they are simply a more talented version of Clemson but with a better point guard. That being said they are actually worse at the line than Clemson and worse beyond the arc.

  3. william says:

    You would think after their barely escaping with a win against University of Albany Binghamton, they would have been a bit less confident, but it reminds me of the NCSU player who expressed surprise at losing to UNC so badly stating that State had been on a win streak at the time…..

  4. Wilson says:

    Doesn’t Calipari just have the look of a used car salesman? That greasy hair doesn’t help, but he’s so, I dunno, greasy.

  5. Zack says:

    Memphis in first half = fool’s gold

  6. Josh Bowling says:

    Yeah, they needed quartz crystal.

  7. Josh Bowling says:

    For some reason I feel our team is as good as any of the other top 10 teams.

  8. 52BigGameJames says:


    admittedly an insult to Kurt Russell

  9. 52BigGameJames says:

    I seem to recall another unbeatable “trend-strategy juggernaut”…

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