Lawson Back for BC?

According to Roy, it’s possible.

 How close were you to playing Lawson against Wake Forest?
“Seven to 10 days ago, I had hoped that he would be able to play against Wake Forest, because their guards are so quick and we needed somebody to give ‘Q’ a little bit of a breather to play against that kind of personnel… But on Friday and Saturday, we basically made the decision that he wasn’t quite ready yet and so after that point, I never considered using him at all. I hope to play him against Boston College this weekend, but for that to happen, he’s got to be able to do some things in practice and be able to do it and do it effectively.”

You know what the interesting part of this quote is?  How about Roy basically referring to Lawson as QT’s backup.

There was a point, probably by the VT game that Lawson’s reintroduction into the lineup became a delicate issue.  Had he returned within the first three games, then it would not have been a big deal.  Against VT however, the team adaptation to QT was realized and bringing Lawson back became more of a “ease him back in” situation versus trying to pick up like it was versus BC four weeks ago.  Also the level of Lawson’s conditioning will be a factor in getting him back up to speed.  As william pointed out in this 26-2 post, Dean Smith alludes to a potential mistake made by him in trying to bring Kenny Smith back as a starter in 1984 when Steve Hale had more than carried the load.  That is not to say Lawson will not eventually start again but I can see Roy being circumspect in how this gets handled in an effort to keep the level of play where it is right now.  There is no doubt in my mind UNC needs Lawson at full speed to give the Heels their best shot at winning a title.  However, he has to be integrated in so his skill sets augment the current team not create confusion.


10 Responses to Lawson Back for BC?

  1. Will says:

    At this point, I really have to wonder if Ty will be the same player he was before the injury. This has gone on for almost a month now, and it is the medical staff that is holding Ty back.

    Roy is talking about giving Q a breather, but I think that is a recognition that Ty’s ankle can only handle so much and that Ty will be out of shape. More than likely, Ty is going to have to follow Q’s game plan (to date), which is basically give the ball to Tyler and get out of the way.

  2. Heel forever says:

    Ty is a great player and you’re right, he needs to come back when he is 100% and when he does return, he will be 110%!! No doubt in mind…. We will have the speed again and he knows how to lead this team to accomplish Carolina’s goals for the rest of the season. Go Heels!!

  3. Big Apple Heel says:

    THF – I think you’re right that one big question is how Ty will integrate into the team after it has begun to gel without him. But I wonder if this team has had to adapt so much with all the various injuries that maybe it will make folding Ty back into the scheme easier. I’d be surprised if there’s another team in the country come tourney time that will have had to adapt to so many personnel shifts.

    And speaking of the tourney…when it’s all said and done, do you think the Heels would be better off as a #1 seed outside the East or as a #2 seed in the East?

    If they win out until then, you’ve got to figure they’ll be a #1 seed somewhere, but unless Tennesse falters, I dunno if they end up in the East. And yeah, a lot of “ifs” there I admit.

  4. Russell says:

    Cut the, sorry, the krap. (That dookie spelling again. Krzyzewski.)

    Lawson must be back and at full-Lawson and no who’s-adjusting-to-whom about it.

    “…delicate issue…,” “..integrated in so his skill sets augment the current team…” ??

    I mean, did you read what the Dude said: “…he’s got to be able to do some things in practice and be able to do it and do it effectively.”


  5. mugley says:

    bringing Ty in off the bench? can you imagine being an opposing PG, defending Q for about 25 mins or so and looking up and seeing Ty checking in? LOL

  6. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Roy has a penchant for not worrying about who plays with who but I am of the opinion that Lawson has to be eased back in. This team is accustomed to playing one way right now and the roles are slightly different. Ginyard has to be more offensive minded, Hansbrough is getting more touches and the way they start the offense, by bringing Hansbrough out to the key/wing area and is to put him in a triple option position. From that area he can (1) dribble and back his man down, (2) look for the face up jumper or (3) pass off to one of the other scorers in the motion offense. When Lawson returns they will use this look less and go back to using Lawson’s dribble penetration to create the offense. If I had my vote I say do a little of both. I would not totally abandon that look of bringing Hansbrough out because I think that opens up the middle more. If they do that, I could see Lawson breaking the defense even easier.

    At any rate, Roy intends to vet this all out in practice but for the sake of conditioning and making sure the team adjusts properly, Lawson will be eased in.

  7. Tar Heel Fan says:

    Big Apple,

    I will take the East Regional as either seed over any other assignment because playing in Charlotte is a huge deal. The committee did that to Kansas last season by making them #1 in the West but sticking UCLA as their #2 with the regional final in CA. This would be the same deal and it reminds me of 1998 when UNC got Greensboro for the regional semifinals and finals. They beat Mich State and UConn who both made the Final Four the next season. Playing with some home court there was an advantage.

  8. Johnny says:

    I worry a bit about how Ty will come back. It wasn’t until early January (against Clemson if I recall) that he overcame the turnover bug that had uncharacteristically bothered him this year. He had a couple of 3-7 turnover games prior to that, and I was fretting about his regression. But he turned the corner in a big way to set my fears at ease.

    He was really in sync and in shape from that point until the ankle injury. Now, with the layoff, the sore ankle, and the time not even practicing with his teammates, he could have some rust to shake off. Hopefully the regular season and ACC tourney, as well as the improved play fo the rest of the team, will allow him to be totally ready for the NCAAs.

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  10. Heel forever says:

    Ty will be fine. We are going to be a lot better when he gets back. Yes, I agree he’s going to need practice but he will be just fine and Carolina will win the conference.

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